NEW YORK (CBS 2) — If you think you have to trek to the suburbs for big bargains, think again – you can find deep discounts right in the Big Apple.

Century 21, Loehmann’s, Daffy’s, TJ Maxx – savings is now the name of the fashion game in New York City.

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Doris McCormick said full price was not an option.

“I have three daughters, so it’s huge for us to shop for discount prices all the time,” McCormick said.

On the Upper West Side, an expanded Filene’s Basement and a brand new SYMS opened up on Thursday.

“We have tuxedoes to underwear, we have on-site alterations, full service,” Marcy Syms, CEO and Chair of SYMS, said.

Katlean De Monchy is a fashion trend expert.

“Now it’s chic to shop at discount to really save money,” De Monchy said. “People want to be able to say that they got a smart buy.”

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Super shoppers Miguelina Quezada and Cristina Marselle at Daffy’s couldn’t wait to share their finds.

“I have these clogs which are very in, $30,” Quezada said.

The friends shop everywhere from high-end shops to outlets looking for the best deals, and they say they’re not looking forward to paying sales tax on clothing in New York.

“Nassau County still has a small tax, which is upsetting,” Marselle said. “Jersey does not, and now I know the city is looking to bring it back, which is upsetting, it’s just not right.”

The die-hard discount shoppers said it won’t stop their spending, though, as long as there’s a good sale.

De Monchy said that before you go shopping for your fall wardrobe, the best place to start is at home.

“Go in your closet and assess what you have, because it’s not really a bargain if you’re not going to wear it and it’s just going to dress your closet,” De Monchy said.

She said the good news is that stores are competing so strongly for your business that you can find sales just about everyday.

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Fashion experts say the big challenge with discount stores is that inventory changes so quickly. You also need a lot of patience to hunt for the best bargains.

Cindy Hsu