NEW YORK (AP) — An imam who has become the public face of a proposed Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero has returned to the United States following a taxpayer-funded tour of the Middle East, his wife said Monday.

Daisy Khan said her husband, Feisal Abdul Rauf, planned to comment later this week on plans for a $100 million center that has led to an increasingly vitriolic national debate over religious freedom and the sensitivities of Sept. 11 families. She said they would have no further comments until then.

Khan, who has been a supporter of the project and leads an interfaith center with her husband, said Rauf returned Sunday from a 15-day trip to promote religious tolerance in the Gulf. The trip, paid for by the U.S. Department of State, began Aug. 19 in Bahrain and included visits to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

During Rauf’s trip, he rarely spoke about the debate over the Muslim center’s planned location, just blocks north of where Islamic extremists destroyed the World Trade Center and killed nearly 2,800 people on Sept. 11, 2001. Opponents say the mosque should be moved farther away, while supporters say religious freedom should be protected.

In Rauf’s last scheduled public appearance in Dubai on Aug. 31, he said the debate is over more than “a piece of real estate.” It had, he said, “expanded to Islam in America and what it means for America.”

Rauf is one of the directors of the nonprofit organization that was recently formed to raise money for the divisive lower Manhattan project, known as Park51. Early plans for the center call for a 500-seat auditorium, a Sept. 11 memorial and prayer space.

Rauf, 61, has been called the “spiritual leader” of the project by its representatives.

Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. David Paterson responded Monday to a series of questions from reporters about the planned Islamic center by calling for a moratorium on the debate as the country observes the Sept. 11 anniversary and Muslims and Jews celebrate important holidays — the end of Ramadan and the Jewish New Year.

“Perhaps we might think more in terms of supporting those families who are on both sides of this issue as all of us are and maybe all step back and try to devote a week of peace,” Paterson said.

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  1. Shelley Keith Benjamin says:

    Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, I am sure you have put American Democracy, to convert Muslims to Christianity and the Rights for The Christians in Islamic World especially in Saudi Arabia building Church and Synagogue TWO BLOCKS from Khana Kaba, in Mecca City.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  2. Aris says:

    Islam, Christianity and Judaism are Arab-African religions. Their founders are people of the same stock. So, it is VERY unlikely that the REAL INTENT of your holy books is to WIPE OUT EACH OTHER. Regardless of what the holy books and/or the preachers say, there is such a thing as COMMON SENSE. You will find it in your God given heads. And because you head rests on you shoulders and your brains are in it you are supposed to use it. One should think and then act and not the other way round. Even cows know that! You guys have been at each others throat for a very, very long time. Isn’t it time to STOP. It looks like Islam wants to reign supreme in the world given that present day Islamic fundamentalists are bent on setting up a new Caliphate. Then again, I believe that was what you guys (Muslims) have trying to do over the last 1400 years!!!

  3. Rod Rodriguez says:

    How they let this smelly look IMAM come back to this U.S. soil. He is nothing but trouble.

    1. KPMc says:

      An Hispanic calling someone else smelly looking… We’ve come a long way! I guess you’re just happy there is another ethnic group to dump on.. maybe you guys can catch a break for a little while. But by the looks of your sentence formation I get the feeling it won’t be long before we are dumping on you again.

  4. yous says:

    Wafa Sultan VS. Ahmad bin Muhammad

  5. Patrick says:

    Ssimiliar Muslim ongoing projects have expressed ” ideals that include service to humanity speaking out against injustice, and promoting a high moral standard amongst society ” through “the implementation of a program that they call
    Iqamat-ud-Deen, the establishment of the Islamic system of life. ” The
    question is why these issues have not been addressed by the Muslim
    community. So I put the question to you to address and answer the issues

  6. Zaki Akbar says:

    Hehehe, it is a big LOL here guys,

    The way people are taking bits and pieces of Islamic verses & chapters, it becomes very easy to prove and see that Islam is only the religion of hatred and violence. But sons of Adam, why don’t you try to read it yourself and see what it say. And you will find out what exactly is Islam saying. Islam says nothing than what Jesus had told to his believers. Islam says nothing what Moses or David has told his believers. if you take few part of anything, any book , any religious verdict then you can easily proof that that religion spreads hatred.

    I ‘ll try to response to Sharon’ comments:

    1) Slay them where ever you find them. In Surah 2:189 – 2:191. “and kill those in the name of your Lord, who killed your people. And do not exaggerate (meaning kill more than required), God doesn’t like the love the people who exaggerate. And kill them the way they killed you, and get them out of their houses the way they got you out of your houses. And Fitna(anarchy / upheaval / dual nature personality) is more bad than a murder. And do not kill them in the Mosque Harm (Built by Prophet Abraham) unless they kill you, there then you can kill them there. That is the award of non-beleivers.

