Investigator Drops Bomb; Paterson's Camp: He 'Did Not Lie'

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A special investigator said Thursday Gov. David Paterson gave misleading testimony about getting free tickets to a Yankees World Series game last fall.

And he could face criminal charges, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Getting five free tickets to see the Bronx Bombers play in the World Series may prove to be a very costly mistake for the governor.

A special prosecutor working for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Paterson issued “inaccurate and misleading” testimony on whether he was going to pay for the tickets, which each cost $425. The report details how before Game 1, Paterson’s office sent a letter to the Yankees saying he was “attending on official business” and “tickets would not be paid for.”

And the case is now being referred to the Albany district attorney.

The Paterson camp released a statement on Thursday night which said: “The Governor did not lie when he testified about the Yankee tickets, and the report does not recommend the bringing of criminal charges or conclude that the governor intended to give false or misleading testimony.  We are therefore hopeful that D.A. Soares will ultimately conclude that no criminal charges are warranted.”

A state trooper singing the national anthem at the state fair in Syracuse on Thursday could have been a flashback for Gov. Paterson. It was sung at Game 1 at Yankee Stadium. But that memory could now turn into a nightmare for the governor because state law prohibits freebies.

In the stinging report, independent counsel Judith Kaye said: “Evidence indicates that his decision to pay for the tickets for his son and his son’s friend was made following a press inquiry the day after the game.”

Read the full Kaye report here

Kaye added the governor also misled investigators about his claim that he brought a check to the game to pay for the tickets. CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reports the investigation found “the check was not in Paterson’s handwriting” and had been backdated.

“It does look really bad and that’s where it does get Nixonian, where the cover-up feels much more significant than the crime, even though the crime is a clear violation,” said Susan Lerner, executive director of the watchdog group Common Cause New York.

Lerner said Paterson should have admitted he mistakenly violated the state’s public gift law, instead of “putting out various different stories? That’s where the problem comes from.”

For Paterson, the most damming finding was this: that “the evidence… warrants consideration of possible criminal charges by the district attorney.”

Ironically, Paterson contended he did nothing wrong.

“I feel that when the facts are displayed and the truth comes out I will be vindicated,” Paterson said earlier this year.

So now the governor has to sit on the edge of his seat waiting to see if the Albany DA brings criminal charges.

A spokesman for the DA said the case is under review.

A state ethics commission recommended last week that the governor be fined more than $90,000 in civil penalties.

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  1. Shell E. says:

    Paterson is a target. Having witnessed the Albany political thugs in action firsthand, Paterson is getting his due for not playing nice with the elected machine. Ask yourself why are they pursuing action against him for Yankee tickets but granted Spitzer a pass. The bigger issue here is, will you vote the damn bunch of crooks back into office again come November? You want hope and change? Then it is your responsibility to wipe the slate clean in 2010 and 2012!

  2. RDH says:

    We have Rangle and a whole host of Democrats in D.C cheating on taxes. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and the rest of the socialized housing schemers using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to flood the financial system with sub-prime loans and causing it to collapse to the tune of hundreds of billions (a couple hundred just for F&F). And we worry about the Gov. of NY going to the series to see the home state Yankees? Give me a break.

  3. tom smith says:

    He can’t see anyway so what is the BIG DEAL?

  4. tdp1001 says:

    Face the facts.

    Millions of politicians and public employees
    have, and do, use free passes to events for “official business”.

    The New York Governor has been systematically targeted and smeared
    by the gang that is using the World Trade Center
    to tap the American and New York taxpayers for billions of dollars.

    No doubt many people would end up in jail and destroyed
    politically and financially if ANYONE is allowed to
    get the attention of the American public,
    and get a fair and open investigation of the World Trade Center scam.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend why Bloomberg
    was desperate to obtain a third term,
    and why he spent $20,000,000.00 of his own money
    in order to BARELY win the third term against a
    second rate politician.

    Also observe that Larry Silverstein, Gulliana, and others have used 911
    to enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayers,
    and they mounted an aggressive campaign to get the New York Governor
    because the Governor had the decency and COURAGE to take on the gang,
    and try to make the World Trade Center an American ICON,
    rather than an excuse to rape the taxpayers,
    by holding a national ICON hostage.

    The big sucking sound you hear is the World Trade Center scam,
    and what smells rotten, is in New York, not Denmark.

  5. Taxpayer550 says:

    This is payback from the Obama administration, working through the NY Attorney General to get Patterson out of there, because he didn’t back out when Obama wanted him to.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Gov. Paterson should have taken tickets in Mass. Politicians get away with murder there. Right Mary JO?

