New Study: Men More Likely To Cheat If Women Earn More

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — There’s a surprising link between your finances and fidelity.

A new study has shed some light on why some people are more inclined to cheat in a relationship.

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And as CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reports the answers may surprise you.

It’s the age-old question: what makes men cheat. Well, a new study finds it could all come down to what’s in their pants. We’re talking, of course, about their wallets.

There are a million reasons why men stray.

“As many reasons probably as there are men,” said Catherine Haala of the Upper West Side.

“I think they like adventure,” added Larry Corneck, also from the Upper West Side.

“Maybe they had an argument,” said Anthony Yi of the Upper East Side.

“They’re drunk,” said Jersey City’s Marvin Matias.

“Lack someone to talk to or lack something physically,” added Jazsha Volante, also of Jersey City.

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But a Cornell University study finds men who make significantly less than their partners are five times more likely to cheat on them.

“A wife makes more than he does, I think he might want to compensate by having more fun and more adventure,” Corneck said.

“False. I mean if you really want to be with that person you’re not gonna do anything to harm that person or the relationship,” added Enrique Mieses of the Upper West Side.

The study found the opposite applies to women.

The more financially dependent they are on the men in their lives the more likely they are to be faithful. So what does this all mean for women who happen to be the breadwinners?

CBS 2 sat down with licensed relationship therapist Emma Viglucci.

“Men, of course, want to feel manly and they equate being manly with making money,” Viglucci said.

Viglucci also said couples in New York may be more likely to fall into the trap because women here tend to earn more than in other parts of the country.

“If finances play a significant role in the relationship period I think that also plays a significant role in whether they cheat or not,” she said.

Viglucci urges couples — regardless of their financial status — to spend more time and energy on keeping an emotional connection strong, and less time worrying about the money.

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Men in relationships with women who made about 75 percent of what they made were least likely to cheat.