    2) Make war on the leaders of unbelief…Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them…” (Surah 9:12-) Surah 9: 11 – 9:12(I don’t understand complete as I don’t have the translation now, but it says like)” after making promises to God they reverted and went long way in their sins and kill them because they don’t have any religion as others may take it as a warning. And kill the unbelievers as they got the prophets out of where they were and they were the first to do it.

    Well, I would like to say the same thing again that Islam doesn’t preach terrorism. It is taken wrongly about Islam. No body questioned how the terrorists living in the caves of Afghanistan can bomb twin towers and make 9/11, where was the security of the world super power? Where were the thousands of Jews working there? What was the reason that all of them suddenly took off the same day. Anyway, that’s a different debate  lets suppose even if those terrorist were the real players behind 9/11, that doesn’t mean Islam teaches Violence.

    There are a lot of cases where a man rapes his own daughter (unfortunately he is a Christian) but it says man rapes his daughter. If it was a muslims, the news comes as “MUSLIM RAPES HIS DAUGHTER”
    If a man kills his daughter / sister, an he is a Christian / Jew / non-Muslims. Then news come as “Man kills his sister / daughter / wife” but if the same act is done by a Muslims, then it says “A MUSLIM KILLED HIS WIFE / DAUGHTER / SISTER” hence people take the image of Islam like that. It is not there mistake 100 % but it is there mistake 90%. See Islam proves what Christianity preaches (to some of it) and what Jews preach (again, some of it) all of those were the prophets of the only God. How could Islam teach something other than what God has been teaching to us since Adam?

    Honestly speaking now I have started reading Quran with Translation and I can feel that I am getting into peace. I don’t like violence. I have never ever got into a fight, I have more non-Muslim friends, and my best buddy is a non-Muslim. When I used to study with him for Exams, he used to wake me up for morning prayers. He used to like how we pray and be truthful among friends and stay away from alcohols and stuff. He used to praise our lifestyles. You might wonder why he dint convert, then the answer lies in the saying of Prophet(Peace be upon him) ” they know that Quran is teaching right thing, but they cannot convert as their fore-fathers are not the believers and their Ego is more to them than to their fate!

    But if you really want to see what Quran teaches, then you can take a translation and read it your self. Take as much time as you want, but please do not take some parts and miss some parts. That mistake we Muslims also do and take the part that we like. If we do that then we shall be burned in hell fire beneath non-believers. Because we have been blessed with Quran. And we cannot hate other religions as Prophet Jesus / Prophet Moses / Prophet David (May Allah be pleased with all of them) were the fore-fathers of Prophet Mohammad and Mohammad (Peace Be upon him) preaches what they used to preach.

    I will try to translate what exactly Quran is saying after some time as I am at work now, and my boss doesn’t seem to be really happy with me LOL

    May God forgive our sins that we have done knowingly / unknowingly / big or small / in front of people or on their backs. May God open our hearts and give us comfort and peace with the only religion that is accepted by him. And he may make our graves peaceful.

    1. arena says:

      The point is Islam means submission. The Quran mandates killing of infidels or non muslims. Muslims kill people over a cartoon depicting the image of Muhammad. The Pope does not send his guards to kill those who criticize him.

  7. Mohammed says:

    It’s sad to see how Islam is being hated, it is truly religion peace, these terrorists have no religion those who kill in the name of Allah do you think they will be granted a reward? our religion didn’t ask them to do what they are doing, and you who are saying about marrying or sexually assaulting 9 years old it’s not Islam my friend those are shia’s people who have deviated from the teachings of our prophet, you claim you have been to Muslim mosque? i bet you haven’t entered nor have you heard anything from what they say, you people who are getting translations as you wish just to prove that you are right, could you check your references before you do so understand why was it said understand it’s in depth meanings, you say Qur’an but tell me which Ayah? the teaching of Islam is in al Sunni those who follow the prophet not those of shia’s who are ruining the name of our religion nor the Sufi’s who are using their own name for their own benefits, please read the Qur’an and decide read it from an Islamic and a reliable source, Islam is the only religion that has accepted other religions and provides protection to them as well, we believe in many prophets sent by Allah and among them is Essa son of Marry who is called Jesus, you haven’t been in a Muslim house it’s because of the Media and the falls idea that has been introduced to everyone around the world, you aren’t forced to become a Muslim it’s your choice if you want to or not, after reading al hadeeth after reading the Qur’an understanding it’s meanings getting all the information from a reliable source then you can choose whether you want to become a Muslim or you want to change your religion

    1. DM says:

      Can the muslims change their religion? As a christian, I would like to go to Mecca and build a Church and convert the muslims. Maybe the state department can send me and pay for this in order to build bridges and promote tolerance. In America we are free. We should be promoting freedom in other countries as well, especially those that our soldiers are sacrificing their lives. If they are not dying for freedom what are they dying for?

