BOSTON, Mass. (CBS 2/AP) — An apparent suicide brings the Craigslist killer case to a shocking end. Now Massachusetts authorities want to know how it could have happened.

Authorities withheld the precise cause of Philip Markoff’s death following Monday’s autopsy.  The Suffolk County district attorney’s office said the medical examiner’s office was still awaiting the results of specialized tests.

Guards found him dead and alone Sunday inside his Boston jail cell. His hands were bound and his head was in a plastic bag.

Markoff was accused in the killing of Julissa Brisman, a New York City-based masseuse he arranged to meet through Craigslist.

Brisman’s family and friends said Markoff’s death means they will never get a chance for justice.

“I’m being denied, as is the family, of closure, of a real closure of either having justice be served or at the same time having him say the words, having him admit that this is what he did,” said Mark Pines, Brisman’s friend.

Stephen Murphy, a Boston city councilor, has called for an independent investigation of jailhouse procedures following Markoff’s death.

“Regardless of my personal feelings about Philip Markoff, he technically was an inmate awaiting trial, and he was in the care and custody of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. He had shown a penchant for doing harm to himself before. You would have thought he would have been under the closest of attention,” Murphy said.

He was also charged in the robbery of a Las Vegas woman and an attack on an exotic dancer in Rhode Island.

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  1. JackieO says:

    I do not wish anyone dead! It is horrible!!!

  2. yolis says:

    Wow! weird event, sounds more like a murder

  3. Dog G says:

    the hands were probably tied in the front ala Michael Hutchence episode.

  4. latebloomergrads says:

    Who cares how he died? He’s scum and society is glad to be rid of him. Unfortunately, justice can’t be served for the victim’s family, although, now they can all go spit on his grave!

  5. babs roth says:

    he did the honorable thing

  6. cya says:

    Just saved tax payers some money. Nice……

  7. Claudia says:

    How is that suicide? How do you commit suicide with your hands bound?

  8. Frank Florentino says:

    If he had been of Irish descent, he’d still be alive. That’s Bulgerite Boston

    1. Will says:

      why is that?

  9. morris wise says:

    Many years ago I tried to commit suicide by placing a plastic bag over my head and then tying the end around my neck. Gasping for breath the bag was pulled off by me. It was tried a few times and resulted in failure. After speaking to others who have tried suicide by the same method I am certain that it is impossible to commit suicide by placing a plastic bag over ones head. If Markoff was found dead in that position he was murdered.

    1. Lois says:

      Flat out wrong, I knew a young teenage girl who committed suicide using a plastic bag.

  10. No Chasa says:

    how is that a suicide? hands bound? head in plastic bad? i dont think even Houdini could pull that off!

    1. al says:

      yea it was staged to look like he did himself off….

  11. Stubbs says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish……… tears to be shed for such a creep. At least he saved the taxpayers money.

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