Jacobi Medical Center In The Bronx Named Worst Hospital In The Country

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A sobering new report has labeled Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx as the worst in the country for patient safety.

According to Consumer Reports, 30 of the over 50 lowest-rated hospitals in the country are in the New York City metropolitan area.

Forest Hills Hospital in Queens finished second worst in the region.

WCBS 880’s John Metaxas On The Story

The study measured the number of patients infected at the hospital, the number readmitted within 30 days, and the quality of patient instructions.

EXTRA: Click Here To Read The Report

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

“New Yorkers often assume that they have access to some of the best health care in the world,” said the study’s author, Dr. John Santa, M.D. “And in some ways they do, with many leading physicians and state-of-the-art facilities in the area. But our analysis suggests that, when it comes to patient safety, New Yorkers often receive sub-standard care.”

Hospital officials at Jacobi are labeling the report unfair and said it is based on outdated data.

They say it does not include the results of their efforts to improve patient safety that have drastically cut down on the number of infections.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports despite the troubling report, Bronx residents she spoke with had nothing but praise for Jacobi Medical Center.

“They’ve been treating me right for the past 10 or 15 years,” one man, who said he was admitted for 19 days for surgery and was fine, said.

NYU Langone had the best score of New York City hospital; however, it was still 10 percent below the national average.

Several top city hospitals, such as Lenox Hill and Memorial Sloan-Kettering, were not included in the study because of a lack of data.

Do you feel safe going to your local hospital? Sound off in the comments section below!


One Comment

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  2. Joni Brit says:

    the bottom line is I’d take an Einstein affiliate over Mt Sinai any day of the week and a New York hospital over a Montreal one any hour of the day!! And don’t complain guys because once Obama care comes in this will seem like the Ritz of hospitals

  3. Anonymous Patient says:

    If you read the article, you’ll notice it’s NOT the doctors that are rated poorly. It’s the STAFF. Most of the staff in the NYC Metro area are rude, discourteous, sloppy and least of all HOSPIT-able. Also, if you notice they are mostly of Carribean, Phillipine and other foreign descent. They have a pushy demeanor and don’t understand how to talk to patients (I’ve witnessed this dozens of times), yet most NYC hospitals actually FAVOR hiring them for these positions. The rest of the country hire mostly Americans who understand “personable” dynamics and quality care that reflects themselves and the hospital. Those hospitals are rated higher!

    The doctors however are very thorough and personable. Go figure….

    1. Richard Sturiale says:

      It is the Doctors, they practice at the facility. The Boards are to blame also and I’m sure the so called “Carribean, Phillipine and other foreign descent” Do Not sit on the Board. Read the article again,, It’s infectious diseases..that are present. Has nothing to do with a “pushy demeanor” LOL What are you a Doctor…Blame someone else..

      1. Anonymous Patient says:

        I’m not a doctor…I’ve been a patient several times and native New Yorker. The doctors I’ve encountered have been very professional IMHO, in contrast to the nasty staff who always seem to have a chip on their shoulder and don’t pay attention to details.

        In fact, New York State is currently trying to pass a law certifying Central Sterile workers. In lieu of this, most of them are taking the exam ahead of time and FAILING miserably. The CS workers in these are reponsible for sterilization of most medical equipment. Trust me I know first hand…

  4. Cory Bird says:

    BMan…have you ever worked there? Is the hospital clean and safe?

  5. Cory Bird says:

    BMan…have you ever worked there?

  6. Richard Sturiale says:


    Tis Hospital nearly killed My Mother. She caught C-Dif, twice while she was there for a simple hip replacement. She spent 2 MONTHS in that Hospital because these idiots do NOT know about infectious diseases. The place and Doctors there are a joke and you know who you are…weasel

  7. Anonymous, MD says:

    I did my residency at Jacobi. The doctors and nurses care a lot about their patients (at least in our department they do). We took our jobs seriously and worked very hard to provide the best patient care we could.

    It seemed as if nobody else did. So there was a teenager with an abscess in his brain and worsening neurological symptoms who needed a CT scan so that the neurosurgery team could assess whether they needed to operate on his brain. I warned the technician in the radiology suite about the case and he responded by scheduling a patient with active TB ahead of our teenager. The entire CT scanner needed to be shut down for three hours for decontamination, delaying my patient’s scan (he got his scan when I finally called our department head at 10:30 PM to intervene, got his abscess drained, and recovered completely).

