Friends, Family Remember Morristown High School Student Lennon Baldwin

MORRISTOWN, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Friends and family gathered Monday morning to remember a New Jersey teen who may have been driven to suicide by school bullies.

Lennon Baldwin, a 15-year-old was a freshman at Morristown High School, took his own life last week.

Police are investigating whether bullying drove Lennon to kill himself. Friends tell CBS 2 that a group of three students had been taunting and even robbed Lennon right before he took his own life.

“From what I hear, he was being bullied by three people and they robbed him and jumped him and took everything,” said student Shannon Ayers.

Monday morning, classmates gathered around Lennon’s casket as it was brought into the Morristown United Methodist Church.

The parents of 15-year-old say they never imagined this day would come and his fellow students are still shocked by the loss.

“The community is in pain,” Senior Pastor Neill Tolboom told CBS 2’s Rachel Stockman. “Whenever you lose someone as precious as 15-year-old boy, particularly to suicide, a community needs to take some reflection and figure out where the hope was lost, why aren’t we as kind to each other.”

A friend posted a video tribute on YouTube of Lennon’s portrait, saying Lennon always put a smile on his face.

Lennon loved music, played the guitar and was a championship bowler who had already won college scholarships.

“He was a quite kid, a good bowler,” said coach Dave Digger. “Everybody loved him. Lennon loved it down there. We are just so saddened that this happened.”

He enjoyed camping, skiing and spending time with his family.

“He was quiet, but at the same time he was hilarious and had a good sense of humor,” said student Danny Perez.

As prosecutors investigate exactly what drove Lennon to suicide, family and friends are trying to cope with the young boy’s death.

“I think it’s just sad that people are pointing fingers,” said Tolboom. “Right now, the community just needs to come together and find a way to be kinder and gentler with each other.”

In his obituary, his family said all Lennon really wanted was to be loved, respected and accepted by his peers.

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  1. MRD says:

    People don’t understand how bullying can affect not only the victim, but the victim’s family and friends. I know Lennon and when i found out he was gone, i cried for two days straight. When bully’s hear stories like this, don’t they have any guilt or regret? It’s hard to believe that someone can actually have the nerve to push someone so far that they take their own life. So, for all of the people that are reading this, you have to know that Lennon did not deserve to feel this way one bit, and that he is definitely unforgettable.

  2. Amused but not misled says:

    Does anyone think bullying got invented a few years ago? Teen suicides did not originate at Rutgers two years ago.

    Yes, its sad. But do we always need to blame some one else?

    New law- It’s illegal to be mean. As Rodney King said during the 1990’s LA riots : CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG.

  3. Michael H. says:

    More often than not, the parents of bullies were bullies themselves and instill that mindset on their children.

    The other problem is zero tolerance rules in schools. Both children in a fight end up getting suspended, even the one defending themselves. I will teach my children to ignore the zero tolerance rule, fight back against the bully. Make sure the bully goes down and stays down and I will back them up 100% when it comes time to dealing with the school’s administration. Schools do not do enough to curb bullying and it is up the to victims and the victims’ parents to solve it by showing they will not be pushed around anymore.

    1. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

      Michael H – well said.

      Zero tolerance rules seem to reflect some degree of stupidity, on the part of educators. How the hell does it make sense to also punish the victim?

      Schools are way too lax about not controlling bullying. This is all going to get worse, and if the victims don’t commit suicide, maybe they’ll (tragically) start thinking about what Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did at Columbine.

      Very sad – my prayers go to the victim’s family and friends.

    2. Amused but not misled says:

      You’re right. The school zero tolerance BS (don’t protect yourself) victimizes the victim even more. The schools do little more then cover their own asses legally.

      The schools policies hold the victim’s arms in this. The bully gets treated the same as the victim. The school’s do-nothing policy makes matters much worse.

  4. ben there!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Sad truly sad! Bullying may have been around forever but, I feel that parents are not paying attention to their children. Sure they provide all the materialistic things, phones, computers, xbox games, etc. but do they take time from their personal lives to listen to the kid, spend quality time with them ( not taking them on vacation, or fun parks) talking to them like human beings! Treat them as human beings not another thing they can control. Are parents too caught up in their own lives making themselves a name showing other people what great guys they are! Entertaining their whims and desires? I see it today and it truly disgusts me. PARENTS YOU CHOSE TO HAVE THESE KIDS THEY DIDN’T ASK TO BE BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD. PARENTING IS A FULL TIME CAREER. STOP BUYING THEIR LOVE THEY ARE LOOKING FOR HUGS, KISSES, UNDERSTANDING AND BEING TREATED AS HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michelle says:

    My heart and prayers go out to the family of this young man. This is a very tragic situation and bullying should require strict consequences when a child takes their own life because of it…

  6. DaEmph says:

    Its things like this is why I cheer on parents that take matters into their own hands, because the schools are not doing sh!t to really stop this…just like the father who boarded the bus and threaten those kids (you know the story..) and people say it he went overboard…F THAT!!! If you are too puzzy or scared to face these kids to stop tormenting yours then that is your problem, I will NOT let any kids no matter what age torture my kids.
    If school’s can’t get a hold on this, then SOMEONE has to do it. Props to all parents that do what they have to do!

  7. Cece says:

    I was bullied as a freshman but then I decided to do something about it by mouthing off to the jerk. The bully had very frizzy hair and was extremely hair-conscious. So I called him a brillo-head in front of his friends who all thought it was hysterical. Afterwards, whenever he saw me he avoided me like the plague. Lesson learned: (1) Find their weak spot and use it liberally in verbal attacks and (2) a bully’s friend will turn on them on a dime. I’ve used this tactic a few times and it always works. RIP Lennon.

    1. Jean says:

      You were lucky that bully didn’t give you a vicious beat-down for humiliating him. All they understand is violence. I was verbally bullied in high school by a jerk. When things got physical, I couldn’t take him on one on one. So I got one of my much bigger, scarier guy friends to have a little “chat” with him. I don’t know what he did or said but the guy crossed the street whenever he saw me coming for the next 2 years. Buddy up to the football team (even if you have to bribe them) and you’ve got yourself a built-in bodyguard.

  8. None Of Your Business says:

    When I was in high school, there was a smart a– bully, thoroughly obnoxious, thought he was really smart. After he graduated from high school, he got a job at the silk mill which was in that town at the time. Not too long afterward there was some kind of an accident out in the plant and he was electrocuted. God punishes. I laugh uproariously every time I think about his electrocution. Those who are being bullied should hang in there–you’ll survive. The bullies will get theirs from a higher power than man.

  9. kenyatta2009 says:

    Reblogged this on A Little Local Color.

  10. Mari N. says:

    Nothing for nothing folks but wasn’t there ALWAYS bullying in school? ESPECIALLY High School. It is tragic that someone takes their own life because of it. Most are acting as if this is something new. It has and probably always will be. What is the saying? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Obviously too much was too much for this young man.

    1. mrsv says:

      You’re right, there was always bullying. However, I think it’s important to note that when we were kids, bullying was always in person. When we went home, it was a safe place and the bullying ended, at least for a little bit every day. But when kids go home today, the bullying continues and is spread faster and perhaps harsher online. There’s no safe place anymore for some of these kids. :o(

    2. Amused but not misled says:


      You used to be able to defend yourself from bullies. Columbine tragedy was that in EXTREMIS. The school did nothing. So instead of SUICIDES itbecame HOMICIDES.


      The damn school zero tolerance- you can’t stop your own ass kickin while the Bd of Ed watches.

  11. Cara D says:

    It’s always tragic when a child loses his life, but when a child chooses to die rather than face the bullying we all lose. I knew Lennon and his family many years ago. His parents and brother must be devastated, as are his many friends. Kids I know it’s hard but when you see or know of someone being bullied, please say something. You’re not ratting anyone out-you just may be saving their life. RIP Lennon Baldwin. You, like your namesake, are gone too soon.

  12. Barry says:

    This bullying stuff has gotten far out of control, and I blame the parents of the bullies as much as the bullies themselves. Todays parents spend more time doing everything but getting involved and being a parent. God forbid a kid is smacked or hit, oh gee what a crime. And being their friend is accomplishing nothing either. Kids need guidance, discipline and direction, not being shoved off into after school activities, and allowed to roam and drift around town, so mommy and daddy can shop, get the hair done, and hang with the girls. And giving them a cell phone is not the answer either. Help them with their homework and set an example at home, not unleash them on everyone else. Most of todays parents should be given a test before allowing to breed to see if they qualify as good parents. I would say, 95% would flunk…………

    1. hybridmike09 says:

      I agree 1000%

      If I found out my daughter was being bullied, I would be at that school the very next day.

  13. Bullett says:

    If young Lennon did commit suicide due to bullying, I would like to see the people responsible for his death to be put into uniform and shipped to Afghanistan. Then we’ll see how brave they really are.

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