NEW YORK (CBS/AP) — A storm that curtailed outdoor activities for much of President Barack Obama’s vacation was forecast to end Wednesday, but he said he’s been able to fight off cabin fever.

Not only has he been able to sneak in two rounds of golf, but he told reporters Tuesday he’s “doing a lot of reading” at the farm compound he’s rented for the first family. “I’m having a great time,” he said.

The president made the remarks, his first in public since heading out on vacation last week, as he escorted first lady Michelle Obama from the State Road restaurant.

Obama has faced some criticism for his latest vacation, his sixth since taking office. At a time when painful unemployment numbers continue to bear down on the tattered economy, many are frustrated that the nation’s leader is enjoying another luxurious trip. On CBS’ “The Late Show” Tuesday night, David Letterman took a jab at the president, saying: “He’ll have plenty of time for vacations after his one term is up.”

LINK: Watch Dave’s Monologue

The couple dined out for the second consecutive night, this time with Washington power broker Vernon Jordan and his wife, Ann, as well as Chicago friends Eric and Cheryl Whitaker. White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett also joined the group.

Fellow diners cheered the president and clapped as he left the restaurant. Obama paused for pictures and signed autographs. While Mrs. Obama wore a colorful print dress with contrasting sleeves, the president looked more subdued in khakis, a striped dress shirt and blue outdoor jacket.

Strong thunderstorms have lashed the island off Massachusetts since Sunday, causing power outages, curtailing air transportation and forcing ferry cancellations. They also triggered traffic jams and long lines at movie theaters, restaurants and other indoor venues.

The Obamas are scheduled to remain on vacation until Sunday, when the president heads to New Orleans to check on the gulf oil spill cleanup and to mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

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  1. GB says:

    Hmmm, anyone think the Manchurian Candidate is purely fictional now? It is said that fact is stranger than fiction. Obama is one strange character indeed.

  2. millie says:

    Actually low intellect like Joe Biden…..

  3. Mumblix Grumph says:

    Could someone please remind Obama that he’s NOT a college lecturer anymore. Non-academic Ivory-Tower types actually have to work between June and September.

  4. Sparky2 says:

    Quayle was right. ‘Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States’. Obama is in way over his head to the point that he is taking all these vacations because he doesn’t understand how serious our problems are. And he has this extreme liberal democrat congress that doesn’t step up and think America First. This is not good folks.

  5. lenin says:

    Did michelle really say “let them eat watermelon”?

  6. RonB says:

    Who cares what dumb a** Letterman has to say about anything. Bush got out just in the nick of time because this country was headed for a deep depression courtesy of his administration. The two wars he got us into are costing this country enormous amounts of money everyday. Finally Obama is closing the door on Iraq and things are a little better than when the idiot Bush got out. Him and his entire family have been in bed with the oil cartel forever and now he is laughing all the way to the bank along with the Haliburton conniver, ole scowl face Cheney.
    Vacations for presidents? I think the idiot Bush spent of his 8 years on vacation at his ranch if memory serves me right among other places. Presidential election? We didn’t have much choice did we. It was either 4 more years of Bush policies courtesy of McCain or a chance at change with Obama. I would hate to see were we’d be now had McCain won. If we can turn the tide on unemployment, then everything else will improve and hopefully the jobs will start to come back. We need to severely tax every American company that is manufacturing their product outside of the country, including GM, Ford and Chrysler.

    1. Truth says:

      puh leaze. How long you gonna keep pulling that out? Blame Bush? heck I miss him!

    2. TxnByBrth says:

      Talk about the height of ignorance…Presidents suggest bills, Congress funds them. All the stuff for which you’re blaming (and, I might add, all the other misinformed) Bush began in 1997 with a DEMOCRAT controlled Congress. The only thing Bush did was prevent ANOTHER attack by Muslim Terrorists, which Obama has not been able to do. Bush ended up signing the bloated and pork-barreled stimulus plan of 2008 (Which Mr. Obama signed, by the way) and that’s it. Uninformed and unread idiots and morons who form opinions from Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC are forever, and I’m sure sincerely, secure in their “Blame Bush” psychological problem…but if you want to discuss idiots…discuss the intellectual idiot that YOU voted into office. The most incompetent and unqualified person to EVER run for national public office…let alone win. Ignorant pseudo intellectuals who continue harp on tax American companies who is manufacturing and assembling products off shore aren’t smart enough to realize how stupid their arguments/suggestions are. What, pray tell, do you think drove our manufacturing companies to send assemblies and manufacturing away from our shores…and in the tank at the same time? The damn federal government passing asinine laws to protect us from global warming, greenhouse effects, global cooling…you name it…all who appear to be hysterical idiots but in reality are calculating and know how to manipulate the gullible American voter and the greedy/whoring people we have in Congress.

      RonB…you are either a young inexperienced person with ONLY a college education…or an old fool. The proof lies in your written word…

    3. Mojo Fett says:

      Ron- Read this article and get back to us. It shows how the war cost less in the 8 years of George than Obama’s stimulus package cost us. All numbers are from the congressional budget office. Where did you get your info from. I’d like to know?

  7. nick says:

    Obama may only get elected once but hopefully he can remain in power and put you haters and racists where you belong- in jail.

    1. larryL says:

      wow sounds like you’re pretty hateful yourself there cowgirl – you know it has been literally weeks since I have seen someone post something regarding this dope with anything even close to a slur based on his color but it isn’t but a few posts into any thread before some dolt such as yourself starts calling people racists as a knee jerk reaction to the inconvenient truth… perhaps you should be jailed for treason in suggesting that he should remain in power past his term (or maybe you’re just too stupid to understand how the system works?)

    2. MIKED says:

      you odumduma commie

    3. Ameriasian says:

      Nick, a typical liberal comment that sounds like a communist. You believe in free thought only if it agrees with yours or you end up in jail.

    4. Justme says:

      Careful, Nick. Your fascism is showing.

    5. MudEngineer says:

      After two more years of the the Great Obama Depression, that man will not have a prayer of being reelected if he is even able to stay in office until 2012 due to his corruption and horrible policies, he may end up being impeached or just resign.

  8. john smith says:

    Will be known as the vacationing president. Have fun looks like you won a lottery or something. How was your golf game Mr president. Get any shopping in? A disgrace. I am struggling to make ends meet and all I hear is this clown going on vacation all the time instead of running the country. At least if you are going to do something like this shut up

    1. ns says:

      The 1st year as Prez, Bush took 69 days vacation playing the redneck on his dirt ranch in TX…Obama had 26. Obama needs a little rest after working to solve the many problems inherited: health insurance reform, wall street reforms, economic stability, strategic nuclear arms reduction with Russia, etc…The GOP wants to sit back and do nothing but hope for failure…they only represent Big Biz, the rich and the right wing wackos that are racists. Republican is a Hate Word!

      1. Jimmy C. says:

        You’re an Ameriphobe! There is a big difference between a guy spending time on his own ranch property, and a freeloader spending $7000 a night of our tax dollars on a villa in Martha’s Vineyard!

      2. roger says:

        spoken like a true DRONE. Just hold on to that New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and Jon Liebowitz (aka Jon Stewart), “NS”. As you are well aware, most of the hate and corruption in this country is on the Left. Balkanization, “rules for radicals”, tearing down your political adversaries…………….. people who advance these agendas used to be known as useful idiots.

      3. Maverick says:

        can you please provide a citation for the facts you just stated? Where did you learn of this 69 days. And tell us, please, did he hold an intelligence briefings, staff meetings or conduct any other presidential business during his time on the ranch?

  9. MARIE.AGNES says:


  10. reg dwight says:

    The living stereotype — setting back race relations 40 years.

    1. Henry Lee Lucas says:

      My white guilt makes me cringe… but I’m afraid you’re correct. His election was so much about race (“first black this, first black that”) and I can name a dozen black men and women so much better suited to beautifully represent their race, the white house, and America than this trash we have now. He embodies the worst of stereotypes. Shame on me for agreeing, but I do.

  11. Brian L. says:

    @JJStryder- I saw through this Obama fraud since his Dem conv speech in 2000.

    I voted for Sarah!

  12. MARIE AGNES says:

    Saul Alinsky, the original “community organizer” socialist did a good job preparing the socialistic Obama in his dismembering of our FREE MARKET SYSSTEM AND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC

    1. sARAH says:

      Thank you for making my comment for me.

  13. JungleCogs says:

    Did he blame Bush for the rain?

  14. Kim says:

    It sounds like the patrons of the restaurant were glad that the Obamas were leaving. They probably did not want to be in the same restaurant with them, I know I wouldn’t.

  15. Patriot78664 says:

    Funny, if you talk to most liberals, Obama acts and at times sounds like a Republican

  16. JG says:

    has everyone forgotten how many vacations Bush took while in office?

    1. Goldenfoxx says:

      You call vacationing to his ranch in Texas a vacation? IIRC, he worked while on “vacation.” The Obummas spend the taxpayers money on their vacations. Hell, they even flew their dog Bo in on its own private jet during their last vacation to Martha Vineyard. You know not what you are speaking about JG. Don’t keep showing your ignorance please.

      1. Sister Sue says:

        Could it be that the folks in Chicago just don’t want the Obama’s around so they can’t go home on vacation. I mean there’s so many issues, the former governor on trial and all. The dog is about the only promise Obama has kept since he got elected, but why Bo need it’s own jet? Does the dog even not like the Obama’s?

    2. smokehouse says:

      No, how many AND document.

    3. Sims says:

      Lest you forget that while Bush was on vacation (at a small house in Crawford, TX) he actually worked! Obama has played more golf in 1.5 years that Bush did the entire 8! Pay attention, knucklehead!

      1. RonB says:

        Bush couldn’t hit a golf ball no less a bike. Don’t let the ranch crap pull the bush over your eyes. He always had a full compliment of chefs, house keepers and every thing else imaginable at our expense. All presidents work on their vacations, no exceptions, none!!!

    4. Michael says:

      Evidently you haven’t. Please enlighten the rest us!

    5. OldConservative says:

      No, but his were not lavish ridiculously expensive vacations and he didn’t take 40 friends with him…Mrs. bush took a vacation to Africa to see what she could do about aides and malaria. the media called that a vacation.

    6. mongo says:

      ummm how is that relevant to this current knucklehead? Are you suggesting Bush forced him to be irresponsible? Wow George Bush certainly is a powerful man – he apparently controls the Presidency even when he’s not in it. Or are you indicating your hypocrisy because it was so offensive to you then but for some reason now you feel it should be OK? When exactly will you hold someone accountable? Perhaps the next time it’s a Conservative in office – then this behavior will once again be “bad” – transparency alright

    7. Impugn says:

      Moronic on so many levels. Let’s assume that there is SOME parity between Bush and Obama RE: vacations (which there isn’t, but that’s irrelevant) – WHO CARES?!? Current bad behavior is NOT justified by citing previous cases of bad behavior.

      You have buried the lead:

      Q: Eighteen months after his election, WHY IS IT NEWSWORTHY that Letterman actually took a shot at BHO? By a week into GWB’s tenure, Letterman (and his ilk) were delivering 5 minutes of [mostly false] material 5 times a week. Not BHO, though. Why?

      A: Because the left – media and entertainment – have their heads firmly buried somewhere in BHO’s posterior. Further, racist leftists hesitate to rip on BHO because of the color of his skin.


