NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Several months ago, we told you about a book in the works that is right up the alley of those who loves the smells of New York City.

Well, now it’s available for pre-order.

“New York, Phew York” is a scratch-n-sniff book written by Amber C. Jones and illustrated by Tim Probert.

WCBS 880’s Pat Farnack spoke with Jones, who is also a full-time concierge.

Farnack With Jones

“I was coming home one day, I was just walking and I wanted to get some pizza with a friend of mine and then while I was looking in the window to get pizza I was like stepping in horse manure and then I was like engulfed in shish kabob smoke when I was trying to get it off my shoe,” Jones said. “So, I was like ‘This city stinks so good.'”

“We all know about stinky garbage and horse manure, things like that, but what other scents do you include in your book that we might not think about immediately?” asked Farnack.

“There’s a section where the little boy gives flowers to the concierge as a thank you for showing his family around. So, you get to smell that,” said Jones. “There’s the nuts. There’s the exhaust from the bus. There’s the cheesecake in SoHo. There’s the smelly man on the subway. There’s the grass in Central Park, pizza, and shish kabob smoke and hot dogs and coffee… Everything that’s synonymous with New York.”

“Are you ever surprised by any scents that you haven’t smelled before?” asked Farnack.

“Yeah, all the time,” answered Jones. “Or there’s like a fusion of smells that you’re just walking and you’re like ‘What is that smell?’ you know. I think it’s just an amazing way to experience the city. I think it’s just a way that’s so understated. You know, everyone’s like ‘Oh, I saw this’ and ‘I went here’ but instead of like ‘I smelt this.'”

“There’s a section of 7th Avenue, right above Penn Station, where there is this atrocious smell. I guess it’s emanating from the subway. Have you ever smelled something that was horrendous and you couldn’t exactly track the source?” asked Farnack.

“Oh, often,” said Jones. “I mean, you can walk up a set of stairs in the subway. I mean, the stairs look completely clean, but you’re like ‘What is that smell?’ or ‘Is that me? Is that someone next to me?'”

For more information on the book and to order your copy, click here.

What’s your favorite or least favorite New York City smell? Sound off in the comments section below.

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