NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — A firestorm has engulfed New York’s race for governor.

Republican candidate Carl Paladino is on the hot seat over comments he made about homosexuals.

It’s drawing national attention, but the blunt speaking businessman isn’t backing down.

In fact, he’s upping the ante, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Paladino tried to give out lollipops at Monday’s Columbus Day parade, but he was mobbed by reporters after he told a Brooklyn Hassidic group he didn’t want kids “brainwashed” into thinking gay marriage is a “valid” option.

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“I unequivocally support all gay rights, all gay rights except the right to be married. I’m a Catholic and I believe in Catholic values,” Paladino said.

With reporters swarming all over him Paladino said he isn’t homophobic, and will hire gays in his administration if he gets elected, but he was sharply critical of a decision by Democratic opponent Andrew Cuomo to march in a gay pride parade with his young daughters.

The two combatants went mano-e-mano on that one.

“Have you ever been to one? The men wear little Speedos and they grind on each other. Would you take your children there? I don’t think so,” Paladino said.

“Marcia, he’s probably the last person I’ll take advice from on how to raise my daughters,” Cuomo told Kramer.

To which Paladino replied, “That’s just wonderful. That’s good. I think he’s already displayed his lack of interest maybe in being a good father.”

Cuomo was also mobbed by reporters. He was clearly upset by Paladino’s remarks and tried to lob a broadside of his own at the blunt speaking businessman’s comments.

“They were reckless in light of all the recent violence that we’ve had. They were divisive. They were the worst cynical politics trying to pit people against one another, trying to pit groups against one another,” Cuomo said. “It is repugnant to the content of what New York is.”

Getting back to Paladino’s blunt talk on gays, he said Monday he does not think it makes him unfit to be governor, quite the contrary.

“There are many people in New York who find me very fit because I do speak on issues and I do stand up for the rights of the people, all the people, all the time, including all homosexuals, yes,” Paladino said.

But a version of the speech handed out by a rabbi had some things Paladino didn’t say, including a charge that “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.”

Paladino said he didn’t write the speech, but when it was handed to him he crossed that line out.

“That section of my presentation was written and it was handed to a staffer,” Paladino said.

So who did write the speech? Sources tell Kramer it appeared to have been written by a man named Yhehuda Levin, who acted as an emissary from Paladino to the Orthodox community. The rabbis Paladino visited in Brooklyn told Kramer his views reflected their Orthodox views, but they don’t reflect the views of groups dealing with gays.

“We’re sending a message to young people that it’s okay to discriminate, it’s okay to commit violent acts, that it’s okay for gay kids to kill themselves and that’s not okay, particularly in a place in a country that supposedly values all of us,” said Jarrett Barrios of  The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

The firestorm had Paladino’s various political backers at odds. Republican State Chairman Edward Cox said while he condemns any remark that could be construed as homophobic, Paladino is more than capable of speaking for himself.

“The man enunciated that he is for traditional marriage. He’s opposed to same-sex marriage,” said New York State Conservative Party chairman Michael Long.

Long said he thought Paladino’s remarks showed that he and Cuomo had different views on such social issues as gay marriage.

“I think it’s becoming very difficult to be for traditional values in our society today and when one does stand for traditional values they get slammed for it,” Long said.

The campaign rhetoric is probably not going to stop until Election Day. Paladino and Cuomo will meet face to face for the first time next Monday at a debate.

Paladino told Kramer he’s got some other things he wants to make public then.

Marcia Kramer

Comments (309)
  1. chuck says:

    Human beings have a right be Gay. Other human beings have the right not to like it. I can’t stand people who chew with their mouths open, and I wouldn’t want my kids to do it either, because I DON’T LIKE IT…That’s not the same thing as saying people who chew with their mouths open are subhumand, or deserve to be mistreated/disenfranchised. You don’t have to agree with someone’s tastes in order for them to not be a bigot. Try being tolerant once in a while you militants. Hell, I’d bet 6 bucks this Paladino guy hates you as much as you hate him. Someone should grow up.

    1. chuck says:

      Before you get excited…Yes…I know how to spell subhuman…Nothing more embarrassing than watching people pounce on the typos they would NEVER make. Haha!

  2. Not Myprez says:

    I don’t care what you think…the RATS have been in power since 2006. WE The People must vote Republican….I would VOTE Reform or Independant but we must get rid of the democrats…..Now it will be tough to overcome the RATS since the demoRATS have $Billions they’ve stolen from taxpayers (stimulus $ etc. ) to put in their coffers under anyone’s name – just as obama did in the last election – They have a.c.o.r.n. & Thugs in every precinct, they have millions of “zombies” who vote democrat for no other reason than “always have, and always will…” We The People will have to VOTE Republican just to get the RATS out of D.C. and CA – – My hope is that by 2012 the anti-God, anti-American, anti-Life, anti-Marriage, Marxist/Communist, Intolerant, Lying, Racist, democratic party will be completely destroyed….If it is not destroyed, The American “Dream” will turn into a nightmare (obama’s hope) Once the Republicans are a majority We The People will have to take out the RATpublicans (there are quite a few) and possibly start a Conservative Constitution Party….

  3. