With Boomer back from Boston and by Craig’s side in the Allstate Studio, the Dynamic Radio Duo kicked off today’s radio program talking about the Jets and the real possibility that they could revisit HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ — that is, if owner Woody Johnson gets his way. And why wouldn’t he?

Boomer & Craig were in agreement that this is a very good idea. For everyone other than the Jets that is.  The last thing the team need is more media attention, and Craig believes Woody, Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum will do just about anything to make life more miserable for Mark Sanchez.

With all of that said, from an entertainment standpoint, the Jets back on ‘Hard Knocks’ would be ‘must-see TV.’  Either way, it’s clear that Johnson is in on football decisions, which according to Craig, puts the Jets owner treading in some dangerous waters.

Boomer suspects that if Craig were a team owner, like Woody, he too would be a meddler and Craig agreed.  Then we heard about how the two ‘best friends’ have very different approaches when it comes to motivating Al Dukes.

From there, Boomer droned on for a bit about the Rangers and the NHL playoff system, Amani Toomer is lookin’ to make a name for himself, Jeremy Lin has successful surgery, some major fallout from the Knicks apparent playoff ticket ruse and Boomer informs Craig he does not want to pay him for Mets season tickets this year…

LISTEN: Jets Crave More Attention (04/03)

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