  8. Sharon Porter says:

    Let us read from the Koran and YOU decide Islams intent:

    “Slay them wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme.” (Surah 2:190-)

    “If you should die or be slain in the cause of God, His forgiveness and His mercy would surely be better than all the riches…” (Surah 3:156-)

    “Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme.” (Surah 8:36-)

    “…make war on the leaders of unbelief…Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them…” (Surah 9:12-)

    “Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]…until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued.” (Surah 9:27-)

    “Prophet make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home.” (Surah 9:73)

    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

    “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them.” (Surah 9:121-)

    “Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme.” (Surah 8:36-)

    1. A human says:

      Sharon……Wow you have done a good job by googlling and writing all that stuff “out of context”. Infact most of your quotes are from the stories of Mosses (p.u.h) and Jesus (p.u.h). Did you read Bible ????? I am sure you might have….there is a verses in Bible “ the person to be stone to death for Audultery” do you know that. Actually you are promoting QURAN because people with ‘common sense’ will read the book and will come to know the REAL TRUTH. Thanks for your promotion.

  9. Moor North says:

    Sorry that was the Bible

  10. Moor North says:

    The Koran is full of hate and violence see below:
    10 Stone him to death, because he tried to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery
    2 “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed; 3 but if it happens [a] after sunrise, he is guilty of bloodshed.
    “A thief must certainly make restitution, but if he has nothing, he must be sold to pay for his theft.

    19 “Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death.

    21 she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done a disgraceful thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you
    44 ” ‘Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. 45 You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. 46 You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life, but you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly.

  11. Hafiz Makli says:

    Dear Brothers n Sisters,

    Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19

    Totally misconception about Islam. This verse is not in Quran. Islam is The Religion of Peace. Even Islamic state gives full protection to unbelivers to live their lives according to their religion. So be moderate, Read Quran by urself n then decide. Don’t Trust misquotes. How Islamic allows killing of unbelievers with such brutality when is forbids to harm an animal??
    Don’t be Biased!! Read Quran and then Decide about the Most beauty of Islam.

    1. Jackson says:

      Surah il Baqarah – vs. 190-193 talk about Jihad,

  12. Kaniz says:

    The writer frantically tried to be objective in this report, however, the writer could not hide her spewing anger over the mosque by an inadvertent and oblique use of the phrase “taxpayer-funded tour”! Why the report is not saying “government funded” instead of ‘taxpayer-funded”? In that case, it could be understood that the media is not deliberately instigating hatred and anger in the minds of its reader. Oh, the writer used the term later on though! Now the question is, why the media has to deride the government decision to fund a tour that is aimed at promoting tolerance? So Americans do not want tolerance to be promoted in the middle-east anymore? They want everybody to be “angry” just like some New Yorkers are towards the mosque by perceptually equalizing islam with terrorism? Some self proclaimed muslims acting as murderers of innocent people should be taken as example of Islam? And then go out with our noisy Chevy to make every muslim bite dust and pay for others’ sins? Lo, terrorists are successful, unfortunately! They wanted to strip off the basic characteristics of freedom loving America, and make hatred among each other, so that we can become weaker inside by fighting against ourselves. Hatred and bigotry cannot strengthen us as a nation, it only weakens. Well, about Quranic verses someone posted, these are completely out of context. Similar verses are abundant in Bible also! If I take it out of context and put down here, then say Christians are like this, then it would be wrong. I have no hatred to any religion, only to know that Bible itself has to be read in context, and no negative meaning is intended in Bible if you read it in context. Let us calm down, and reflect on the greatness of all the religions, and stay away from misinterpretation by “some” people from all religions.

  13. n.s says:

    In their mosque they teach that is alright to sexual assault 9 year old years when they consumate their rights to their 9 year old bride that was sealed to them when they were 7. When they consumate that marriage, they are violating these young kids and they don’t even have a gynecologist to be there for vaginal repair, bladder or rectal repair work. They have to put up with this assault as they grown into womanhood many needing repair work that American women only need after having babies.

    1. KPMc says:

      And Catholic priests raped little boys… What’s your point?

      1. DM says:

        Anti- Catholic Bigotry.

  14. j.s says:

    In mosques and madrasas around the world, Islamic Imams preach about the need for the global expansion of Islam, and the strategy behind this expansion involves four phases that depend on the level of Islam’s penetration.

    Phase 1: When Islam starts to enter a region (e.g., most Canadian provinces and US states), it keeps a low profile. When required, it introduces itself as a religion of peace.

    Phase 2: When a critical mass of Muslims gathers, Islam demands recognition of the applicability of the Sharia law to the members of its community (e.g., Canadian province of Ontario and US state of Minnesota).

    Phase 3: When the Muslim population becomes a large minority, Islam demands incorporating elements of Sharia law into the host nation’s legal system (e.g., Germany). This demand appeals to and exploits the egalitarianism of Western democracies and is often supported by “rogue” elements from the Muslim community that engage in or threaten violence (e.g., France and UK).

    Phase 4: When the Muslim population becomes the majority and/or Islam gains control of a nation (e.g., Taliban in Afghanistan prior to 2001), Sharia law is imposed on the nation, which is then locked down against non-Islamic influences, principally Christianity. The ideal Islamic state is Saudi Arabia, where Sharia is the only law of the land and enforced without mercy.

    This expansion is financed by Saudi oil profits, driven by high birth rate, and will benefit if Iran acquires nuclear weaponry and/or radicals gains control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

    Sharia Europe
    Sharia law entered Europe after WWII when the weakened European nations retracted from their colonies, bringing to Europe their former colonial subjects as both refugees and cheap labor from such Muslim nations as Pakistan (UK), Turkey (Germany) and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia (France).

    Initially, Sharia law was applied discretely within the small Muslim communities of Europe. But after two generations of high birth rate and immigration, those communities have grown to where the Sharia law now challenges the Judeo-Christian foundations of their host European nations.

    In Germany, for example, Muslim men have successfully used the Sharia law in court to defend their right to beat their wives and to practice polygamy.

    In United Kingdom, where Islamic imams now outnumber Christian pastors and converting empty church buildings into mosques has become a cottage industry, the Archbishop of Canterbury – the leader of the Church of England – recently stated that adopting elements of the Sharia law into the English judicial system was “unavoidable”.

    In France, home to an estimated 14 million Muslims, including 9 million illegal immigrants, the government no longer controls the banlieus, the densely-populated, predominantly Muslim ghettos that encircle most major French cities.
    are more and more non-Muslim studying Muslim religion?
    What is their for studying, the highest achievement is 72 virgins,wine etc.
    people who have prominent middle portion with no brain are attracted to to this so called religion , in this religion? there are many things spiritual if we consider spirituality as sex with…,what a wonderful spiritual thinking, god as a supplier of
    Ultimate achievement of human life is 72 virgins and… ,it is very simple(there is vast litrature how to achive if you are a serious student contact to any imam they will show you easy path or go to,) ,and they promise for this ,what you want more? be happy.
    From birth of a muslim- to it’s “life”- Why muslims must go- We deserve better than to share the planet with this!


    “To a jihadist, death is nothing more than casting off a shell of the worthless earthly existence and donning the suit for winging joyously to the life of bliss promised by none-other than Allah´s beloved final emissary, Muhammad.

    Eradication of jihadism is a daunting task, since Islam is truly a virulent persistent pandemic disease. Massive education efforts, combined with resolute confrontation of all sources and people that support and promote this deadly philosophy, hold the best promise of dealing effectively with this affliction of humanity.

    In addition to the family, places such as mosques and madresehs, Islamic associations and charitable organizations, prisons, and the like are incubators of jihadists. Massive efforts are required, on the one hand, to drain the breeding swamps of the Islamic virus, while on the other hand helping Muslims adopt an alternative perspective of life that addresses their perplexities and offers a degree of comfort that religions dispense without pitting one segment of humanity against another.

    In the monumental task of dealing with jihadism, every individual, group and government must combine their resources and energies to prevail. The destiny of the civilized life hangs in the balance. It is an unpardonable act of shirking responsibility for anyone to adopt the attitude of “let George do it.” George is you. George is I. George is every enlightened human being and organization that values human liberty and dignity. “

  15. slowthinker says:

    “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Koran 9:5
    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 3:85
    “The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.”… Koran 9:30
    “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 5:33
    “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19
    “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.” Koran 8:65
    “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:28
    “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Koran 8:12
    “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:60

    I’m sorry, what was that about a “hostile atmosphere”? If the muslims don’t want hostility, they should maybe stop instigating it. Or change religions, since theirs is basicaslly defined by hostility. Glass houses. Stones. Throwing. Get the picture?
    For living together If u have to choose between a snake and a muslim choose snake because you will recognise snake as a snake and take care of yours.
    In India after making Pakistan and Bangladesh an islimic country, they are now fighting in Kashmir to make it a new islamic country on the map of world.
    According to Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations): ‘Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth’ (Report in the San Ramon Valley Herald of a speech to California Muslims in July 1998; quoted by Daniel Pipes in CAIR: Moderate Friends of Terror, New York Post, April 22, 2002)

    1. Alan Z says:

      “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” relates to war. Come on now what to do you think soldiers do to the enemy in war in the battlefield? serve em tea with some cookies?
      “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 3:85 Refers to that To God no other religion is acceptable. e.g The Christian Concept of God doesn’t have Jesus welcoming Hindus or Buddhist into Heaven only Christians
      “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19 Is giving a view of hell…fire….brimstone….what else do you expect hell to be…..
      “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:28 The Infidels of Makkah did a lot of injustices on the initial Muslims. Here it is being told not to be b.f.f. with someone who hates you and would do anything to torture you. One of the next ayahs in this surah roughly translates into Act with justice and fair dealing with those infidels whohave not done injustice with you nor forced you to leave your homes (the Infidels of Makkah had forced Muslims to migirate to Medinah as they were hellbent on killing muslims at that time).
      “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Koran 8:12
      “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:60

      The Surah # 8 is Surah Ahzab which chronicles the Battle of Ahzab. Here God is telling Muslims to fight back as war was upon them. The Infidels of Makkah were humilated after being defeated at the war of Badr by Muslims (1000 Infidels from Makkah vs 313 Muslims). So they wanted revenge for that. So they came battling the war of ahzab. what else do you think is going to be told to the Muslims. Surah # 9 is Tauba and also has instructions for wars
      The translation used here intendly uses different meanings of words. e.g Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels is more like Have your weapons (swords and bow and arrows) and your horses at hand so the enemy doesn’t think about starting war and is afraid of you. Same rationale America has a motherload of nuclear weapons.
      Please do not misquote other religion. it is really offensive. Words used in the above inaccurate translations are intendly to spread hate against Islam. “Terrorize” “behead” are certain key words the Arabic original text does not translate directly into these words and are used in a different context. If youthink it does well most arabic words have about 100 to 500 synonyms e.g for english fear and terror are synonyms but are used in different contexts

      Hope Slowthinker you would be more considerate.

    2. k.a says:

      To “slowthinker” and all others who post verses from the Quran, Please write down the complete verse, not just part of it because that makes the verses out of context which leads to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of those verses, If you don’t know the complete verse then I recommend knowing before speaking. For example, the last verse that you posted was Koran 8:60, please read the verses 8:58,59,60,61 (the 2 verses before the one you posted and the verse after the one you posted) then you will know what that verse is supposed to mean in its proper context and you’ll know that you were mistaken.
      posting verses out of context is like you say “if someone tries to attack me, I will use my self defense spray” then people say that you’re violent and wouldn’t mind running around spraying people in their eyes.

    3. Dalia says:

      You take the statements out of their meanings and some of them are translated incorrectly

  16. Jackson says:

    Tax-payer funded????? How much did it cost? We have seen some disturbing quotes by this Imam in the past. Do we fund pastors and priests and rabbis to go abroad to talk about interfaith relations? I thought that our constitution does not support any particular religion or religious leaders. Can we have the facts on this trip and who authorized it in the State Department and how much was spent and what the Imam actually said.
    What about the Orthodox church destroyed in the 9/11 area? Have we funded a trip abroad for him? Have we helped him in any way.

    1. Wilalem says:

      For your information, and this is fact, other presidents including George Bush Jr did send Imam Rauf on similar missions to Muslim countries. This is not new in politics. You use sensible people who understand what you want to convince militants. This is not the case of supporting a religion. It is a the use of an influential person to promote the aims and objectives of the US. The State Department does these things all the time and it is Mrs Clinton who would be a good person for you to question. Incidentally I think that this is a very good strategy and must not be be misinterpreted as a support for a Muslin leader to go on a joyride.

      1. jackson says:

        Have you read his quote about 9/11? What is his position on Jihad? What is his position on hitting a wife? What is his position on heretics and apostates? These are clear in the Koran. Does he support these positions?

        I would like the sources concerning other presidents who have sent this Imam abroad. Obviously it was not publicized much.

        Definitely not a joy ride.

        How is the Imam promoting the aims and objectives of the USA? What are these aims and objectives? Are these the same aims incentivizing our continued loyalty to Saudi Arabia?

        I would be edified if you could give me some good references on the Imam and his relationship with President Bush, Etc. Read and learn. Thanks

        I neve

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