  7. Dusty says:

    Are there ANY honest men left in the Nation? That is the real question. I say remove him from office…along with MOST polititians. So sad that men have no values anymore. Even the ones here that think it’s no big deal. It is a big deal!!! Theft is theft!!! Remove hin!!

  8. William says:

    Another waste of money when the state is close to bankrupt. Instead of a witchhunt for a Gov that will be out next year, how about applying the $ against the huge deficit?

    1. ReplaceAlbany says:

      Right on point. How much was spent to investigate $1000 worth of baseball tickets? Albany needs to be replaced. The same guys running the same scams for years.

  9. sam says:

    He’s the governor and couldnt pay the $450 per ticket for his son and friend? I guess he feels entitled to free stuff since he’s so important. This rich priviliged attitude makes me mad!

  10. Bob says:

    I’m certain that Mr. Paterson didn’t get the “free tickets to see”. Absolutely certain that’s not why he got them. Hear? Smell? Well that’s something different.

  11. ExLibris says:

    Quit focusing on the tickets!!!

    It’s the apparent attempted cover-up afterward that is the more serious issue.

    Do you truly believe that it is appropriate for our elected leaders to break the law and/or engage in unethical practices and then lie and try to cover-up their actions?

    If you do, then you deserve to pay for the future consequences of ALL criminal or unethical acts by EVERY politician…no matter how devastating those acts may get.

    Such unacceptable conduct will continue until they understand it has serious and unescapable PERSONAL consequences for them.

  12. Big Dave says:

    Come on, it’s just baseball tickets. I’m a hard core conservative Republican and I hate Liberals and everything they stand for but get a real issue to hang a guy on or leave him alone. Is the Imam Obama behind this? Baseball tickets? Pfui!

  13. Glenn Andrews says:

    Patterson never saw those tickets, so how can he be guilty of anything?

  14. Ricardocabeza says:

    NY gets the political hacks it deserves being an one party state. Maybe you should all diversify your voting just a bit. It won’t happen though New York is a giant sheep pen.

  15. Don says:

    This does not pass the smell test. Somebody is out to get this guy…. and this is the best they have? 4 Tickets? A blind man? Cause he wouldn’t play ball? The Irony is rich. This can’t be real.

  16. Dirty is dirty! says:

    Sheesh, you people who keep saying, “Big dang deal!” What would you say if Bush did this. More proof of Dims saying, “It’s ok when we do it.”

    1. ThinkBeforeYouPutYourFootInYourMouth says:

      Um, Bush lies has caused the death of thousands of American solders and hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east. Compared to that, I gotta say freebie baseball tickets aren’t such a big deal.

  17. Ding_Dong_Daddy says:

    C’mon, we’re buying shrimp.

  18. Capt Queeg says:

    Who ate the strawberries?

  19. dan says:

    What a waste of tickets, it would have been just as entertaining for him to listen to it on the radio. He should have given them to someone who could actually watch the game and he would have saved himself all this trouble too.

  20. Erik Olson says:

    I don’t approve of freebies for pols, but it’s the double standards of the left that drive most of us crazy. Were his name Obama or Clinton or Cuomo or Pelosi, this wouldn’t be pursued. But because at times Patterson is a thorn in the side of some of the Democrat in-crowd, they’re after him. Dear American Left, please join your fellow Americans in opposing ALL instances of corruption and abuse of power, starting with the chief of all power abusers, the current occupants of the Oval Office and the House Speaker’s chair.

  21. John Smith says:

    Obama has been trying to get rid of the=is govner ever since he’s been here. Obama wants to make the City of Ny=Y into something. I’m beginning to think that something is a Muslim Place,

    1. FoxNewsLies says:

      John, run hide under the covers! The boggie man is coming to get you! Obama wanted Patterson out because he feels he is a liability to the Democrats. Oh yeah, turn off Fox news once it a while. Its rotting your brain.

  22. Joe Federici says:

    Patterson is a common and honest man that was handed the governorship. His biggest mistake was standing up to the freewheeling spenders in Albany. For standing up to these political hacks, he is being undermined at every step. He’s just not sleazy enough for NY.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      Excellent comment Joe. This is exactly whats happening. Mr. Patterson isn’t running for election but the real powers that be have it in for him for daring to undermine their authority.

  23. Miguel says:

    This system is the most difficult to use I have ever encountered. Using your back spacer will erase everything you’ve written in a heartbeat. Cuomo is obviously trying to attack Patterson at every turn and Cuome’s bed-mates in the corrupt government of New York State follow suit, to attack and blind side Patterson wherever they can. The Mafia is at least more honestly corrupt.

