Wake This Weekend In Oyster Bay For Slain Journalist Marie Colvin

OYSTER BAY, NY (CBSNewYork) — A wake is being held this weekend on Long Island for award-winning journalist Marie Colvin who was killed last month while covering the recent ongoing violence in Syria.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports

Many have called the 56-year-old from Oyster Bay a strong and incredible woman.

Colvin worked for Britain’s The Sunday Times for more than 25 years and was at the forefront of international reporting. She lost her eye from a shrapnel wound in Sri Lanka in 2001.

Her body was turned over to embassy officials in Syria last week.

Saturday and Sunday, her wake will be held at the Oyster Bay Funeral Home followed by her funeral Monday morning at St. Dominic Roman Catholic Church in Oyster Bay.

Colvin’s family want her lifelong dedication to human rights, journalism and education to continue and has set up a fund at the Long Island Community Foundation.

Donations have already been received from around the country.

If you’d like to help, please send donations to:

Marie Colvin Fund at LICF
1864 Muttontown Road
Syosset, NY 11791

For more information about the fund, visit www.licf.org.

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One Comment

  1. Captain Obvious says:

    You are correct. I don’t know of her work. No one I know has ever heard of her. Her picture was on this site all last weekend and through last Monday. Now again. She was born here, but working for a British News Organization. She did not die fighting for her country or this one. Why didn’t she get all this attention before her death?

  2. Brittany says:

    You obviously know nothing of her work and the depth of understanding the world is indebted to her for. Also, why would you term a solider’s death “the ultimate price” and her death “a tragedy”? they are both the ultimate price,

  3. SpaceX for the win... says:

    RIP. That’s why it would have been smarter to become an Astronaut than to get caught in the crossfires of other people’s wars.

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Her death is a terrible, terrible tragedy. She was on the job and killed senselessly. Absolutely terrible.

    OK. Brave men and women in our armed forces are killed. They don’t get the coverage of who ever this woman is. If it wasn’t for her eye patch, no one would even remember her. Her face has been all over this site since her death. Why is she any more special than our soldiers over seas who give their lives for our country?

    I am not insensitive. Her death is a tragedy. But, who is she and why is her picture all over the place? Why isn’t equal time given to local heroes who pay the ultimate price?

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