Homeless Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Stage At Danbury Green

DANBURY, Conn. (CBSNewYork/AP) – Onlookers in Danbury got quite a show yesterday.

A homeless couple was arrested Tuesday for having sex on an outdoor pavilion stage on the Danbury Green, according to police.

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Jonathan Price, 41, and Shannon McClung, 38, were charged with breach of peace and public indecency after police received several complaints and an officer found them having sex on the stage shortly after 2 p.m.

The couple unknowingly drew an audience. Police say a bunch of women were watching the couple conduct their “business”.

Price and McClung were detained on $500 bonds.

The most disturbing thing you’ve heard all day? Let us know…

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  • klmdia

    I’m sure they’ll be advised of their right to free government provided contraceptives and released.

    • Legion

      I’m SOOOOOO happy I moved from there. Now in South Carolina, where nothing could be fina. I still have an underwater condo close to the Green. This won’t help the sale will it. Town is a cesspool. Former Small neat New England town – #1 in USA per Money Magazine- is now a little putrid Tijuana. English optional. Illegal alien invaders have destroyed the place. A pox on libtard commie connecticut progressive pukes. This is what you get when you vote for demonrats.

      • ConnieCon

        Your assessment of Danbury is absolutely correct. We used to be a lovely town/city, but with the invasion of illegals to our area, it has been ruined. I drive the streets of my hometown and tears come to my eyes. Once beautiful homes in tranquil neighborhoods have been transformed to inner city blight. Our country is being taken away from us one town at a time.

        • marco

          crying Americans, crying…yours is past gradually The Emperor is fallling

          • Charlie

            STFU and make me a chimichanga, wetback =D

    • dragonfly

      I wonder if Obama will call them??

      • Jan

        He’s already told the couple how proud he is that they are able to express their opinions– and themselves. And then the Pres went home and discussed it with his daughters.

        • Matt

          Hopefully they had contraceptives so they don’t reproduce.This is the perfect example of why it should be available.

          • jakeman

            They ARE available and no one is stopping anyone from BUYING THEIR OWN. Freeloader!

            • DAN

              Same for Viagra too

          • Andrew Kent

            If not, I hope they’re not first cousins.

            • zippy

              They look more like brother and sister

      • Spudmasher

        These two homeless men have every right to get their freak on like anyone else. Contraceptives; Wha the fluke, that’s a woman?!

      • PFGF

        These two are definitely tea bag party members so Obama will probably not call them.

        • Vince Lombardi

          No..they are dumb, morally corrupt and ugly. Typical Obama supporters.

      • PFGF

        These are definitely tea party members so Obama will probably not call them.

        • Ken Brandt

          You mean the well behaved TEA party members that have two cops drinking coffee during an event? The TEA party stands for Taxed Enough Already. Do you think these people are overtaxed? I doubt it. They are more like Occupy protesters to me. They live on the street, disobey the law, and smell horrible.

          • sailordude

            Right ON! I mean who is stupid enough to associate those two as Tea Party types, oh wait I guess a person stupid enough to vote for Obama would, my bad.

      • Brian



        Obama will call them and then join them.

      • Rick

        You’re as funny as syphillis.

    • Huuf Arted

      The idea of these 2 fugly people copulating at all makes me throw up in my mouth…

  • Frank Homeless

    Hard to believe this is making news, or folks (including me) are commenting. This is the life and personal issue of some folks with some serious problems trying to make their lives a little better with some sex. Our society is screwed up beyond repair.

    • TomS

      They could have at least done it behind something like a bush.

      • Harry Snapperorgans

        It is safe to say that Shannon’s bush is probably big enough for both of them to hide behind. Bleccckchhh!

      • orlandolife

        They checked the bushes, but there were fire ants.

      • Tom

        Oh wait that’s right it is all Bush’s fault that this happened. He wasn’ t there and that is the reason it happened. Just like everything else in the US. Hey Mr. Prez you can’t keep hiding behind the Bush either.

    • Andrew Kent

      Question is, why did CBS New York cover this tawdry nonsense when it would be more appropriate on WIDK’s blog?

    • Bob in St. Paul, MN

      F. Homeless-thanks Frank, that’s all I was saying before. There is no reason to have this up on the net or in the paper… I hope you find somewhere to live, but don’t give up on society, or humanity bro… it all starts with being the best damn person you can be and then helping others to improve…we can do it one by one with some help from the Man upstairs.

      • indenny

        The man upstairs is now in Washington!1 Thanks to his cohorts!!

