Dan Rather first got a taste of the ‘Boomer & Carton Morning Experience’ back in September and has since become a good friend of the Show.  The former ‘CBS Evening News’ anchor joined the guys this morning and right away we learned that the 80 year-old Rather does not have ‘Valley Fever’ but does admit to suffering from an extreme case of ‘Linsanity’.

Rather is a Knicks season ticket holder and has been since the 80’s, so following the Knicks is nothing new.  As far as ‘Valley Fever’ – which could be what is ailing Mets 1st baseman Ike Davis – not only has Rather never had it, he’s never even heard of it.

With that stuff out of the way, the guys asked Rather about the Giants season opener being moved to a Wednesday (September 5th) in order to avoid a conflict with President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, which is scheduled for Thursday September, 6th.  Rather agreed with the decision to move the game and explained why.

Rounding out the chat, Rather talked about ‘Super Tuesday’, ‘tweeting’ on ‘Twitter’ and of course goat roping…

LISTEN: Dan Rather Does Not Have Valley Fever (03/05)

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