For anyone who thinks beauty and athletics don’t mix, think again. Here are some of the hottest female athletes of recent years from all ends of the world who prove that brawn and beauty can co-exist.

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  1. cheaphotelsinhollywoodca says:

    Ana ivanovic is very preety girl, and she will be no1 again 🙂

  2. J says:

    Where’s Melina from the WWE?? Cijisters and Lindsay Vonn. Where are they?? Anyone agree???

  3. Tony says:

    And Justine Henin…where is she?

    German speed skater Anni Friesinger needs to be included here, too. Big time.

  4. Tony says:

    No Lindsey Vonn? You gotta be kidding me.

    Serena yes, Venus no. Boobs go a long way!

  5. larry davis says:

    Where is drag racing’s Ashley Force who won the nationwide contest for the best looking female athlete??????

  6. bob says:

    PAULA CREAMER….She should be number one on this list and she’s not even on it.

  7. siraj says:

    clijsters…….how can one miss her glamour

  8. Josh P says:

    Serena Williams? R U KIdding?!?!? OMG… LOL!!! :o)

  9. RICH says:

    id nail most of em

  10. humbleforest says:

    No doubt about it, brawn and beauty co-exist, but one’s chastity and modesty
    should be respected and uplifted.
    Thank you for the sharing

  11. Richard says:

    This chick is not HOT!

  12. pancajava says:

    yes they are..

  13. OrbeaOnix says:

    Consider Evie Stevens, pro bicyle racer.

  14. Irish17 says:

    A LOT of Politicaly correct Women made this list. Coming form CBS I am nur suprised

  15. Steve says:

    The Williams sisters are unattractive. What about Lolo Jones, a great hurdler?

  16. Dee Carrington says:

    what about the tennis player Caroline Wozniacki who is playing in the US Open right now?

  17. Howard says:

    Serena Williams is a man! I saw a photo spread of her on Men’s Fitness magazine. Yuck. In fact there are 10 other women that have a face for radio.

  18. DORCOS says:

    Justine Henin won the women’s ’07 French Open and Rafael Nadal in the men’s.

  19. PETE says:


  20. Bashir 69 says:

    She is great by confessing her mistake.To Err is human. Live for others like Mother Treeca and Edhi Ameen of Pakistan

    1. CR says:

      Huh? Mother Treeca and Edhi Ameen of Pakistan? Any relation to Mother Teresa and Idi Amin from Uganda?

  21. bonzai says:

    At least 12 of them have no connection to physical beauty, other than as a contrast.

  22. I’d hit anyone of them.

  23. mcswebber says:

    They left out Danica Patrick and Lindsey Vonn.

    1. Neil the most wanted says:

      Very funny stupid:-)

  24. Smokey37 says:

    Not to forget a bunch of Lady Golfers like Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis to name just 2 and a few from the USA Softball Team

    1. Neil the most wanted says:

      U r a stupid:-@

  25. Rachel Schaffter says:

    Is their any open clinical trial for the treatment of spider veins that I recieved from pregnancy called Asclera. Please let me know since the Veterans Hospital does not cover the treatment.

    1. Dr. Zizmor says:

      No. You’re doomed.

  26. Francesco says:

    Danica Patrick has won a race. The Japan 300 in April 2008.

    1. Pete says:

      yes she did win the race but almost all of the top 25 drivers in the world were not there. that’s like if the Saints beat a D 2 school in football. They would have a win but who cares.

      1. Eric Johnson says:

        Last I checked, the Saints already have a pretty big win to their name.

  27. Kai says:

    Left a lot of ladies out of this one

  28. Jeff Rosen says:

    You left someone out. Tell me Brazilian born Jewish jockey Maylan Studart isn’t hot:

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