      • Engage Gray Matter

        Hey Bob. You are corret sir. Just a shame that a large news organization felt this was worthy of coverage when we have the Defense Secretary talking about the administration ‘asking permission” from foreigners to aid rebels in Syria. And they would ‘inform” the Congress. Isn’t anybody bothered by that? Why are we getting news like this when our Republic is under attack from within?

        • Portia2708

          What I’m bothered about is people like you, who know absolutely NOTHING about who the rebels in Syria are loyal to and still want the US to help them with money, material and troops….NO…stop the madness…we do NOT need to get involved in another ware…AND, who died and made us GOD…we should NOT be starting wars that have NOTHING to do with us…Panetta is right

        • Bob in St. Paul, MN

          Good morning, Engage, yeah, I just saw that…I had to watch it 3 times as I was dumbfounded by his blabbering. How in hell this guy EVER got appointed as Sec. of Defense is beyond me. And Defense is a misnomer in these instances where we are projecting power in the interest of saving this group or that group from trouble… These rats need to be de-infested from their current occupation. God in Heaven, we need to clean up this unholy mess were in. Good day to you, sir.

          • Jestor

            with a little luck all the repubs will loose and we will get a democratic congress that will do something for us little folk

            • Bob in St. Paul, MN

              Morning, Jester. Hey, I am a “little folk” and all I want for Christmas is to be left alone. The govt is way too involved in my life as it is. Please stand for Liberty, sir. It is what good people have fought and died for, not govt. assistance. Please wake up and smell the tyranny, Uncle Sam is broke, and we have alot of work to do.

            • DF

              Hey Jester, The Dems had that the first 2 years of Obama’s term. Look at the mess that festered. If Obama would quit vetoing every measure put before him that would improve this economy, we would be better off. Us little folk have never suffered more. But hey look at the bright side unemployement is only 9.1% today.

            • Avenger

              How can they possibly do more for the little folk. You pay no income taxes. Isn’t that enough?

  • Walter Billings

    I am sorry to say this, but I feel I must. If I had seen that couple doing things, I would have probably puked my guts up.

  • Rdogg

    They didnt get arrested for having sex out side They were arrested for being so damn ugly and having sex out side.. If they were beautiful bodies bumpimg and grinding, no one would have said a word..

  • Emerson

    To quote Spinal Tap: “The sights, the sounds, the smells!”

    • supersniffy

      That’s a visual I didn’t need….

  • TimX

    Shameful for you to post their pictures. These people have major problem . Have you no decency or sense of empathy?

    • GimmeDatDing

      They had sex in public and you’re complaining that pictures of their faces were posted? That’s too funny …

    • Scott

      Totally with you on that one. I might add though, the women who had been watching them and then called police have no snese of shame iether. To sit a watch and then call police makes me feel sorry for them. Must be a sad little group of women.

    • TheTruth

      Funny. They’re the ones that chose to act like animals by having sex outside in broad daylight in a public place. They could’ve avoided embarassment (although I doubt they have the moral sense to be embarassed) by restraining themselves. Self control is actually possible for human beings, you know.

      • Portia2708

        Really? Would you please tell that to Mr. Santorum…he thinks that men can NOT control themselves around women, and therefore, women should not be allowed in the armed forces

    • Daisy

      TimX, With you; this is just cruel.

      • Goldenfoxx

        Obviously these people didn’t care or found a place to do their thing away from the public eye. Maybe they did it in hopes of being taken to jail so they have a roof over their head and food to eat.

        • Flush the SHEEIT

          They should be shot, if only for being so UGLY!!!!

  • alan

    seems to me, Obama will be recommending the homeless be given a place to do their business since they are tax paying americans also. Maybe they should have used their tax rebate stimulus checks to rent a room?

    • Jennifer Skillings

      what a joke of a comment, last rebate i recall in my lifetime was the bush #2 era tax cuts around 2000, so please explain your tax rebate stimulus comment when we havent had a surplus in 10+ years…, nm dont, your post clearly reeks of a miss guided mind. 1. article states they’re homeless, 2. homeless, would imply work is scarce to none imo, 3. so what taxes you want them to pay? you want that unwashed homeless shirt donated to you? maybe rubbed across your face. have some empathy. Im certainly in a far better situation then them, and most likely so are you. your ignorance serves as nothing but a plague to society. wake up & grow up, find a more constructive way to spread your negative filth.

    • Tacitus7

      Tax PAYing???? NO chance! These are part of the 50% of America that pays no taxes and votes for Obama.