    Sometimes “STAT” X-rays would take hours to show up. I couldn’t trust my support staff. Our unit secretary didn’t speak, read, or write English. One of our techs blatantly faked vitals on all the patients on a regular basis. One night, our unit ran out of blankets. Another time, a full garbage can was left to rot (and stink up the entire corridor) for the entire weekend because the janitorial staff couldn’t be bothered. We all agreed that we would *never* want to be patients at our own hospital.

    We residents reported these deficiencies and more and were told that, due to union rules, nothing could be done. I’m not anti-union, but when union rules make it so that you can’t fire someone who is committing fraud, or who lacks the basic qualifications for their job, or who willfully obstructs patient care, there’s a problem.

    From my point of view, it was fantastic training. It was like working in the third world. I had to do everything myself. But for my patients, I absolutely could not believe that patients were being treated this way in the USA, let alone in New York City.

    Maybe this report will lead to a re-evaluation of the horrible work culture and ethic that pervades hospitals in New York City.

    1. Anonymous2 says:

      A lawyer runs HHC, which is in charge of many poorly-graded hospitals in this report. There is a serious, hidden antipathy between HHC and the hospital staff at many of the hospitals, causing many good doctors to leave the system. This was not the case when Ben Chu, a physician, was in charge.

      Every hospital will have their supporters and detractors. Having worked in many NYC hospitals, both private and public, there is definitely more “attitude” in public hospitals where the staff is not paid well (and therefore not afraid of being fired, because you can’t find someone to replace him).

    2. f mcmaster says:

      So, you were told by management, who foster these conditions, that it’s the unions fault, very convenient. No Sir, the union does not want irresponsible workers; but they are sworn to protect the rights of the good workers. I have been a union delegate at a major hospital for 30 years and seen many cases when a management bureaucrat did not like someone and wanted to get rid of them for personal reasons, good workers who are targeted when they stand up for their coworkers rights, and the bad workers get a pass because management is too lazy to go through the process to get rid of them. Unions built this country, ensured safety in the workplace, helped to raise all workers standards, and what do they get? Not a thank you, or a helping hand; they get a bunch of whining, inconsiderate citizens looking to blame someone for their own shortcomings. For all the workers that died to build unions and make your workplace safer, you should be more educated.

  8. JT, MD says:

    PA’s having too much responsibility are the cancer of medical care in this country.

  9. Ray says:

    I’m completely absolutely agreed with your report. We don’t feel safe going to local hospital, especially Forest Hill Hospital in our 30 minutes walking, which is infamous for allowing too much intern practice. After nine days’ hospitalization the patient has to come back to the hospital for another 24 days stay because of severe post-operative infection inside and outside belly. They use the alive human being to do experiments, do extra unnecessary procedures, and fail to provide the standard quality of medical and surgical cares. A physician assistant is unbelievably allowed to do surgical operation and to be in charge of a whole case. I have the whole story about that, of course, with evidence. My wife and I listen to 1010WIN every morning. Thanks for your today’s report about NYC’s hospital rating.

  10. New Yorker says:

    Lenox Hill Emergency Room is dirty.

  11. danielle says:

    I don’t know how Jacobi is the worst when Brookdale has more lawsuits against it than Carter has little pills! I have lived in Brooklyn and lived in the Bronx. I am also an FDNY Paramedic. The only hospital in the Bronx that I wouldn’t go is Bronx Leb and possibly Lincoln. There are too many hospitals in Brooklyn that should be shut down,with Brookdale being at the top of the list. There is Interfaith hospital, where the doctors don’t know how to intubate a patient and mess up the sedation when they do.

  12. j emp says:

    I work at Jacobi….over the last 3 years, Jacobi has greatly improved their patient care directives. The doctors here are excellent and they care about their patients. What is not represented fairly is the fact that the patient population at many city hospitals consist of drug addicts, high rates of psychiatric illness, and people that just don’t follow up regularly. You cannot even contact many of the patients because they do have or do not provide working phone numbers. Its easy to write defaming headlines to get people talking……its not so easy to undo the damage that is done from half-truth stories.

