Report: Remains Found In Illinois Are Not Those Of Lauren Spierer

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (CBSNewYork) — Skeletal remains found in Illinois are not those of Lauren Spierer, a missing college student from Westchester County.

A county coroner in Illinois said the bones which were discovered in a wooded area of Newton, Illinois on March 10 are from a male, according to CBS affiliate WISH.

Police in Bloomington, Indiana had earlier said they were waiting for DNA results on the skeletal remains.

It’s been 10 months since Spierer disappeared. The 20-year-old was last seen on June 3, 2011 after a night out with friends in Bloomington, where she went to school.

Months of searches have turned up no signs of her. She is 4’11”, weighs 95 pounds, has blonde hair and blue eyes. Spierer was last seen wearing black pants and a white top.

In March, Charlene Spierer wrote to the person who she says has information about the disappearance of her daughter in an open letter posted online.

“You were with Lauren, you know what happened and you know where she is,” Charlene Spierer posted to a blog dedicated to finding her daughter. “Maybe you spend every day trying to forget. I am Lauren’s mother. I have a front row seat in this never-ending nightmare.”

Earlier this year, the reward for information leading to Spierer was increased to $250,000 thanks to a donation. Police say they’ve received more than 2,400 tips in the case.

For more information, visit the family’s website

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  1. SNV says:

    As a close friend its devastating to read some comments on here. I pray none of you have to experience something like this. Good people may make poor decisions and can be led down dark paths, that does not justify this outcome. Shame on you all for passing judgment. And Ant928 while you sit at your computer and “yawn” I sit and cry at yet another discovered body of someone’s loved one and the relief I feel for them at having the opportunity for closure so we can as you say “move on” something people on the other side of this may never have the opportunity to do.

  2. The Bridgeport Kid says:

    The authorites will never find this young woman’s remains. The bones have probably been gnawed and scattered by animals.

  3. MNA says:

    I agree that the comments are harsh…but the REALITY is that she was a grown young-lady who was very IRRESPONSIBLE. She was seen walking home with no shoes on! No shoes?! That shows how wrecked she was that night.

    1. MNA says:

      Also it is being reported on other news sites that they have confirmed that the reamins are NOT hers. This article needs to be updated,

    2. Kazoo says:

      Since when is wearing no shoes a death sentence. Wake up!!!

      1. MNA says:

        Wake up? LOL
        No one said it was a “death sentence”- but that shows that she was NOT in her right mind at all! and that ALONE is shows that she got herself trashed that night. Of course its not a “death sentence”, but her being drunk and possible on cocaine is the reason why is she not here today! Too many young ladies think that they are INVINCIBLE!

    3. Joe says:

      Sorry, I believe her friends are very involved in her death and know exactly what happened to her.

  4. johnson wales says:


  5. Ant928 says:

    *Yawn*…girl get’s drunk…meets bad guy..ends up dead…move on please?

    If it wasn’t for the fact that she was cute and white this wouldn’t have lasted so long.


    1. Joe says:

      I hope nothing bad ever happens to your daughter, or family member whatever color they may be. You are a first class idiot.

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