    • Ski

      They might even get an apology from Obama

      • Goldenfoxx

        I’m thinking that Sandra Fluke will be paying them a visit in jail. They can be her toadies for the next round of hearings in front of Congress. Their plea will be that they have a right to screw in public.

        • barker

          Their insurance (required to be purchased or free if they can’t afford it by 2014 under O’care) should be required to pay for their hotel room. Along with the free contraceptives.

  • Bob in St. Paul, MN

    Slow news day? No, this must be important somehow, I’m trying to read between the lines…it can’t be sensationalism…there must be some reason this made the news. Let’s see, human interest story? Nope. Unemployment? Nope. I don’t understand why this is being reported, unless it is for shock value. Yes, we live in some interesting times, obviously since the couple in the story couldn’t wait until sundown, or their singlewide box was too small, or maybe they are madly in love, who knows. And seriously who in God’s name cares. Take off, eh! Hosers.

    • Just Don

      I wonder if the woman gets her birth contro, for free

      • Poly

        She has natural birth control…at least when MOST men look at her…

  • jawal

    This is standard fare for the North East. Liberals usually love this stuff when it is pretty coeds going at it but these ugly Martians make it a different story. So, in the peoples republic of CT only college coeds or liberal activists are allowed act depraved in public.

    • Andrew Kent

      I wouldn’t mind watching a couple of Republicans like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann gettin’ it on. ;)

      • John Magee

        I’d like to see the tapes the Secret Service has of President Clinton’s oral activities in the oval office bathroom .

      • Flush the SHEEIT

        You are gay.

      • Bob in St. Paul, MN

        A.Kent that’s funny. And intelligent, too. Take off, Hoser

  • Shannon McDung

    It’s all Bush’s fault. He made me bend over in the town square.

  • Neilv

    It’s Rush limbaghs fault

    • Andrew Kent

      All the world’s a stage, and the man and woman were merely players. Next week, they open in Venice. Break a leg!

  • g-w

    Bubbles, I love kitties. Where else are they gonna bone?

    • BL

      HAHAHAHAAH I wonder if they have been drinking “garbage juice” together?

  • artemis133

    After all, Spring is right around the corner!

    Love is indeed in the air!

    • FCUKDC

      Now atleast they have a place to stay..I think its a nice strategy…

  • DirtyDave777

    Take a look at these 2 this is just another ….PUSHING OCOMMIES birth control crap.

  • maxx

    Hey, cut them some slack. There are probably rules in the homeless shelter about having sex. So what are they to do?

    • Nate

      Wow dude, you make fun of homeless people so well, you must have to fight the girls off with a stick!

      • dazz

        This girl looks like she was fought off a few times with a stick

        • Flush the SHEEIT

          Looks like her face was on fire, and someone put it out with a rake!

  • DaddyB

    Well, with looks like that, you just have to get it when you can.

  • yellowhorse

    There just ain’t that much whiskey in the world……

  • Joe Dutra

    You wouldn’t arrest two dogs. Why two people?

    • Huh?

      A dog wouldn’t be arrested for pooping outside or sniffing someone’s crotch. Is that okay for humans?

    • Macfad

      Because humans and animals aren’t equals? You expect better and more intelligent behavior from humans than animals? Animals react; humans think.
      Animals respond to instinct or learned behavior; humans have rational free will. Are you seriously suggesting that we should accept that humans behave as animals in public?

      • ikemixh

        According to PETA-You are incorrect.
        A rat is a boy is a dog or some crap like that.
        Let them Pro-create more slaves/

        • Dutra

          I bet it really smelled bad downwind.

  • Hornet599

    Horny and homeless, a bad combination

  • Fred

    Wonder if Obama will call them to see if they are alright? http://www.savethemoon.net

  • hillcoguy

    Felicia Moon, Warren Moons ex, and her boyfriend were doing the same thing….google it up, why don’t you hear about that one? Hmmm..two homeless folks versus a couple of rich folks….yeah I see.

    • PG

      You’re kidding right?

    • JustAGuy

      Have you seen their pics? Seeing them get in on is offensive on so many levels!

  • Oliver Clotheshoffe


    • FRW


  • Dave

    Anyone notice “Police say a bunch of women were watching the couple ” And I thought guys were the dirty porn watchers! hehe

    • Legion

      Yep, women are pigs too. Check out the nasty behavior by the Stonehill college girl to the poor roomate.
      Anyway, I laughed when I read this- I lived very close to the area- been to many functions on the green, concerts and farmers markets and the like. I still have an underwater condo I’m trying to sell. Cheap. This will really help the sale ehh?? A pox on commie corn-ecticut- libtard bastion of illegal alien invaders. I’m sending the story to poor sucker friends still up there and laughing at them.

