UNIONDALE, N.Y. (1010 WINS/ AP) — George Grier is out on bail after allegedly firing warning shots with a rifle at a group of suspected gang members over the weekend and now he’s in seclusion at his home in Uniondale.

George Grier with Attorney John Lewis Jr. (Photo/Kathleen Maloney)His wife, Ylana, said the family is shaken and afraid that the large group of men who invaded their property will come back.

“There’s that feeling of are they coming back to retaliate?” Ylana Grier said. “How can I still guard my home? We no longer have the rifle.”

Grier, 30, was arrested after he fired rounds into the ground and air from an assault-style rifle after arguing with 15 to 20 men — believed to be MS-13 gang members — gathered outside his Long Island home Sunday evening, Nassau County police said.

“They were literally on my lawn,” Grier’s wife said. “I felt they were going to invade my home, I thought my husband was going to be killed.”

No one was hurt in the incident.

Ylana Grier said her husband was merely protecting her and their two young daughters — ages 2 and 1 — from the men. She said the family did not know who the men were or why they swarmed the lawn.

Grier was arrested on reckless endangerment and weapons possession charges. He was released on $10,000 bond after his arraignment Monday.

A FedEx worker, Grier is the grandson of a local minister and is a church deacon himself, his sister, Caprice Rines said. Grier bought the rifle for self-defense amid concern about recent shootings in the area, Rines said.

The family is now relying on surveillance cameras and a pit bull for protection.

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Inset: George Grier with Attorney John Lewis Jr. (top); Grier’s Family waiting in Nassau Criminal Court (Photos/Kathleen Maloney)

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  1. Puggg says:


    Unfortunately for Mr. Grier, under Federal law, he can’t own or possess any kind of firearm while he’s under indictment for a felony. Even if he is cleared, it will be virtually impossible for him to get his (civilian model semi-auto) AK back, as the cops won’t get it back, and no lawyer will go through the time and expense to file the Writ of Repleven to get it back, over a relatively inexpensive item.

  2. brandon says:

    This guy is a hero, not a criminal.

    Think about it, without this guys chutzpah this would have been a story about a family of 4 being raped and brutally murdered.

    Mayor Bloomberg: You should personally give this guy his gun back and thank him for being who he is.

  3. NxL says:

    I’d tell him to move to Colorado, but as a 5th generation Denver resident, I’d tell George Grier to fight the good fight at his home. Too many socialist, Southern California rejects have turned Denver into a little LA cesspool.

    With the make my day laws here, as long as you say you were afraid for your life, and the shooting was on your property, then you’re pretty much okay. Of course, if you shoot in the dirt, then you are threatening public safety, according to city statutes. You have to aim higher, and down one or two of the Spanish flies in your driveway to get acquitted in court.

  4. Joe says:

    I love it. NY NY keep voting for liberals. They apparently solve all your problems. They say the true measure of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. How has 100yrs of liberal leadership worked out for ya? Your schools better? Crime gone down? And now they turn on you. LOVE IT.

  5. obatala says:

    Death to all gang members and anyone who protects them including crooked cops.

  6. john henry says:

    I meant to say u used it properly. Thank u George for being a true American.

  7. john henry says:

    George u did the right thing , a gun is a tool just like a hammer and used it properly good for u keep it up.

  8. malcolm says:

    I feel sorry for this man. MS-13 is one of the most despicable gangs around. They love to rape women in front of their boyfriends or husbands. Nearly all the members of MS-13 are illegal immigrants. But you notice all the cops care about is arresting this taxpayer and citizen for merely protecting his family. This gang will return, count on it. If anything happens to this man or his family, it is on the Nassau County police. It is revolting what life has been reduced to in this once great country of ours.

  9. Nick says:

    Wrong RYH. Just look at what they did the John White when he shot a white thug who brought a white posse to White’s home. White is black, he got jail time.

  10. RYH says:

    dont be afraid of these so called gangs. Get another weapon and use it when they come back this time instead of shooting in the air or in thr ground. no jury will convict a man protecting his family and home from thug gang members

  11. COS says:

    NICK – I meant to say in NYC, they are illegal.

  12. Nick says:

    Note how the police confiscated the LEGAL rifle? Can’t have civilians defending themselves. Why, they may not need the incompetent boobs eating donuts in the police department if this keeps up.

    1. COS says:

      NICK – Unfortunately, because of the gun laws being what they are – assault rifles of any kind are considered illegal. However, I do agree that a semi-automatic rifle that is assault based in design should not be catagorized as illegal. It’s just another unnecessary gun law that only affects the law-abiding.

  13. COS says:

    Do what I did… Type it in WordPad first, then copy and paste into comment area…



  15. COS says:

    Welcome to NYC Gun Laws! Having lived (until recently) in the Bronx, I’m very familiar with the gun laws in NYC and they do not favor the law-abiding – even when protection is warranted. Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t care about an individual’s God-given right of self-defense… Why should he, when he has his own police escort to do that for him (or private body guards – all the same). NYPD has a very difficult job and can’t be there immediately to defend you. Yet, an individual – even using a blunt instrument – are arrested for defending themselves on their property… Go figure!

  16. Billf says:

    Why is this man being persecuted? The police should be protecting him not arresting him!!!

    1. chris says:

      When the state can take a weapon from a man being treated this way on his own properrty……Whats next? New York, you need to fight and get that DA out! This is just pathedic. GRIER….. We Got your back!!!!! Let us know how we can help

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