    8. Maverick says:

      How Many? I remember his traveling to his ranch in Texas where he continued to work, his staff was present, and he also did stuff around the ranch. I think he traveled to Martha’s Vineyard for family vacations a couple of times. But he defintely did not run off to various beahces and other resorts every month to go golfing, biking, swimming, as this loser president has done.

      keep up with the Bush bashing because you fail when you don’t provide facts.

  17. Who the hell is David Letterman to criticize anyone? The nerve of some people and the media prints it as if Letterman has some kind of substance. Please spare me. The people in this country build people up just to tear them down _ how sick! That one term remark was so mean. Not tuning in to this guy ever again.

    1. dad says:

      thanks men the guy is just a joke after sleeping wit all his female employers even the married ones

  18. Goldenfoxx says:

    LOL! His greatest supporters are slowly turning on him. Obama is being hung out to dry. Following all of this is like watching two women mud wrestle. If nothing else, it’s all entertaining. The Obummas are planning their next vacation alright–permanently. Obumma will go down as the worst president in American history! Is it 11/2012 yet?

    1. hallmark says:

      Could Oprah be next? Then you’ll have the ultimate mudwrestling match up! I’d pay to see that..

  19. Nathan Sucks Big Ones says:

    Hey Nathan, why don’t you finish polsihing your little man!

    1. Billy C. says:

      Nathan is an ameriphobic Ameriphobe!

  20. Ken D says:

    Nothing is “funny” about this disaster of a president! Even the robot supporters are jumping off the BHO bandwagon!

  21. JW says:

    Hey, man’s got to eat. I went to dinner with my wife a while ago. So what? The optics are bad though and the Prez can look to work harder. Clinton was a work-a-holic I read. But then again, he was getting some in the Oval Office… so hard to say.

  22. towp says:

    I’m starting to think even the usurper realizes he will be a one termer….so why not enjoy it while you got it and screw the rest of America while you can…

  23. Jerry says:

    WOW, i’d be clapping as he lft the restaurant too.

    1. MudEngineer says:

      And I would clap way louder yet if he left the U.S. and went back to his homeland, Kenya.

  24. JJStryder says:

    Another knee slapper from one of the clowns who voted in this disaster.
    Ya, I keep my guns clean. You gotta problem with that?

  25. tom mikesell says:

    Five of those “vacations” were what most folks would call “The WEEKEND”.

    1. OldConservative says:

      Oh comeon why can’t you jerks get over sarah Palin. She would have been 200% better than this jerk.

    2. OldConservative says:

      Weekends that cost that much are vacations. Have you ever had a weekend half as lavish?

    3. Hallmark says:

      I haven’t flown air force one anywhere lately at taxpayers expense for a weekend!


    4. Mark Carlton says:

      The thing is, they blow more taxpayer money in one of their “weekends” than I’ll make in half my life.

    5. Maverick says:

      Most folks cal a weekend that time away from work where they mow the lawn, do chores, and try to relax on the couch wathcing TV. they certainly don’t call it a weekend when they travel aboard a private 747 to go to various locations around the country with 40 body guards, no standing in any lines, and not paying for any meals or otehr expenses. When most folks fly somewhere for the “weekend” they still calle it a vacation.

  26. Roy says:

    Hey I used to be able to take one vacation a year,but not this year,with our economic conditions as they are……..Maybe I can run for president,and take one a month…..Hell it’s only August…….

  27. Paul C. Kuehne says:

    Isn’t that nice …”While Mrs. Obama wore a colorful print dress with contrasting sleeves, …”. Investors are now running for shelter away from the stock market, double dip recession is almost a certainty, employment in anemic, and Letterman continues to be the shallow, pompous blow-heart as we’ve always known. Nice to see that Michelle is quickly settling into a life of privilege.

    1. debra says:

      Mr. and Mrs. Marie Antionette take another vacation and live high off the hog–all at taxpayer expense. What a surprise.

    2. alio says:

      Yeah! A commentary on her clothes, like get a life (reduce butt) while Rome burns.
      Not as bad as the young man who blew his brains out because his small business was failing and he was in a state of depression and couldn’t get out of it……..all this happened while our pres. & lst lady are pretending our Country is doing good.
      This a a true story that happened last night here in po-dunk middle America, leaving a young son without a dad.

      1. MudEngineer says:

        Yes, Alio, and the sad part of it is, this one person’s suicide is just the beginning of the hundreds of thousands that will happen in the Obama Depression which is just now in the early stages of beginning. His policies and the new Health Care law along with letting the Busch tax cuts expire have created the perfect storm. But, since this Kenyan citizen is out to destroy the U.S.; he couldn’t be happier. He is out celebrating on vacation with that fat butted cow he is married to.

    3. alio says:

      Yeah! A commentary on her clothes, like get a life , while Rome burns.
      Not as bad as the young man who blew his brains out because his small business was failing and he was in a state of depression and couldn’t get out of it……..all this happened while our pres. & 1st lady are pretending our Country is doing good.
      This a a true story that happened last night here in middle America, leaving a young son without a dad.

    4. myopinion says:

      She wants to be Jackie Kennedy

      1. SARAH says:


  28. dk says:

    wow, I wish I could have a vacation. I haven’t had one since 2003.

  29. Jerry says:

    I stopped watching Letterman when he admitted that he was sleeping with his female employees. He is rude .

    1. kirk says:

      Yeah, and remember when he went nuts when McCain didn’t make an appearance on Letterman’s show during the 2008 campaign. DL kept calling McCain out as a liar. Hmmm, I guess making your son’s mother look like a fool isn’t a problem.

  30. JJStryder says:

    Another knee slapper from the clowns who voted in this disaster.