    • Nick Taylor

      eh.. it was 2pm. So all the men are at work.

      • pennylane

        at work? 1 out of 5 men are unemployed. more women are working than men these days between the ages of 20s to 40s, just sayin’ (read this recently)

  • Doug

    Clearly you guys don’t live in San Francisco and see the stupid *hit that goes on during the ‘G,L,Tg, Bi Parade and the ‘Folsom Street Fair.

    Talk about Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s jus the first wave…..you know that pretty soon the liberal nut left will eventually state that it’s ok for the adult men and women to have sex in public with minors. It’s just a matter of time.

    And right after that you’ll be able to have sex with animals in public.

    You read it here first. Like California’s Lt. Govenor said of gay marriage, “like it or not, it’s gonna happen”

    • Michael H.

      That’s one hell of a slippery slope that you’re sliding down over there.

  • Ready, Set CRAP!


    • JustAGuy

      You wanna crap in public? What are you, an Occupier?

      • Legion

        LOL- good one- two thumbs up.

  • Pudding Cup

    I don’t care what these people look like – common decency tells us that sex belongs in a private place! Geez. Our society today is so deranged!

    • joe

      They are HOMELESS, how DARE you tell them they are wrong. I am reporting you to Øbowmao’s http://www.attackwatch.com!

      You must be put in a re-education camp!

      /sarcasm off…

    • ella funt

      The woman looks irresistable. What a glowing face.

  • Diogenes

    Since they don’t have a grand for the bail, they at least won’t be homeless for a while. Three hots and a cot.

  • Bud

    Price and McClung were detained on $500 bonds. Now that’s funny.

  • Macfad

    ages 41 and 38 ??? ARE YOU SERIOUS? That is the WORST looking “41” and “38” I have ever seen! They look older than my 64 year old mother!!

    • Unreal

      My first thoughts. They are both pushing 50 easy even if they were methheads

    • herb

      Did you think being homeless was glamorous?

  • Andrew Kent

    Interesting that the U.S. Supreme Court considers consensual (albeit not public) sexual relations a Constitutional right, yet housing for the homeless is not. Where is this couple supposed to go to do their Constitutionally protected nasty when they don’t have a bedroom to do it in? If it had been a better looking couple, perhaps this point would have been lost.

    • vera

      Maybe Ms Fluke can advocate for them to get a free motel room.

    • Macfad

      Andrew, you are absolutely correct on the “if-they-are-good-looking-then-its-ok” mentality of most people, especially men. Notice when a female teacher sexually molests a student, all the men will cheer it on and wish it had been them – as long as the teacher is “hot”. Or if there is some outrageous immoral behavior that any civilized society would deem obscene, if people think they are “hot” they will be quick to judge it as ok. Just more evidence that our society has degraded to the point of making judgements of right vs. wrong based upon feelings.

      • Andrew Kent

        As with any alleged obscenity, it’s a matter of the entertainment value and redeeming social importance vs. any offense against public sensibilities. If this were performance art, or perhaps a sex education demonstration, they might have been able to claim First Amendment protections. Of course, if they were as chemically compromised or demented as they look, perhaps they can plead insanity.

        • Andrew Kent

          Of course, a show like this does appear to give fornication a bad name. ;)

  • Jane

    Why on earth would you watch those hideously grotesque people have sex? I almost think the women watching are more deranged than the couple. I wouldn’t be able to look at her naked body without vomiting.

    • Clsire Greycooch

      I can’t even look at her clothed body without evacuating my bowels.

  • Guido

    Your box or mine?

    • artemis133

      You can’t make this stuff up!


  • Red Burton

    I think had the dude on the left had been wearing the glasses of the dude on the right this entire, unfortunate mess could have been avoided.

    • Porzl

      i think the right one is a girl O.o

    • db

      Thanks for the laugh!

  • Rod Anders

    So, what’s the problem …jealousy?

  • ramicio

    People who perform any action of affection around other people just disgust me and have no self respect or for their relationship.

    • Jack

      “any action of affection”? Is that supposed to be funny? You need to work on your act. Plus, look at these people. I don’t see how affection could be part of it.

  • John Czerkawski

    If they were homosexuals the cops would have arrived and encouraged them to keep going.

