If you are a fish aficionado, we have the low down on the best places to shop for everything from exotics to freshwater friends, plants, pumps and of course food in New York City. Here are the best fish and aquarium supply stores in the city.
fishy The 5 Best Fish & Aquarium Supply Stores In New York


There’s a reason Pacific Aquarium receives rave reviews from its patrons.This Pacific paradise is packed with everything you need to create the perfect underwater habitat. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. Run out of food on a holiday, no worries, Pacific Aquarium is open everyday 365 days a year. In addition to a wide selection of aquarium supplies. Pacific Aquarium’s full selection of fishing gear may encourage you to create an aquarium bycatching your own fish.

manhattan aquariums com The 5 Best Fish & Aquarium Supply Stores In New York

(credit:Manhattan Aquariums)

A visit to this venue is more like walking into an aquarium gallery than a store. Housed in a spacious showroom,this venue is the place to go if you are considering an aquarium extravaganza for your home or office. This full-service aquarium supplier, will come to your home or office to set-up and/or maintain your aquarium. Want to add a something special to a big event or gala? This company also offers a party rental service.

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aquariumfreshwater The 5 Best Fish & Aquarium Supply Stores In New York

If saltwater fish are your passion, the variety at this venue is sure to please. Specializing in saltwater fish, this store may be local, but they ship all over the country. They offer a large selection of marine fish, coral and live rock at great prices. If you would rather shop at home, now worries, you can make intelligent additions to your saltwater have at home online.

coral The 5 Best Fish & Aquarium Supply Stores In New York


Located in the Jackson Heights section of Queens, this mom and pop store has been a local fixture for years. Offering a large selection of aquarium supplies, the knowledgeable staff can answer just about any aquarium inquiry. Customers report that if its aquarium supplies you’re looking for, this neighborhood shop gives the big box stores a run for their money.

fishy2 The 5 Best Fish & Aquarium Supply Stores In New York


Don’t let the small size of this shop fool you. Packed with everything you could possibly need for your aquarium, customers rave that this is the place to go in the Bronx for a comprehensive selection of fish and supplies. Don’t see something you are looking for?Just ask, chances are if it belongs in an aquarium, they have it.

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  1. Crystal Lee says:

    I read this article this morning and since I have an aquarium I thought I would check out the store on the list which I wasn’t familiar with. New World Aquarium has apparently been closed for quite some time. Whoever wrote this article didn’t do their research and wasted my time as I traveled all the way into Manhattan just to show up to a boarded up store front. I thought since the article was recent I didn’t have to check on the details of the store. Do your research before publishing!

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