Girl Testifies Against Father In NJ Bathtub Murder Trial

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — With her father in court, accused of killing her mother, a 12-year-old girl tells a judge her father asked her to lie about the murder.

The prosecution alleges Kleber Cordova’s daughter watched him hold her mother’s head under water in their bathtub in Morristown four years ago.

“He said to not to tell anybody, anybody what I saw,” the girl said. “It was like in the, in the waiting room.”

Mother Elaina Torres later died in the hospital.

Cordova wiped away tears as the girl spoke. “He hold my hands,” the girl said. “He looked in my eyes and said not to tell anyone what I saw.”

Through a translator, Torres’ mother Rita Valverde tearfully backed up her story, telling jurors that Cordova admitted his guilt to her.

“She had a bruise on her face,” Valverde said. “It’s my fault. I was always bad to her.”

“He had a scratch here on his face,” she added.

The defense says Cordova is innocent, that he came home to find his wife under water and called 9-1-1. They also questioned the timing of Valverde’s actions.

“But you don’t tell that to prosecutor’s office until August of 2010,” the defense attorney said.

“I asked him if water was running he said he had turned it off,” said Aracelys Carrero-Castillo, Morristown Police Dept.

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    i dont understand how people can be so ignorant. and not see what really is going on. A HUMAN was killed, and she was begging for her life. ELIANA TORRES YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU AND TRULLY MISSES YOU YOU WERE A GREAT HUMAN BEEN I LOVE YOU ELIANA.

  2. wilmer cordova says:

    Thanks for keeping us from afar salute all Ecuadorians and appreciate all your interest in this case God bless all who make up NEW YORK CBS

  3. wilmer cordova says:

    thanks for your beautiful comment Dave you also have to meet our big brother he was always a loyal and dedicated in body and soul to his family, and sircunstancias of life he is going through this painful situation I say to you and all the American people that always was and will be a great person with a huge heart thank you for being aware of our brother and asked them please do not hesitate to help with a grain of faith to raise a prayer for peticon kleber and God bless

  4. wilmer cordova says:

    Greetings to all day and all journalistic staff from Ecuador we want to thank for keeping us informed of everything that is happening with the case of Ecuadorian Kleber Cordova desperate we are a family we can not be closer to our brother and you are our only input letter t we can see in the distance we ask you to please keep us informed of all images and videos with many thanks God multiplied by ……

    1. Dave says:

      Wilmer, God is with Kleber. Keep up your prayers for him and his attorney. I hope the jury will understand what really happened that day.

  5. Ed says:

    Where are the grammar police? This whole article is atrocious.

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