De Blasio Wants City To Surrender More Info On Cops Who Worked At WTC Site Around 9/11

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Bloomberg administration has provided a list to Mount Sinai Medical Center of the names of 40,000 police officer who worked at the World Trade Center site after 9/11, but the public advocate says it’s not enough.

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Bill De Blasio is demanding the city surrender more information about specific police officers who are suffering with particular cancers after working in the toxic atmosphere on and after 9/11.

“It is a matter of life and death to these men and women. Again, I’ve met some of these individuals. They have cancer. They won’t be with us too much longer. They need help. It’s just that simple. They need help. Some of them might be saved. Others need all the care they can get. But this is happening right now,” said De Blasio on Monday.

“Every day we wait means we’re not doing everything we can to get these people help,” De Blasio added. “If this research doesn’t happen and this information doesn’t get to Mount Sinai, it means we’re not going to be able to get federal help to these men and women who deserve it.”

He pointed out that the FDNY and other agencies have provided the specific information but is accusing the Bloomberg administration of foot dragging.

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The administration says it has been wrestling with privacy laws.

“It’s ridiculous,” said De Blasio. “It makes no sense that the fire department was able to provide all the information needed to protect the men and women who served after 9/11.”

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  1. cynthia may says:

    My life partner, a plumber with NYC Transit, worked at ground zero for weeks. She contracted a rare fatal illness which was not diagnosed until it was too late and she died in 2007. She was in perfect health before working on and after 9/11. Mt. Sinai monitored her health and as soon as she started getting sick, they cut her off and told her to find her own doctor. Every doctor we went to said she was fine until two months before she died. Then NY Hospital admitted her to the pulmonary unit, then the cardiac unit where she died after courageously fighting for her life. This mayor and city are corrupt and profiting from 9/11.

  2. Ready, Set CRAP! says:


  3. km says:

    As an IronWorker there for 3 months, I have injuries I could have been helped on, but 11 years later, remain trapped in the NYS Workers Compensation system which seems designed to hold you down,unable to hire an attorney w/o paying $6,000 ‘Under the Table”, and judges turning a blind eye to things I never believed possible

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