  31. Brian L. says:

    I live on Martha’s Vineyard, where I operate a small business.

    Obama is not only a a weak fop & a fraud, he is our worst President in American history, and his policies are a threat to my family’s & my Liberty and Prosperity.

    We deserve & demand better. It is not enough for us to wait until 2012 for this corrupt chimera to get broomed out of office: Impeach him or force him to resign now.

    Everyone should know that Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful, safe place to vacation with your family (AND the Hot Dogs are AWESOME, if you know where to go ;)), but even we know that this Obama is our first anti-American President, and a threat to all of our futures.

    Get out, Barry, and take your scowling shrew beard with you.

    1. alio says:

      WOW! why don’t you say how you feel? Thank you, I agree completely.

    2. colin says:

      You’re an idiot. plain and simple. I think it’s one thing to disagree with Obama politically but to call him Anti-American is outrageous. The biggest threat to your family and your prosperity is your way of thinking (or lack of)

      1. Brian L. says:

        You, Colin, are an idiot, plain & simple. Pipe down, crack-baby.

        I stand by statement that Obama is our first anti-American President.

        Forget about us striving for success, we’re striving for SURVIVAL against Obama’s schemes of ‘Cap & Trade’ & amestization of illegal aliens. Of course, none of this concerns you, as you wait for the postman to bring you your ‘entitlements’ that my labors pay for.

        Sit down, shut up, and play your Gameboy while we grown-ups do the driving now.


      2. dl says:

        Wasn’t his apology tour enough evidence for you?

      3. Sister Sue says:

        How can you defend Hero to Zero? He does absolutely the opposite of everything he promised to get elected. No tax increase for the middle class. Gitmo was going be closed. The war in Iraq ended (it’s not ending and our people continue to die there). Osama Bin Laden captured. Unemployment would hold at 8%. There’s more, I just can’t think of it now. He promised so much, and has delivered zip. He can’t get along with anyone. This is not governance. The sooner he is gone the better for America.

      4. Bixter says:

        He IS an anti-American Kenyan Marxist. How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for you?

      5. father of 10 says:

        Not hardly. Show us one thing that Obama has done that at least protects existing PROSPERITY and LIBERTY, let alone enhance it. C’mon. Just one little thing.

      6. oldchicago says:

        Colin, keep your eyes on the muzzle and wait for the flash. Let us know how it feels. Oh! Speechless I see? Wait, you seem a little dazed. Let me check for a pulse….

    3. Luther Poach says:

      Wahhh! I live on Martha’s Vineyard! the scary black man is scaring me. What if I can no longer afford golden toilet paper?

      1. fredbear says:

        there ya go bringing his color into it – why are you racist?

      2. Brian L. says:

        You obviously know nothing about the Vineyard, our history, or our culture. Not to mention our unemployment & crime rates.

        Morons like you can always be counted on to under-perform.

        Thanks for contributing your ignorance to our discussion!

      3. disque-0-duque says:

        Obama scary? You are taking a huge liberty here. Have you seen the pantywaist throw a baseball, swing a gold club, and shoot his fluffy, sissy-boy jump shots?

        You’re an idiot.

      4. tarzan says:

        Why is it that liberals always comment and criticize subjects they know nothing about? Are you aware that Martha’s Vineyard is one of the largest, if not the largest Black resort in the country? Those of us who live there do not distinguish one person from another; we all enjoy this island paradise together. I have never been any other placer in this country where race is not and never has been an issue. Why must you racist liberals always try to infuse racism into everything; are you a little uncomfortable with anyone who looks different than you? Go upstairs and tell mommy that you are ready to grow up but don’t know where to start.

      5. Luther Poach says:

        I guess when I saw the right wing freaking out over a half-wit Black Panther wielding a stick I jumped to conclusions about what scares them. My apologies.

    4. HorizonScanner says:

      What you just said is what more and more Americans are saying, EVERYWHERE! Watch what happens in D.C. on Saturday, and on into September. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of PATRIOTS just like YOU are ready to CRUSH the TRAITORS who have stolen our government and the SPIES who upon us WAGE RELIGIOUS WAR IN NEW YORK CITY!!


  32. jeffo says:

    gee letterman, i wonder what gave it away that we have a little boy failure in the white house? well, hopefully he can make more jokes.

  33. liv says:

    Rome burns and this idiot, illegal mess in OUR White house plays golf.

    1. alio says:

      same as fiddling while Rome burned, or just go play golf and vacation.

  34. brigitte says:

    He knows he’s a one-termer so he’s taking advantage of it now. Once a weakling, always a weakling.

  35. Bob says:

    Matt, You just described all the people who voted for Obama.!

    1. 12yearsofit says:

      We feel the same way about all you people who voted for Bush and Cheney. Twice.

      1. Smashicus says:

        So you turned around and voted in an even bigger idiot. You really showed us!

  36. FEDup says:

    Nice reporting..
    I bet if Mrs. Obama took the time to step over a homless man, they would comment on her classic choice of an opened toe shoe.
    Summer of recovery!

  37. LPB says:

    SO glad to hear that he’s “having a great time.”

  38. Orlando Eagle says:

    Obama is a disgrace and a liar. 2012 cannot come soon enough to get rid of him.

    1. ceerayl says:

      Do we really want to wait that long?

    2. Condi fan says:

      Condoleezza Rice/Paul Ryan 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Jon says:

    The hand-picked diners and other WHtie House staff hogging the reservations that night in the restaurant cheered when the guy who got them their gummint jobs walked in….

  40. charwv says:

    Why not take vacationn on the taxpayers money (free-ride)? He should enjoy it while they can…lol

  41. Prudence says:

    he better eat good decent food while he’s getting it for free because in about 2 more years he’ll be eating pigs feet, chittlings, fried chicken and watermelons again!

