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Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccinations Suspended Across Tri-State As Federal Health Officials Investigate Rare Blood ClotsThe FDA and CDC say they are investigating six cases of women reporting blood clots in the days after receiving the vaccine. 
MTA Survey Finds 87% Of Lapsed Subway Riders Say Safety Is Biggest Factor In Return To Mass TransitA new MTA survey found people who ride the subway feel less safe than they did six months ago.
Sam Metcalfe, Paralyzed By Stray Bullet In Brooklyn, Speaks Out: 'The Person Who Shot Me Was Hunting A Young Man'Sam Metcalfe's mind keeps taking him back to the shooting that paralyzed him from the waist down.
'Cafe Maddy Cab' Helps Pay Cab Fare For Asian People Fearful Of Taking The SubwayThe recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes has people expressing concerns about riding the subway. 
Newark Police Officers, Community Members Credited For Bringing Man Attempting Suicide To Safety
Sikh Celebrate Vaisakhi New Year Festival, 'A Real Proud Moment For Us'The holiday is an opportunity for Sikhs everywhere to come together to celebrate their faith and history.
NYC Officials Point To Broken Parole System As Violent Crime Rises; Parolee Says Education, Mental Health Services Are NeededHilton Webb got his college degree in prison. He wanted a job when he got out but could barely get an ID. He went straight from prison to a Manhattan homeless shelter.
Community Activists Reveal Plan To Create A Safe Summer In NYC As Gun Violence Continues RisingAnti-violence activists are identifying the city’s most problematic neighborhoods and then flooding those hotspots with community events this summer.

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