  24. LennX6 says:

    I am not a Paterson fan, I hate Democrats, but puhleeezee, if people making 6 figures a year are working on this, they should be fired immediately. And actually considering PAterson is a Democrat, it is only a matter of time before some illegal activity he is involved with that IS significant comes up.
    I don’t give a sh*t ithis ticket deal is illegal, so is adultery and nobody is getting popped for that. Use a brain people

  25. l1ckm4hs4ck says:

    There isn’t enough sanitizer to clean this slimeball.

  26. Ricardocabeza says:

    Can Patterson even see what’s happening on the field? Seems like a waste of perfectly good tickets.

  27. Heartland Patriot says:

    I’m certainly not Gov. Paterson’s biggest fan, but I think he got himself on the hit list for trying to come up with an alternate deal to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Some folks want that thing built there VERY badly, and anyone with even a possibility of getting it moved (Paterson) that gets in the way is going to be in hot water with folks higher up the food chain (guess who)…like I said, I ain’t the man’s biggest fan, but I wish him the best of luck for trying to do SOMETHING good for New Yorkers.

  28. doug denunzio says:

    the idea that one can come from behind and win is also what affects the attorney general’s position in terms of several goals to accomplish it’s almost as if the case is viewed subjectively as a position of no or yes because there isn’t a clear-cut vote that can affect the judge one way or the other but if proven guilty there isn’t any merit to the case unless the general has a way of “manipulating” the case to say that Patterson did in fact use tickets that were illegally purchased over the internet that would lead to inappropriate actions on behalf of the party.

  29. newmexicopastor says:

    something smells rotten in albany.

  30. doug denunzio says:

    if the attorney general has a case that’s important to recognize.

  31. Doc WINO says:

    I see enough scum during our concerts…the front row, egads. That’s why i position myself next to an amp-stack. I look OVER the crowd while doing a solo…not at them.

    And i made 8000.00 last night…you?

  32. gary-BG says:

    Well he pissed off the Muslims so now go after him seems odd he tried to move the mosque now he is a criminal. Got to learn don’t mess with the Chicago Mafia

  33. toyotawhizguy says:

    Awwww, leave Mr Patterson alone. Let him attend to the state’s business without distraction, and finish out his term. He’s not running for re-election anyway. We have enough turmoil in New York State as it is without this tripe. Doesn’t Mr. Cuomo have anything more important to attend to? Like father like son.

  34. Doc WINO says:

    Free tickets are our right. Teams give them to us as a marketing tool, have you ever noticed the well-dressed people behind home plate…viewers don’t want to see joes in wife-beaters.

  35. Bruce says:

    People get what they deserve, and in NY they deserve crooked politicians. You morons make excuses for these scumbags, when if you tried to see a WS game without paying you’d be in jail. Remember the quote – he didn’t ask for free tickets – he said he’d be there “on official business and tickets WOULD NOT be paid for.” Exactly what kind of “official business” might I ask? With his son along for the ride? Get real, idiots.

    And the remark “the democrates (sic) would do anything to get this guy” is just stupid. He IS a Democrat, as is the Attorney General – who also happens to be running to REPLACE him. Cuomo is just as corrupt as any NY Dem politician.

  36. SpfldJimbo says:

    For God’s sake!……Major League Baseball, suing Arizona, running the other way from Black Panther voter intimidation. What next? A raid on the Girl Scouts, and seizing their cookies!

    Clearly…this whole bunch are the “not ready for prime time” players.

  37. david Lifferth says:

    how could pattycakes Patterson be found guilty of going to SEE a ball game. It ain’t possible. He will get off, I mean a Democrat in Democrat state like NY? He’ll quickly change his views on the Mosque and all will be forgiven

  38. Ed in Albany says:

    Leave the guy alone – there are bigger fish to fry…

  39. Jerry in Tampa says:

    Why did he need MLB tickets anyway? The dude can’t see. He could have sat in his limo in the parking lot at Yankee Stadium listening to the game on the radio and got the same thrill. Oh I get it he wanted over priced snacks too.

    1. richie says:

      great quote jerry from tampa must be from new york too.cuomo a bigger bafoon then his father .the apple does not fall far from the tree marri o worst gov ever
      taxed ny back to the stone age

  40. Rev Al says:

    Negro thief? No way Jose….

  41. Lily Templstein says:

    $2,000 in tickets is ok?
    Your idiots. If he takes this, what else?
    Us west Coasters are with you in this mosque thingy but F your Gov!
    He looks like a character from Blazing saddles and is corrupt!
    He must hang out with our mayor Villacorrupta!
    LA loves NY!

  42. welovetheUSA says:

    Please………..democrates will do anything to get this guy….tickets..who cares. Obama steals billions of tax payer money and you cheer the jerk.