  42. Robert says:

    This is news?

    1. Jack says:

      Um, when the now-elected candidate’s chief water-carriers start to turn, yeah, Robert, it’s news.

      1. Luther Poach says:

        Never watched the show before, have you? If you had, you would know how ridiculous your comment is.

  43. too many idiots says:

    Vacationing while America falls like a meteorite. What a great leader we have. You’ve gotta love this country….Hope and Change people, and you fell for it!!

    1. Robert says:

      Go Obama!!!!!

      1. Nichael says:

        @Robert: Yes, PLEASE, JUST GO!!!!

      2. seeyaloser says:

        ya keep going North Obama, don’t stop when they start speaking French…

      3. Rob says:

        And take Biden with you.

      4. Jim in Houston says:

        Yeah, go to hell!

      5. jb says:

        Yes, please…GO!!!

      6. ljones says:

        Couldn’t agree more….Please, just go. Hey, I will even help you pack.

      7. roy hobbs says:

        Robert. just another idiot rat following the pied piper. Brainless.

      8. Leslie says:

        Yes Go Obama! Go far, far away! Then keep going!

    2. myopinion says:

      Yeah and our tax dollars are paying for it….

  44. nathan says:

    thanks for checking in from the lunatic fringe guys. you may go back to polishing your guns now.

    1. Can't wait til Nov says:

      And guess what Nathan? Mine is getting nice and shiny…

      1. Jon says:

        No need to tell us that. Where is yours? Rusting in your locked safe?

      2. jimboellis says:

        i’ll second that

    2. Hillary says:

      Nathan, you are the lunatic fringe! (Liberalism is a mental disorder)

      1. tlom says:

        Wow Hillary!!

        Did Rush teach you that?

      2. Smashicus says:

        tlom, at least she’s capable of learning, unlike you old dog!

      3. cbass says:


        That’s actually Michael Savage, read a book now and again it might be good for ya.

      4. gus says:

        tlom………Typical Liberal response……no facts to back-up their emotions so attack the messenger……BHO is a nightmare and anyone that actually believes he is helping the country does have some form of mental issues.

      5. JsMom says:


        That’s Savage, not Limbaugh. Nice work!

    3. Gnat says:

      What’s wrong Nate? Don’t you like our Constitution?

      1. Craig says:

        Are you done rewriting it?

      2. haha says:

        Craig – he can’t get to it – your Lefty incompetent Congress is currently using it to wipe their arses

    4. me says:

      and so P Town is heard from… surprise

    5. Gabrielle says:

      The difference is, Nate, that our side have our guns legally. The wayward baby-mama daddies on your side got theirs from the trunk of some beat-up 1972 Cadillac.

      1. John says:

        I think I fell in love with you just based on this comment. So much truth in it. LOL

      2. Jon says:

        Gabrielle is my new girlfriend. I could take her everywhere.

    6. Ratt says:

      No problem Nat, they are sitting right beside my Bible, Praise Be To The Lord.

      1. Ratt Fan says:

        Ratt is an awesome band

    7. phillysmart says:

      like most brainwashed liberals you don’t have a clue

    8. Heston says:

      Yes I keep my military style rifles and high capacity magazines clean and ready to go. Thanks to BHO, gun sales have been the only business thriving in his term!

    9. bubbaskirtchaser says:

      Nathan, get out of the sun & Quit drinking the liberal Kool-aid.

    10. Bones says:

      And what’s is wrong with keeping my guns in good working order??? Please do tell. Why do you Progressive idiots ALWAYS presume we’re going to use our firearms on you??? Unless you know of a Liberal Agenda that I am unaware of or plan on breaking into my home, what is it that you have to fear about my firearms?

    11. kirsten says:

      Thanks Nathan, just finished polishing my guns, didn’t need your permission though. Now my 12th vacation can begin, only thing is taxpayers aren’t paying for mine or yours..well unless you are a government employee.

    12. Qman says:

      Mine is always clean and ready to go just for you Nathan. Oh yeah, next to my gun is a copy of the Constitution and a Bible. Happy now Nathan.

    13. bvill Hurt says:

      Thanks for reminding me, I want to to be sure I can see your reflection in it
      clearly as I pull.

    14. ib quiet says:

      got to keep it shining simply smile when you see the flash.

    15. Chuck says:

      My, aren’t WE witty and sarcastic! Obviously a superior intellect. Of course, a superior intellect wouldn’t go around flipping off people with guns when they have none. You need to re-think your basic attitude, amigo.

    16. Paul says:

      Sorry Nathan, recent polls show 60% of the American public now identifies the Democrat Party as the extremists… you’re so for out of the mainstream you’ve lost your bearings and don’t know where you are.

    17. TheOtherJon says:

      Okay, we will.

    18. James Polecat says:

      guns polished … check.

    19. Mike says:

      And Nathan, you can go back to cornholeing your boyfriend now!

    20. Emerson says:

      OK Nathan. You can now go back to writing slash fiction about yourself and serial killers.

    21. roy hobbs says:

      Hey nathan I’ll bet you are a little puzzy, if somebody came up and slapped you in the face you would run home to mommy crying. Dam straight I got my guns and knives ready if I need them.

      1. Tad says:

        Roy, It’s the knives that scare me! lol

    22. Buddy says:

      Nathan I think Osama needs to come up with a white woman to keep his base happy and show he’s a man.
      Buddy Hogan

    23. Steve DeMarcus says:

      I don’t polish mine I clean it and oil it well and practice with it often to make sure I only hit my intended target! Notice I use my full name when I post which is Robert Steve DeMarcus!

