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NYC’s 5 Best Breakfast Restaurants

March 4, 2013 11:00 AM

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New York is filled with places to pick up breakfast – from the doughnut and bagel shops to the upscale sit-down restaurants which open early. But every neighborhood has their stand-out spots, which locals and tourists alike flock to. Here are five places you should wake up early for. By Siobhan Wallace.

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Doughnut Plant

379 Grand Street

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Doughnuts are the ultimate breakfast treat, and Doughnut Plant takes the scrumptious items to new pillowy levels. They have something for everyone, but people rave about their dulce de leche and chocolate blackout flavors. Consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on the elusive pistachio.

Clinton Street Baking Co.

clintonstreet NYCs 5 Best Breakfast Restaurants

The savory Biscuit Sandwich at Clinton Street Bakery. (credit:

4 Clinton Street

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Known for their exquisite – and creative – approach to pancakes, Clinton St. has been one of New York’s favorite breakfast spots for years. Yet to disappoint, you can expect long lines of people eager to enjoy their fluffy, perfect flapjacks and moist, flavorful scones.

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Five Leaves

18 Bedford Avenue

Greenpoint’s nautical-themed restaurant with quirky Australian touches is home to some of the best ricotta pancakes around. The light pancakes are layered with bananas and covered with fresh berries year-round. The wide range of their full breakfast menu will win over any appetite, or for those in a rush, they can stop by the pick-up window for a quick coffee and some pastries from renowned Ceci Cela.

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120 Essex Street
No Phone

Two locations after the original, and Shopsin’s still has the crowd, perhaps because they make some of the best food in the city. Don’t come here looking for a simple breakfast, expect something more along the lines of the Mo’Betta, maple bacon and scrambled eggs sandwiched together by their famous mac n’ cheese pancakes. Beware: they don’t accept parties of more than 4.

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Wally’s Square Root Cafe

584 Myrtle Avenue

Wally’s is a neighborhood corner joint that serves up their fantastic breakfast menu all day long. You can pick up their “Not French Toast” which is made with sweet brioche, or their “Green Eggs & Ham,” eggs scrambled with pesto and spinach placed over ham and grilled challah. They also serve Brooklyn’s own, Kitten Coffee.

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