Boomer and Craig took a call from a listener by the name of Dave (not pictured) and he was calling in from Branford, Connecticut, with plans of breakin’ Craig’s stones for his take on the whole R.A. Dickey situation.

Give a listen to how that turned out for ol’ Dave, who seemed to have an obsession with Rangers top prospect Mike Olt, who just happens to hail from Branford, just like Dave.

Then we got some insight to how management feels about Craig, as the powers that be here at WFAN felt the need to verify Craig’s BREAKING NEWS regarding Ichiro returning with the Yankees.

Not to worry though, two hours after Craig ‘broke’ the story, WFAN’s baseball insider Jon Heyman confirmed what we knew all along…

LISTEN: Breakin’ Stones With Dave In Branford (12/12)


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