109032111 New York Fashion Week: Vivienne Tam

This week at Lincoln Center, Vivienne Tam unveiled her newest collection for Fall 2011. The designer added her own personal twist to classic pieces and current trends, and sent the looks down the runway at New York Fashion Week. By Brooke Sager.

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Back In Black

109032146 10 New York Fashion Week: Vivienne Tam
While many designers are going brighter for the fall, Tam went the route of classic-mod. A majority of her runway pieces were black—a black tweed emperor coat, a black tunic dress, a black crystal gown. But this certainly wasn’t a ‘back to the basics’ show—many of the darker pieces were accented with punches of bright red. It gave the collection a modern, urban feel.

Varying Fabric Weight

109032133 10 New York Fashion Week: Vivienne Tam
Oversized sweaters will be in style again this season, How did Tam keep this comfy trend looking fresh, you ask? With embellishments—the cream opera sweater especially sparkled with its crystal accents. Yes, thick sweaters can dazzle on the runway too.

Crochet pullovers helped balance out all the heavy sweaters¬—it’s a very versatile material that is perfect for the changing autumn weather. Wearing a crochet over-garment serves as a fashionable way to keep just warm enough in a tunic dress. Plus, its knitted nature looks both feminine and seasonally à propos.

Cropped Looks, Shorter Lengths

109032139 10 New York Fashion Week: Vivienne Tam
Hemlines seem to be inching up the leg for this coming Fall. Opera shorts, quilted miniskirts and short tunic dresses were all frequent looks on the runway. Black knee-high boots in suede and leather worked to balance out the shorter lengths of the clothing.

Raised hemlines aren’t just showing up on dresses and skirts, either. This collection also featured a few pairs of black cropped pants. Once the temperatures start to drop, whoever is sporting these ‘autumn-capris’ is going to wish she had matching legwarmers.

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Brooke Sager is a New York City-based freelance writer specializing in beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. She writes at HIHEELZ.


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