LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS 2/AP) — Police in Little Egg Harbor say a sniper killed his brother, a a good Samaritan and himself.

Police say 45-year-old Craig Mueller shot and killed 52-year-old Bryan Mueller from a second-floor window in the home they shared. They say he also killed 21-year-old Cara Ellis after she ran to the brother’s aid.

Authorities say they found Craig Mueller dead in a second-floor room about four hours later.

Residents saw bodies on the ground and a SWAT team quickly moving into action as they looked out their windows Monday.

“I heard like a good 25 shots go off, I look out the window and I saw a dead body there,” witness Christian Santana told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

“The gunshots sounded so close, I ran and hid in my closet,” Sheila Milbourne told Aiello.

Authorities said there was no obvious motive for the shootings Monday morning in a housing development near the Jersey shore.

With reports of a gunman on the loose, schools went into lock down earlier and residents were told to stay indoors.

Investigators are still investigating the shooting and trying to sort things out, Aiello reported.

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  1. willy says:

    do we know any more about the shooter? where did he go to school?

  2. Rachael says:

    One of my friends, knows the girl who was killed 🙁 sad sad day.. This world is on a loosing streak and needs to get right with God

  3. Justin says:

    Ellen is as useful as a used tea bag (Borrowed from someone else’s comment about Lindsay Lohan – I thought it was great) people kill people, not guns. And, not to be trite, but when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

  4. .357 says:

    Global warming!

  5. Sarah says:

    The Leftist “old school” got us into this mess. Real old school is owning a gun and knowing how to safely and responsibly use it. How many so-called men in the blue states can claim that ability today? Too busy voting themselves poorer and getting manicures, I guess.

  6. Jonnyman4 says:

    Haha.. leave Ellen alone guys.. shes just old school.. i hear her point in a way.. my nephew just turned 21 and wanted a a gun to shoot at the range. he filed his paperwork, waited a lengthy time and before you know it…. hes the owner of some handgun. ask him why he did it, ” my friend has one and its cool”. whatever.. part of me thinks its silly, the other part of me thinks that if loonatics are trying to take over my home or take my family.. i wish i had one.

  7. Molon Labe says:

    Don’t worry, Ellen. We gun owners are, for the most part, respectful people who value your right to your own opinions, no matter how inane, stupid, or totalitarian they are.

    For instance, I’m so respectful of your distaste for legally owned guns that I promise not to use mine to defend you or your family if you’re ever attacked by a violent criminal. Okay?

  8. lenny says:

    i blame bush

    1. willy says:

      right on!!!

  9. mike says:

    Ellen, New Jersey has some of the strictist gun laws in the country, alot of good they are doing now. Its not guns that kill people, its people that kill people. I guess if this moron had killed those folks with gasoline then we should ban gasoline. thousands of honest gun owners defend themselves and their property every year, yet the lileral meda never reports it. Ellen your last name sounds Jewish, I am too. Just remember Hitler Disarmed the Jews first. Dont be a victim.

    1. Molon Labe says:

      Perhaps Ellen and other wannabe gun-grabbers should pay a little visit to the website of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Not all Jews suffer from an inability to learn from not-so-distant history.

  10. romma says:

    Nj has some of the toughest gun laws anywhere in the United States.

  11. Loading says:

    I’m not really commenting on gun laws with this but I’m sure it is a legal gun. How many elderly are buy Rifles on the streets? I don’t think there is a big black market for rifles and the elderly certainly are not the customers.

    1. Rob says:

      45 and 52 are not “elderly”. The person interviewed said the shots were close together, which probably means automatic. If it was an automatic, it probably wasn’t legal and there is a big black market for those weapons…

  12. Annie Mous says:

    Amen, John Doe. The day that Americans can no longer buy guns is the day that we lose all the rest of our remaining freedoms.

  13. Truejeepers says:

    I am willing to bet it was not a legal gun. If you knew what it took to get a legal gun you would retract that statement before you just spout your anti-gun retoric. If you lived in a state where guns where more easily carried legally there would be less targets for the criminals. They tend to be gutless when they don’t know if a granny or 20 old is packing heat. 🙂 LEGALLY

  14. Ellen Lebowitz says:

    Maybe if it weren’t so easy to buy guns it wouldn’t be so easy to kill innocent people.


    1. G RAPPSS says:


    2. John Doe says:

      Hey Ellen, maybe if it wasn’t so easy to buy Illegal Guns then this would not happen.

      Its hard enough for us gun oweners to get guns, and i live in little egg, and i have my rifle ready incase this guy comes to my house.

    3. Paul Williamson says:

      Ellen you are a fool. Guns don’t kill people…stupid, ignorant, inbred, MENTALLY-ILL persons that own guns kill people. If you have a problem with the Constitution move to another country…

      1. Samantha. says:

        Ellen Lebowitz needs to move to Israel, though she won’t be finding much gun control there.

      2. Chewbacca says:

        Ya know what …I used guns in the military..thats ok there but to have them freely out there is scary…some kind of legislation is ok too but i doubt you can draw a line in the sand to make the world safe….never will happen!

  15. alycia says:

    this is sooo scary im in california and my friends and family have to deal with this and arent able to leave their houses or do anything i really hope they catch this guy

    1. Spike says:

      Did you bother reading past the first sentence, or do you just look at the pictures?

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