When 7 a.m. rolled around, Craig thought it was a perfect time to share a letter sent to out program director Eric Spitz regarding a listener’s dislike for the morning show co-host.

Craig found the letter to be fascinating and tried to figure out what kind of human being takes the time to write such a thing.  He was so moved by the ink on the paper that he decided to respond — and did he ever.

Then the guys got a call from a fella bragging about doing the ‘Discount Double Check’ following the act of love making with his fiance – an act he claims occurs every night.  This is apparently some sort of tribute to ‘the Dentist’ Steve Novak, which was just too strange to even get into.

Understandably, Boomer & Craig both seemed a little bothered by the claim.  After digesting it, the ‘Dynamic Radio Duo’  went on to try and figure out when it’s appropriate to do some ‘Discount Double Checkin’…

LISTEN: Listener Letter Evokes A Response – Appropriate/Inappropriate Discount Double Checkin‘ (04/17)

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