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NYC’s 7 Best Irish Pubs

March 5, 2014 6:00 AM

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Many of these joints not only have beer taps that flow like water, but also a rich history. These are some of New York City’s best Irish pubs, to help you sort out the emeralds in the rough. By Chris Kelly & Jonathan Pogash.
mcsorleys front NYCs 7 Best Irish Pubs

The famous facade of McSorely’s Ale House (credit:


15 E 7th St.
between 2nd and 3rd Ave.
New York, NY

McSorley’s was already old-school when Joseph Mitchell wrote his classic New Yorker essay about NY’s oldest bar in 1943, and since then, things haven’t changed much aside from the admittance of women and the steady, barnacle-like accumulation of memorabilia – from endless yellowed photos and newspaper clippings to a bust of Kennedy and a chandelier draped with mossy chicken wishbones dangling since Tammany Hall. The floors are still deep in sawdust and paced by a few fat cats, and the bartenders are still gruff, Irish, and capable of carrying massive bouquets of foaming beermugs. House brew is still just two varieties, light and dark, at $5 for two. However, Mitchell’s famous crew of newspaper-reading old Irishmen is replaced on weekend nights with a loud all-ages stew of office workers, college kids, and foreign tourists, all down for a boozy chat or raucous sing-along.

mollys shebeen NYCs 7 Best Irish Pubs

(credit: Molly’s Shebeen)

Molly’s Shebeen

287 3rd Ave.
between 22nd and 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010

Claimed by many as the most authentic Irish pub in New York City, Molly’s boasts every cozy obligatory, from bald Irish bartenders to sawdust-covered floors and a temperamental chimney. Like McSorley’s, the building has held a bar since the 1800’s although the current establishment only dates from the early 90’s. The year 1964 saw the bar purchased by some native Dubliners, and re-named Molly Malone’s. In 1991, it’s name was changed once again to reflect an “illegal drinking establishment”, or shebeen. This Third Avenue favorite draws a mix of tourists and regulars inside a ship’s cabin-like Tudor interior, to enjoy noted Shepherd’s pie and a well-drawn Guinness or three.

donovans NYCs 7 Best Irish Pubs

(credit: Yvo Sin/


57-24 Roosevelt Ave.
Queens, NY 11377

Joe Donovan, son of Irish immigrants, opened Donovan’s Irish Pub in 1966. The burger at this Queens establishment is often lauded as the best in the city (and it’s made our radar more than once). Donovan’s father worked for a beer brewer in Ireland, so the family behind the venue truly grew up “in the business.” With traditional Irish fare, and long-standing, friendly staff, Donovan’s is a Queens staple.

stout NYCs 7 Best Irish Pubs

(credit: Stout)

Stout NYC

133 West 33rd St.
New York, NY

This dinosaurian space is Midtown’s mainstay mega-pub, a drinking Death Star with three enormous levels, a 60-ft bar offering hundreds of beers, and 36 flat-screen TV’s showing rugby, cricket, and American sports. The cellar shelters multiple pool tables and a “darts alley” that often hosts leagues, while upstairs a somewhat fratty crowd swills beer and occasionally listens to weekly events like live Celtic bands.

mugs ale house NYCs 7 Best Irish Pubs

(credit: Mug’s Ale House)

Mug’s Ale House

125 Bedford Ave.
at North Tenth Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

One of Brooklyn’s best beer bars, Mug’s combines a fantastic, rotating draft and bottle selection with a hearty, no-frills attitude. Here, light-up beer signs, cheap prices, and a blue-collar vibe attract late 20’s regulars like flies to honey. Mug’s is that mythical neighborhood beast, a down-to-earth bar with good taste – serving cask beer without pretension to match.

paddy reillys NYCs 7 Best Irish Pubs

(credit: Paddy Reilly’s)

Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar

519 2nd Ave.
at 29th St.
New York, NY

Paddy Reilly’s is the self-proclaimed “first and only all Guinness draft bar in the world.” The bar is truly notable for the second half of its name, and delivers weekly performances of live traditional Irish music and Celtic rock, along with frequent open-mic nights.

corned beef and cabbage from landmark tavern NYCs 7 Best Irish Pubs

Corned Beef and Cabbage from Landmark Tavern (credit: Landmark Tavern)

The Landmark Tavern

626 11th Avenue
at 46th St.
New York, NY 10036

Patrick Henry Carley opened The Landmark Tavern in 1868 on 46th St. and 11th Ave. Another spot affected from the onslaught of Prohibition, Landmark kept it’s third floor open and utilized it as a speakeasy. A charming spot, The Landmark Tavern has a wide array of whiskies and beer, as well as some pretty darn good fare.

Chris Kelly is a freelance writer from Long Island. Jonathan Pogash, aka The Cocktail Guru, is a beverage consultant, writer, and educator. For more on NYC’s bars & nightlife scene, follow us on Twitter!

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  • eddycree8

    Wow. Talk about opening the floodgates. How can you write an article about Irish Bars and not have a one from Bay Ridge? What was the criteria? And how about Farrell’s Bar and Grill in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace (16th Street and Prospect Park West) – open since 1933, and they give out a whole herd of corned beef on rye, on St Patrick’s Day.
    Many an Irishman on Breezy Point must be wondering why Kennedy’s, or the Bars on Broad Channel didn’t make the list…
    As I said, opening the floodgates…

  • Kevin

    I concur with Lass- Stout has no semblance of Irish at all. On the other hand, Tir no nOg ( is Irish through and through, pouring the best Guinness in the city and offering traditional Irish breakfast on the weekends.

  • Ant928

    Blarney Rock on 33rd…’nuff said!

  • Jeanine Hamilton

    The Wheeltapper on 44th and Lex by Grand Central…..the whole bar was built in Ireland and shipped here. It’s in NYC’s only Irish hotels…it doesn’t get more authentic, and they have a a huge outdoor deck in the buildings courtyard.

  • Lass

    Stout is a club and the only thing Irish about it is the staff. This article falis to mention a lot of places, like O’Neils on 3rd and 47th Street … trad sessions every weekend and authentic food. What about Tir Na Nog??? Weak at water this article is and clearly by a Plastic Paddy who visits NYC twice a year.

  • Real Irishman

    You are forgetting about Annie Moore’s….on Vanderbilt right outside of Grand Central. If you want to have a great IRISH time on St Patrick’s day… stop by there. They don’t just put out the tired corn beef and cabbage, they have homemade and authentic Irish food, such as stews and Shepherds Pie.

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