NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Is he a hero or an aloof bystander with a serious case of the munchies?

Many commenters on YouTube are lauding a man they’ve dubbed “snackman” for breaking up a fight on a 6 train.

A video posted on April 2 by a user named EITANNOYZE shows a man and a woman in an altercation exchanging kicks and expletives. The situation may have escalated further if it were not for some concerned straphangers.

The video shows a seemingly disinterested man, who was snacking on a bag of chips, move between the man and woman involved the fight, all while continuing to munch on his snack.

The woman involved in the fight shouts expletives at the man, saying “Don’t [expletive] follow me you stupid [expletive].”

Following which, the man responds “Go on your merry way.” The video shows that things begin to cool down as soon as the snacking straphanger gets up and stands in the middle of the pair.

However, the real hero may be a second female passenger, who points out the man and says “You, don’t hit her…and leave her alone.” The same good Samaritan also advises the woman to “please sit down” on the video.

Who is the real hero? Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments section…

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