  13. Mary says:

    Been a nurse for 34 yrs and i have seen alot and will tell you even the hospitals that score high still stink unless you do the following
    never ever leave your loved ones alone you musy always have someone by their side
    something looks wrong complain say it
    go to adminstration and let them know you are there take a visit to patient relations too
    ask questions dont just say ok doctor do not just accept things ask ask ask
    BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN CARE AND if you do not like it ask for adminstrator no matter what time
    if you can before you go into the hospital ask someone you may know about the hospital and the doctor dont ask me after everything is already done
    be educated research people before you use them — dont go to a doctor cause they are nice gee you are not going to marry them
    bring back nursing schools enough already with insisting nurses have their bachelors let them go to school to be nurses like they want to
    get the adminstrators and the bosses out from behind the desk and be on the floors to see what is really going on

    1. Mimi says:

      Thank you for posting this.

    2. judyg says:

      thanks, mary. having been a patient and overseeing my mother’s hospitalization when she was in her late seventies, i know yu have to sit right next to the patient and be firm but nice over things like having the iv bags changed when they run out, finding out what goes on in the middle of the night when you can’t be there, see whether the nurses come in when the light is on and so forth.
      we need dedicated american nursing staff who share the same values and understand they have to wash their hands. it isn’t a maybe. it’s a must be.

  14. Mimi says:

    Nurses and doctors I encountered at a hospital in Forest Hills were completely incompetent. Their actions were criminal, in my opinion. Those nurses didn’t care about their patients at all. They all just talked to each other about personal stuff and ignored my father’s calls for help. The doctors were no better — one didn’t come to help my father when he was having a heart attack (and later died) becuase he was at home waiting for his locksmith. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Mimi says:

      To clarify, the doctor told me on the phone that he couldn’t come to help my father because the doctor had to wait for a locksmith. He never even sent a back-up doctor. Shameful

  15. Danielle says:

    The sad thing is that no hospital is perfect. I worked for Montefiore for over 5 years and I recently had to use their emergency department when I had a miscarriage and the experience I had was like being treated as a prisoner in a third world country.

  16. Maria says:

    Jacobi has employees who are very irresponsible. This is their first mistake. Don’t they ever evaluate them? My mother went in with pain and she winded up having a cardiac arrest, in a coma, and later died. I would never send anyone there who wants to live.

    1. Mimi says:

      That’s horrible.

  17. Ken says:

    More Third World-like conditions in the Big Apple.That’s all this is.Pray we never need a hospital in NYC.

  18. Liz v says:

    This article is a bit misleading. The hospital itself isn’t the worst in the country, it was rated poor on patient safety, meaning infection and readmittance. It was also not targeted because it is in the Bronx. In fact I can see it from my kitchen window as I type from here in Morris park.

    1. Cindy says:

      agree with you, a lot of patients are the poorest, homeless, drug abuser, from shelter. It is in Bronx.

  19. LiberalsRDopes says:

    Another “worst” for the great state of NY..Thanks Liberals

    1. Flynn says:

      Wow, yesterday my Liberal President ordered the secret assassination of Andrew What’s his name… and now today we’re all to blame for a hospital’s failing marks. I wonder what we’ll be at fault for tomorrow?

      Oooh, maybe you can find a way for us to be at fault for that Asteroid that might hit the planet in about forty years. Or for the Mayan Calendar thing. Go for it…I’m sure you can use some warped logic to justify either.


      1. FlynnTheSheep says:

        He happens to be right. I’m a Dem and this is the worst run state in the union. And thanks to idiots like you. It will continue. Take the blinders off….Buffoon

  20. Howrd says:

    I had triple bi pass surgury at westchester medical and i left with brain damage i can no longer play music my profession

  21. Caregiver 7 says:

    Gee !Nothing has changed with Jacobi since I was admitted there
    in 1962 when my coat and wallet were stolen from the staff in a
    “locked closet” ,anyway may be they can get better medical school
    partnership then with Einstein Sch. of medicine as even Beth Israel
    Hospital in the city ,slides downhill ,one of the worst Cardiac care facilities
    in a professional review, shame.

  22. Bman says:

    This Article is Bull ^*$hit! I know folks over at Jacobi who are trully dedicated to their patients and folks in the community. for decades. This article is just trying to give them a bad name cuz its in the BX !

    F Ck the author of this report and NYU too.. A bunch of out money sponsered fake out of towners who support that hospital probalbly anyway…

    1. Mikey from Bx says:

      Sorry- I also know people who work at Jacobi. Many of the nurses are nasty and rude to patients, drs. don’t do their rounds when they should, floors littered with syringes and cotton; security is also a joke.

      1. Mimi says:

        I’m not surprised at all. I’d rather give myself an operation than trust it to nurses and doctors in this city.

    2. Cory Bird says:

      BMan…have you ever worked there? Why do you think they support that hospital anyway?

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