    24. DrDarby says:

      Nathan is too much of a puss to own or touch one. He depends on government to feed clothe bathe protect and think for him. Pitifull excuse for a man

    25. bob schaeffer says:

      And now he heads for NOLA for Katrina remembrances….and another chance to blame Mr. Bush for something. That’s all he is able to do. Blame anybody and everybody, while he holds himself unaccountable for our floundering economy and weakness on the international front.

    26. MudEngineer says:

      You don’t have to polish camoflauged guns. You are so out of touch. Where is spellchecker when you need it?

  45. Lulu says:

    Isn’t Valerie Jarrett Vernon Jordan’s niece? Birds of a feather flock together……so glad to know Mr. Obama is having such a great time. Many in this country are just trying to figure out how to pay their utility bills. Elitists don’t seem to know or care.

    1. PineappleShoe says:

      The Obama’s remind me of looters running out of a store during a riot.

    2. cristanti says:

      can barely pay my electric bill with my SS check and may have to call them to see if they will let me pay half and half this month, obama promised us he would give us a check of 250.00 since we did not get cost of living increase this year for first time and of course he lied about that and there he is living it up with michelle and could care less about the struggles others go thru, I am sick of this man, I pray he does not win again, he is the most arrogant, conceited man I have ever seen and she is ntot much better.

  46. Matt says:

    Letterman is an idiot! American got exactly what she paid for with the Obama administration. If you expected anything different, then you are either completely ignorant, or you are of extemely low intellect.

    1. paul says:

      matt: low-intellect? like sarah palin???

      1. Dr.Zarkov says:

        no like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman

      2. larry says:

        paul: low-intellect.. such as yourself apparently.

      3. chuck farley says:

        Boy, that sure felt good, didn’t it? Is that your best shot?

      4. LSBrewer says:

        No, like Joe Biden.

      5. Drake says:

        Paul…low intellect? You spelled Sara wrong. It also shows you don’t really know her well enough to make that judgment. It simply propaganda to make her look bad and make liberals feel better about their own candidates. It doesn’t work with people with high intellect. How’s that “change” coming from the liberal intellect of spend trillions and accomplish nothing? Now that’s smart. A vegetable could sit there and work better for our country.

      6. Jim says:

        Paul: if you can’t see the lack of progress and what’s happening to the country, you are of low intellect.

      7. jr says:

        why do you think Sarah is low-intellect? Just because you are NOT measured up to her!

      8. astralweeks says:

        No, low intellect like you who numbly and dumbly fall for everything the media throws at you. “Sarah Palin is of low intellect because she jotted some notes on the palm of her hand for an inspiring and off the top of her head speech.” “Obama is the smartest man alive though he can’t even address school students without a minimum of teleprompters.”

      9. devnulzzz says:

        Low intellect, like the dullards and half wits that VOTED for this neo fascist socilalist liar and his criminal band of crooks. Let’s hope the truth is finally dawning on them, I believe most have “seen the light” as is evidenced by the libtard in chief, mr letterman, actually seeing the truth after pitching for this awful failure for months. Farewell to mister obama, the first post constitutional president, and his band of liberal morons.

      10. jon says:

        No, low intellect like you. What would you know about Sarah Palin? All you know is the crap the media fed you. I highly doubt that you did any real research like most other lazy media driven Americans. If you had done your research you probably would have wanted her to be the president. But you don’t know anything about her. Just like you don’t know anything about Obama because all you did was take the news channels at their word. Truth is though, you probably didn’t even vote.

      11. Harold says:

        And Katie Couric, Chris Mathews, Matt Lauer and Paul… So many liberal idiots!

      12. Jim in Houston says:

        I supposed yours is much higher you Kool-Aid drinking moron! On what do you base your stupid remark?

      13. Fred says:

        Matt: why are you still picking on Sarah Palin? Is she really that much of a threat to you?

      14. jm says:

        If Palin is low intellect than that is what I want. She eliminated the debt in her state, eliminated personal income tax, lowered sales tax and property tax. Alaska was the only state that needed no stimulous money when the rest of the states couldn’t manage their pocket books.

        Give me Palins low intellect over Obama’s socialist agenda any day of the week.

        1. FinancialConservativesRule says:

          iNDIANA (R) Governor Mitch Daniels did so as well. It’s what happens when a TRUE conservative is in charge!

      15. opiniononly says:

        no, way WAY lower — like you

      16. Cleatus says:

        HEY Paul!! YPUR MAMA!!

      17. KrisW says:

        No not like Sarah Palin. She has no intellect.

      18. LukeJohn says:

        way, way lower

      19. Chuck says:

        Last time I checked, Sarah Palin wasn’t the President, genius….

      20. jimboellis says:

        libs are a complete joke

      21. greg says:

        you are so ignorant paul. do you have any common sense?

      22. MudEngineer says:

        Sarah Palin is genius when compared to those that voted for Obummer, the Kenyan citizen.

    2. debra says:

      Amen to that, Matt.

    3. Joel Mawmah says:

      How is Letterman an idiot for stating the truth, Matt? And arch-leftist? Really? Have you paid attention to his monologues and remarks over the years re politics? Obviously not….

      Now excuse me…since I’m an independent and not a party sycophant, I need to go do some adult stuff.

      1. yousoundstoopid says:

        not for nothing but what the hell is a sycophant professor “all grown up”?

      2. FordSVT says:

        @yousoundstoopid: an appropriate screen name for you, sir or ma’am. Open an English dictionary.

      3. StephenRex says:

        Yeah, like leave more comments on news websites. If you don’t think Letterman’s as left as he is pervy to his female staff, you’re either wrong or stupid.

      4. you're still an idiot FordSVT says:

        FordSVT – look up sarcasm before you hand the book to me – a little slow today are ye?

