NEW YORK (CBS 2) —  Did a police officer keep a Brooklyn mother from getting life-saving help for her daughter?

That’s the question being asked as the family of an 11-year-old girl mourns her death.

Young Briana Ojeda’s father talked to CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman about what may have been a fatal delay, caused by someone in uniform, behind the wheel of what looked like a police car.

That crucial delay occurred Friday as Ojeda’s 11-year-old daughter tried to fight through an asthma attack while her mother struggled get her to a hospital just blocks away.

“He held her up for five minutes. My daughter passed out in the street and fell on the floor in front of him. And he didn’t even make a movement to grab her and help her,” Michael Ojeda told Guzman

While Ojeda was not at the scene during the incident, he said his wife Carmen told him exactly what happened.  It is also what she told police investigators from internal affairs.

Blocked on the narrow one way street, the girl’s mother spotted the uniformed man in what she thought was a white police car, CBS 2’s Rob Morrison reports.

Ojeda said his wife begged the man for help.

“My daughter fell on the floor and he look at my wife with a smirk and told her ‘I don’t know CPR,'” Ojeda said.

Carmen Ojeda continued against traffic to the hospital while the man in the white car followed with his sirens blasting, Michael Ojeda said.

Whether he was trying to help is unclear, but the uniformed man disappeared when they reached the emergency room, Morrison reported.

“You need to come forward and just apologize, that’s all, you know who you are, that couldn’t give CPR to my baby,” Carmen Ojeda said.

Michael Ojeda was emotional when talking about his daughter. Ojeda said he has a tough job as a tow truck operator on some bad streets but explained how he looked forward to coming home.

“But you know what, when I walk through that door?  In five minutes…she got me like a puppy,” Ojeda said with tears flowing down his face.

In a statement, the police department said they are trying to find out just who was behind the wheel of the NYPD-style vehicle.

“(Internal Affairs) has interviewed all of the officers in the command and it has shown photographs of the police officers in the command to the woman and to witnesses, and none has been picked out,” the statement said.

The girl’s mother said the individual escorted her to the hospital by following her with lights on following the delay.

Witnesses including Erica Domenech tell police the events transpired as the young girl’s mother described them.

Meanwhile, the Brianna’s family continues to mourn her loss.

“She was an angel and she will be missed.  The earth will miss her,” Maria Ojeda, the girl’s grandmother said.

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  1. Upset AMERICAN says:

    I just don’t get it…… If you have a daughter that suffers from asthma, one of the first things you do is YOU take a CPR class. I also do not understand how she says that he stopped her thus delaying her trip to the emergency room. Then in another breathe she says that she stopped him. Get your story straight. Police officers are not required to keep up there CPR training! She also states that the police officer watched her daughter fall to the ground. I am sure that is not the case, since he has 2 children of his own I am sure he is not heartless. He may have been frightened or in some kind of shock. It seems to me that this parents are now going to try and make a quick buck off the death of their child. The funeral looked like some kind of circus. I am sure we will be seeing al sharpton jumping on this. Sad to see one man will be put out of his job because of a woman who claims to be a good mother, could not take care of her child!

  2. Gina Borrero says:

    RGB. I don’t get this, My daughter who is 9 years old has asthma and its a terrible thing when that child is having trouble breathing and I also run to the ER with her and I feel terrible for this family and I will keep them in prayer! Also that bs about the officer not knowing CPR is not true, my husben is a co in rikers and they go for training every year for CPR Weapon and Fire safety etc. So shame on you young man for wearing that uniform and not doing your job not only as a human being but as an Officer who should have helped this lttle Angel. May god have mercy on your Soul.

  3. ezflyer says:

    Mikey, I guess that you fail to realize that during a crisis such as what happened during that time, that the last thing that a person will stop to think about are those little details that you pointed out….I guess that the main concern was her daughter and she saw hope in a person that she thought could help the situation. Take a moment to be more thoughtful in your statements and be more open minded to the world and hope that you never fall prey to the same situation to see if you would not do the same…RIP little one….may you live forever in the kingdom of God.

  4. Mikey mcMichaelton says:

    If it was a cop, she would have known. I mean, jezzuz NYPD is in 2 foot letters plastered on the side, front, hood, roof, and trunk of all their cars… You would have to be absolutely BLIND to not know an NYPD police car if one stopped you. She probably got stopped by some MTA car or a ConEd car. I see them all the time in the city driving around in their white Crown Vics and with their little fake yellow roof lights.

  5. KMD says:

    I hope that the person that is responsible for the delay does step up and apologize. If it really was a “Police Officer” something needs to be done regarding this matter. My heart goes out to the family this is terrible tragedy that a parent should never endure.

  6. Uncle Wilfredo says:

    get al sharpton to start a protest and ray espada too since he needs the publicity to save himself and finally do some good. Ray Espada had his drivers from the Ambulette company that serves his clinic were paid by personal checks to avoid paying taxes to the city and not pay benefits back in the early 90’s.

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