    1. TeabaggersSuck says:

      Really? Obama stole billions in tax payer money? Really? Maybe you should school yourself on where tax dollars go. Just a suggestion. By the way, people like you do not love the USA.

      1. CG says:

        Dear Dumbass,

        I’m glad you like wasting billions on stupid Keynesian theories, on unnecessary bailouts, and on a doomed model of healthcare that the UK is backing off of just as we are taking the plunge. But don’t you dare tell anyone that they don’t love the USA for arguing against the BS that obama/pelosi/reid have forced upon us.

      2. notaboutteabagging says:

        6) $1.9 million provided for California scientists to “capture, photograph, and analyze” ants.

        39) $1.2 million for research how elderly people react to playing video games.

        How about we give you a clear indication of how the moron is wasting our tax dollars. Satisfied? And this is just TWO examples.

        You are an idiot, and your weak attempt to declare someone doesn’t love the USA because people have something bad to say about one man controlling the country that doesn’t do what the population wants him to?

        Do a search for obama saying how he isn’t the president to do what “THE PEOPLE” want him to do, but he is president to do what is “RIGHT”.

        LOL, really? We are voting 1 man into office to do what HE thinks is right? And given certain topics, the american public votes 73% against it and he still goes through with it and come up with a speech like that?

        You clowns that put up with him speaking this dictatorship are worse than him.

        R or D, I want someone in office that moves with the people, not against them.

  43. Kevin C says:

    Hes, let’s blow the lid off this and it get’s worse… my sources say he had 2 hot dogs and a beer that he didn’t pay for either!! Really is THIS an investigation worthy event, TICKETS!!! If I were a politician I’d be afraid to take a piece of gum these days.

  44. Kevin C. says:

    Hes, let’s blow the lip off this and it get’s worse… my sources say he had 2 hot dogs and a beer that he didn’t pay for either!! Really is THIS an investigation worthy event, TICKETS!!! If I were a politician I’d be afraid to take a piece of gum these days.

  45. ghhillbilly says:

    yea just because he is fighting against the ground zero mosque they are trying to get him on something illeagle what a shame

  46. H to the P says:

    I better give those tickets back then!

  47. Moondot says:

    Please. Baseball tix. With all that’s going on in the world? Could we have some priorities? This would not be on my list.

    1. JR Cash says:

      So you’d be okay if this was $2,125 in coke? The ‘priority’ here is to have politicians who aren’t corrupt. Notch ‘integrity’ a little higher on your list next time.

  48. JR says:

    “Innaccurate and misleading?” So what? The leading lawgivers of the land in the 1990s, Wee Willy Clinton and Madame Hillary, did it ALL the time, including under oath. No one cared then. Only time people care about truth is when THEIR money is involved.

    1. J.F. says:

      No one cared because Clinton was actually doing a good job for the country, and economy. Patterson has done nothing but repeatedly shoot New York State in both feet. He is a worthless greedy idiot.

  49. Devenio says:

    As much as I’d like to see Patterson out of office, this amounts to a witch hunt. Really? Over a baseball game. Really?

    1. DavidL says:

      YOU don’t lie to federal officials in an investigation, nor do you lie in court. It is that simple.

      If he is willing to lie in court, then how can he be trusted out of court?

      1. jnsesq says:

        Clinton did.

      2. Scrumptious_Lad says:

        Maybe he thought he wasn’t lying. Lying to the public by these lying thief politicians should be brought up to the grand jury. This is an obvious attempt at Soviet style witch hunt.

      3. JR Cash says:

        Yeah, really. It doesn’t take a genius to know you shouldn’t take freebies if it’s against the law. And the little insignificant ‘baseball game’ we’re talking about was the WORLD SERIES, and the tix went for over TWO GRAND. This is a big no no, and an easily avoidable one.

      4. Justin says:

        Clinton did, and he is trusted out of court, by the folks who have paid him millions of dollars after he left office.

    2. FL Doc says:

      It is called, “Getting in, on the arm”. Years ago it was common practice for officials to wave a badge or I.D. to get into events for free while the “common folks” paid. It is against the law for all uniformed services and all other civil servants to use their position to gain any kind of “favor”.

      You said, “Over a baseball game “. The value of the tickets was $2,125.00. Would you feel the same if some one put that much cash into his hand while trying to get the property next to your home rezoned to allow a 7/11 which would be open 25/7/365?

    3. Dis Gusted says:

      These is bogus, Democrats are just clearing the field for the annoited one Andrew Cuomo whose fahter destroyed the State of NY.
      Someone ask “Andy’ why his father shut down a perfectly good Nuclear Power plant the day it was completed and how much did that cost the State of NY?

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