    4. ronlsb says:

      A second Amen to that, Matt!

    5. Ringo says:

      Matt Matt Matt. You have described yourself.

    6. Deskboy says:

      Maddow and Olberman, those two guys spoon feed it to their brain dead audience. No wonder MSNBC is a blip on the screen. How come Maddow never wears a neck tie? Why does he get to skip the tie and Olberman and the rest of the talking heads have to wear one? Can anyone explain it to me?

      1. Luther Poach says:

        Actually MSNBC rose up and passed CNN when they went liberal. While Maddow’s delivery gets on my nerves sometimes, she can at least appear on the Sunday talk shows and hold her own with the heavyweights. I don’t think Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh or Savage could do that. O’Reilly probably could.

    7. Cindy Crenshaw says:

      You hit the nail on the head Matt!

  47. walter12 says:

    Isn’t that nice, arch-leftist and Bush hater Letterman is beginning to see what a disaster this Obama really is.

    1. Luther Poach says:

      Apparently you’ve never actually watched the show. if you had, you would know that he has always given Democrats just as much hell as the Reps. Conservatives just seem to be more thin-skinned.

      1. larry says:

        Spoken like a true leftist

      2. jack says:

        luther writes, “he(letterman) has always given Democrats just as much hell as the Reps”

        Yes, and Fox gives just as much hell to Reps as Dems. get your head out of the sand, man.

        1. DigitalBob says:

          No, he has not given Dems as much grief as Reps. What you smoking?

        2. Luther Poach says:

          Shouldn’t you be out protesting the ground zero mosque, or is it okay now that it has come to light that the number two Fox shareholder is funding it?

          1. tarzan says:

            Luther the Moron again validates the fact that all he does is watch TV; who’s funding your non-productive life?

            1. Luther Poach says:

              Good response to my mosque question. I learned that from watching TV, but not Fox because they’re not reporting that part of it.

              1. tarzan says:

                Luther the Moron has a limited capacity to think. So every time he’s challenged to respond to anything that is beyond his limited intellectual capabilities (that statement is actually a compliment to him) he must first confer with his TV and if nothing registers he changes the subject to the last headline he remembers.

                1. Luther Poach says:

                  Busted! Well, I need to go run a business, and you probably need to watch Hannah Montana. Nice battling with you guys!

                  1. Richard Tuck says:

                    Apparently someone needs a crack delivery

                    1. Leonard Peracchio says:

                      Yeah, Send to Fantasy Island C/O Joe Biden….

              2. Richard Tuck says:

                I didn’t know you could get the UFO CHANNEL in your mother’s basement.

            2. Richard Tuck says:

              Maybe “Poached” can tell us why Barry changed his name? If a Republican did so Thom Borkebackcaw would have been all over him.

          2. larry says:

            Changing the subject are we?

            Typical leftist arguing style.

          3. Richard Tuck says:

            According to the latest reports, the” celebrate the slaughter in 711 AD” mosque folks had only 9 GEES in the bakn as of yesterday. That ain’t enough to paint a crosswalk in the Big Apple. How about some NAMES, Poachedbrain, or didn’t they come to you in that dream? Was the TV ON when you heard this?

      3. monkeysee says:

        apparently you’ve watched it with your Lefty goggles on.

      4. tarzan says:

        Luther the Moron,

        That’s right listen to our resident expert who as nothing better to do than watch TV and form idiotic opinions

      5. Richard Tuck says:

        Man, Poachedbrain, I have better things to do than watch that perv on TV. BTW I didn’t know they had internet at the homeless shelter. Is there a time limit Poached?

      6. will says:

        Still drinking the cool-aid.

    2. soundinseasons says:

      the disaster was Bush dude!! how can you deny that. forget standing for a particular party. thats the bull that’s going to destroy this country. it promotes dishonesty on the left as well as the right. u guys wanna talk about money and research, pull up the bill for Iraq. why wasnt new orleans given that kind of attention. thats an american city. last i checked Baghdad was not. thats sounds more anti-american than trying to provide health care for AMERICANS who cant afford it! come on now!! keep it real for once please!!! you’ll feel better!

    3. soundinseasons says:

      dude. cant you see that it can no longer be about left vs right. thats some bull that perpetuated to keep us loyal to sides and parties and robs u from thinking as individuals on individual ideas. its so those pricks can get votes. i wonder how thinks would be if there was no partisanship, if you had no idea of who you were voting for or supporting, but only those ideas that they promote. i bet the farm that Left vs Right would be totally irrelevant. non of us would fit on the so called left or the right. think about it, they tell us what to support, we dont come with those ideas on your on, we just jump on the party ban wagons.

      1. soundinseasons says:

        pardon spelling

  48. cmunit says:

    Obama, the lie, and his operatives are anti America.

    1. soundinseasons says:

      the last i checked this country took a turn for the worst under the last administration, but you racist, tea party having cats never seem to remember that. that fact that you find fault in everything this man does only exposes your dislike for him for every reason other than his policies. why are you so uncomfortable with obama. really … be honest for once. its ridiculous how you rally behind palin. she may not be as unintelligent as she’s been branded to be, but she certainly has not proven to be otherwise. keep it real. she has said some dumb s….. lol. come on now we’re alllllll Americans. we should be able to keep it real with each other. black white, blue or red!! as for anti- American, as the people of New Orleans who’s anti-american. or does anti-african american not count!!!!!

      1. baa says:

        keep it real….Obama Sucks and is NOT an American. Thats whats real.

      2. joseph says:

        i How’s this for Keepin it Real: Calling tea party people racists is a lazy and dishonest thing to do. How racist are the African Americans who voted for Obama soley because of the color of his skin? … oh and Obama and Biden has said some amazingly dumb things but why do you think you and most media concentrate on someone like Palin? You are being duped.

      3. Chuck says:

        You want honesty? Here it is…we don’t like Obama’s policies. It’s not his race (which is half white)…it’s the policies. I know that’s not the answer you want. You want to believe that all his opponents are racist. But we supported Condeleeza Rice because of her policies…liberals didn’t support her because of her policies. If your side doesn’t stop this constant hysterical racial ranting, you will ruin the chances of all future blacks who run for president. The American people are tired of all the racial garbage. Get over the slavery days and the Jim crowe laws…they are behind us. There, I gave you the truth, not what you wanted to hear. Live with it and deal with it.

      4. hypnomark says:

        Yeah, OK, well I have to agree that Bush was not the best president we have had, and perhaps one of if not THE worst we ever had. However, Obama does not seem to be doing much better, in fact he may be giving Baby Bush a run for his money in terms of the worst president ever.

        Most of what happened during the Bush administration and even the elections was questionable, but practically everything that Obama has done has been just as questionable if not more so. It’s all about power and money, and how much it takes to get your way. They both sold out, and that’s what has led us to this place we are now.

        The more people who wake up and become aware that living in fear and hate is not the place to be, the better the opportunity for us all to move this world into a better state, a better place, a higher state of consciousness. That’s where we are headed, and that scares those who are really in power.

        So stop pointing your finger at Obama or Bush, they are just puppets. Stop living in fear, find love, joy and happiness, and leave the hate and fear for those who like to suffer. The more of us who live in love, joy and happiness, the sooner we’ll be able to move on to a better world, free of greed, hate, war and destruction.

        As John Lennon once stated, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE


      5. seasonsinsound says:

        It took turn for worst when the democrats took over the congress and that was way before Obama become a president. So it is not his fault it is fault of the democrats as a whole

      6. Buster says:

        January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the

        At the time:

        The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77

        The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%

        The Unemployment rate was 4.6%

        George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB

        Remember the day…

        January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial
        Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

        The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the


        THANK YOU DEMOCRATS for taking us from 13,000 DOW, 3.5 GDP and 4.6%
        Unemployment… to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION
        Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac !
        (BTW: Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001
        because it was Financially risky for the US economy):

        And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac????


        And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie???

        The HYPOCRITE Socialist in Chief Obama

      7. VJ says:

        Opposition is patriotic. That was the cr*p I heard for 5 years till 2009. The opposition to the current POTUS has nothing to do with Racism. If 70% of people supported him at the time of inauguration and only 45% support now, the 25% did not suddenly realize that Obama is African American.

      8. Jason says:

        Last time I checked CBS and Letterman are as liberal as they come. How can you rant about the tea party and Palin under this news article? This article is all Obama and Letterman. Learn to debate and present a dialectic argument. If I just went over your head, quit blogging and go read something that will educate your mind.
        Letterman’s point in this article is correct. Obama has taken more vacation than people in France that get 30 days off!! 6 weeks X 5 day/wk = 30 days and the year isn’t over yet.

      9. Bassboat says:

        What other reason is there to dislike a president other than his policies. You drink way too much kool-aid. Try to study the facts and what works in the real world for once in your life.

      10. Joe says:

        Obama is destroying America by destroying the middle class.He’s terrible and doesn’t have a clue. It’s over for this loser.

      11. Mike says:

        You are a mental midget. I associate with the tea party it is not racist. You can’t argue facts so you resort to name calling. You can watch numerous youtube videos of black people supporting the tea party movement. I’m white, my wife is not, she was actually born in Africa! I’m not racist. You overlook the fact that unemployment is around 10% (which Obama guaranteed wouldn’t go over 8%) and the housing market is tanking again. The media is reporting that the so called recovery is “slowing down.” Obama said he would focus on jobs, but he hasn’t. And while more and more homeowners are going into foreclosure he is taking numerous vacations, living it up at my expense. It is extremely insulting to me and the American people. My older brother is unemployed for the 2nd time this year. He finally found another job after his first lay off and lost it because things slowed down. I don’t support Palin either, but you want to ignore the fact that Obama has said equally dumb things, like 57 states and others. You also like to ignore that yes, Palin had more experience than Obama. Obama only would mention her mayorship, and ignore the fact that she was governor. What was he? A community organizer and a senator who never showed up. Yeah thats real experience. All of Obama’s policies are failing, but you are to blind to know, and too stupid to realize it is Obama’s actions, not his skin color that pisses us off.

      12. MudEngineer says:

        You are again a clueless liberal. The Democrats took over Congress in January of 2007 which was two year before Bush left office. The recession began one year later due to their policies. Now, due to Obama’s policies; we are in the early stages of the Obama Depression. He has only made the economy even worse than what the Democratic Congress created from 2007 to 2008. Good luck over the next five years, you are going to need it.

      13. gregd says:

        took a turn for the worse when the Democrats took over Congress in Bush’s last too years…be accurate… tea party racists? That’s a stock comment… What about the blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. that are part of the tea party movement? You rant a lot but have no clue.

      14. soundinseasons says:

        Chuck how stupid can u be say get over slavery and jim crow! you have no idea what its like. its not at all over. you wouldnt know the first thing about racism because your not a constant victim. you dont know how much it hurts. you have nooo idea my brotha. some but not most people voted for that guy because he was qualified. can u honestly say that some did not vote against him because of his race. thats racism dude. front and center 2010. dont tell me anything about race dude. u dont have a clue.

      15. soundinseasons says:

        U guys are funny! come at me as hard as you want! im not a mental midget. you dont even know me. u still wont admitt thta the econmy clearly tanked BEFORE OBAMA! its very clear! how can you blame him for not fixing it fast enough! thats amazing!! but im the mental midget?

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