    • BxGurll

      How do you know? Is that what happened to you?

  • Piquerish

    I wouldn’t touch either one of them, even with Sandra Fluke’s well used gear. EUGHHHHHH!

  • farmgirl1976

    I think I saw these folks at my local Wal Mart…..

  • YoshDaMosh

    wow….love IS blind.

    • Steven

      I wish I was blind after seeing the pictures and getting an image stuck in my head. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • Huh?

    They drew a crowd? People stood around and watched this?

    • Chief

      The women watfching thought they were at a male strip club. They were concerned because they couldn’t find the bar to get a drink.

    • Jim DeHart

      Been ‘doing it in the road’ since the 60’s, so what is new? Must be a slow news day in Conn. Jimbo63

    • Chrissakes

      Fortunately we live in the age of the horseless carriage — events like these are apt to frighten horses thereby putting the public at risk.

    • mrl9333

      Thhe watchers should have all been arrested for Voyeurism . There should be a law about people watching innocent people having sex. I mean come on don’t they arrest the “Johns” when caught with Prostitutes??? Why let them all go free.

    • DavidArizona

      This why we need government funded sex booths for the homeless.

      • joachimwazzub

        very well said where will they go ?

    • Dare2bgrossed


    • beazr

      i took pictures and made popcorn to pass out for the event and its memories.

    • manatee_cee

      The thunderous roar that initially attracted bystanders was later reported to be McClung’s jowels bouncing off her goiter.

    • Dufus

      No happy ending?

    • mary

      I think it was ashame. They could have waited atleast until it was dark out side maybe around the late pm when no one was around. They had to know they were doing something wrong.

  • bh

    Is she asking me to pay for birth control pills? Because in this case I will.

  • Jack

    Isn’t that the thick-glasses guy on “Trailer Park Boys”?

    Whaddya mean, that’s not a guy. Sure it is. Must be.

    • Jack

      Yes Bubbles left Sunnyvale Trailer Park and it was downhill from there…

  • William Stanley

    Unbelievable. In San Francisco homeless and OWS people can do this AND defecate on the sidewalk without issue. This must travesty must be stopped in Danbury! Where is the DOJ??

  • Peter

    he must have received a good gum job because she has no teeth!!!!

  • Ophelia Buttcrax

    Jeezuz!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t touch her with Bloomberg’s wiener!

    • Gforce

      ..or even Weiner’s weiner….

    • Marto

      I wouldn’t touch her with Obama’s wiener (if he has one)! Anyone wanna lay any bets on who these two voted for in the 2008 election?

      • Nate

        Raise your left hand if you came from a Drudge link and you’re making fun of these people!

        Your left hand.

        Noooo, your LEFT hand.

        No, that’s your RIGHT hand. I said to raise your left.

        Okay, umm…try this. Put both hands out in front of you and make an L shape. The one pointing in the right direction is your left hand.

        An L? ummm…

        Yeah, better just go on back the way you came.

  • Peter

    Now that is some dirty A$$ sex !!!

  • bob

    how would you like to have been the poor slob who had to see those two doing the horizontal mombo… prolly went blind.

    • Ophelia Buttcrax

      What the hell is a mombo? Did you mean mambo, moron?

      • Blasterific

        Thank you Ophelia for your wonderful spell check abilities. You are a moron but we love that Buttcrax.

        • SpinSpinSpin

          The national news is being orchestrated by unelected officials after the coup and cover up. They think you can’t handle the truth. We have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is only an illusion now.

          Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

        • Ophelia Buttcrax

          Well, what can I say but you really told me off. Perhaps you would like to smell my ass when you get a moment. The rays emanating from my ample glutes have remarkable healing properties. One whiff and you will no longer be a mere observer of inconsequential happenstance.

      • MikeD

        Mombo was in Blazing Saddles

        • BxGurll

          That was Mongo.

        • Cam Kirmser

          That was Mongo.

          • Andrew Kent

            “Mongo? Santa Maria!”

  • judy

    they were either hoping people would begin throwing money to them, or they would be arrested so they could get food and a shower.. stinks all the way around.

  • VY

    You can’t fix stupid, but you have even less of a chance of fixing ugly.
    they should have been charged with defacing the public space by being in that space.

  • supershwa

    Yikes! Charge them with public indecency for going out in public!

    • Blasterific

      Ugly people need loving too!! Just saying.

      • Deskboy

        Maybe so, but they have got to get a room when they look like that.
        Obama, where are you, dude?
        Section 8 let us all down

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