Melissa Petro Was All Talk Online, But In Person, Not So Much

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — After days of hiding out from cameras, suspended Bronx teacher Melissa Petro finally surfaced Tuesday.

But despite her past speeches about her former life as a prostitute, the young woman wouldn’t talk about it Tuesday.

In fact, she ran from CBS 2’s Tony Aiello rather than answer questions. The 30-year-old art teacher made tracks up Lexington Avenue.

She’s been suspended from PS 70 in the Claremont section of the Bronx three weeks after blogging for the Huffington Post. She admitted she worked as a stripper — and briefly — as a prostitute before she got her teaching job.

Petro was hired after passing a background check. According to chancellor’s regulation, c-105, the check is supposed to look for “unbecoming conduct,” specifically including prostitution or pimping.

“I was a stripper in Mexico, when I was 19,” Petro says on her video.

Petro made no effort to hide her past — speaking at a 2009 event in the Bowery and blogging about it repeatedly over the last five years.

In June, Petro blogged that an administrator at the school urged her to use a pseudonym. She declined.

“I’ve never been one to shy away from publicity. I suppose I could be fired, but for what exactly?” she said.

Aiello pursued Petro and asked many questions, but she just pushed her way down the street.

For now, her writing will have to speak for itself.

After three years as a teacher — Petro has tenure — she’s been given non-classroom duties while the special school investigator looks into all of this.

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  1. MEL says:

    Melissa was just expressing herself and exercising one of her constitutional rights.

    Melissa should have told this creep to STOP FOLLOWING ME and then walk up to the next corner to have an officer arrestthis guy. Remember this guy is just a REPORTER! Thats IT HE JUST REPORTS……My 11 year old son could have done a better job!

    If Melissa was employed at a college or university this would not be an issue but just a professor expressing themselves.

  2. Roy says:

    This is a prime example,why TENURE should be eliminated. What other job in the world,guarantees you lifetime employment after 2 years.TENURE should be a thing of the past……………….i

  3. Alicia D says:

    Wow! Didn’t I live under the impression that journalism has evolved! As far as I am concerned this is called harassment. It is disheartening to see so much lack of respect for a woman. I guess her former life as a “prostitute” gives you the right to do it right? It is even more disheartening that cbslocal keeps encouraging such reporting behaviors. I’m wondering how much they pay you, but probably enough so that you don’t have to prostitute yourself.

    It is very poorly done and it could be material for a lawsuit.

    1. KPMc says:

      I think it was the fact that SHE made an issue of it and publicized it that gives them the right to follow a story no matter how trivial it really is.

      I love when people spend years begging for attention… ‘look at me, look at me’… then want it to stop when it’s not to there liking.

      Everyone wants to be famous… well now shes famous!

  4. DocWINo says:

    But Melissa…If you DO decide to work the streets again, give me a call. I can pencil in an hour on Fridays.

  5. DocWIN0 says:

    Too bad…she had to make an issue out of something which should have stayed buried. And no, she will NOT get a reality show.

    Frankly, she is too dumb to educate…like 99% of em now. At least they keep their mouths shut.

  6. Karen says:

    Why have you not posted my very angry comment? I used no profanity. Stop censoring criticism!

  7. anon says:

    Why would she speak to anyone so bent on portraying her poorly? Just look at this write-up. She never broke out of a walk, yet she “ran”? No.

    Has she done anything illegal? Have others, perhaps those with substantial incomes and interests in the media been doing illegal things? Why report on legal activities when illegal ones run rampant?

    1. KPMc says:

      Oh… prostitution is legal in Mexico? It’s legal to solicit sex on Craig’s List?

      Please.. enlighten us

  8. Ginny H. says:

    Not a good story line on your part, you rushed the rest of the news to chase this dumb girl into the street like a first grade news team. you rushed the rest of the news before it just so you could run the footage two times, it was lame on your part. sad.

      1. Demi Mondaine says:

        Agreed. What a classless, tacky, ultimately pathetic display on the part of this “news” team!

  9. John says:

    Hey Tony chasing young ladies down on the street classy but I guess I am still expecting decency!!! Wcbs should try journalism not harassment!!!! Tell les moonves to go play fressbie in traffic!!!!

  10. mike says:

    She’ll probably take a million or two in settlement with the city in a few months

  11. Kevin Koepke says:

    Not the brightest light in the room, is she?
    Hell of a way to ruin your career…

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