NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Bosnian immigrant from Flushing, accused in a subway bombing plot, is due to be arraigned Friday morning.

Adis Medunjanin, 25, graduated from Queens College with a degree in economics. The FBI says he’s an associate of Najibullah Zazi, who has already admitted to the plot.

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The two conspired with another man, Zarein Ahmedzay, 25. All three were friends from Flushing High School and traveled toPakistan to join the Taliban.

“We were prepared to kill occupying forces, including U.S. Military,” Ahmedzay said.

But when al Qaeda leaders urged them to attack New York, Ahmedzay said, “I personally believed that conducting suicide bombings in the U.S. would be the best way to end the war.”

Ahmedzay said that’s when the group decided to attack the New York City subway with explosives they made themselves from common chemicals like acetone and peroxide.

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They planned to strike last year, just after the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, bombing the busy 1, 2, 3 and 6 lines at rush hour. However, when they realized the feds were onto them they cancelled the attack.

Ahmedzay’s lawyer said the plotter struggled with his conscience.

“He did have moments of doubt and the statement he made that he was thankful that he didn’t go through with it was heartfelt,” Michael Marinaccio said.

In court, Ahmedzay made clear his hatred for Jews, claiming America is controlled by a “shadow Zionist government.”

Mudunjanin is also accused of trying to crash his car into another car on the Whitestone Bridge in an attempted suicide attack. He only suffered minor injuries.

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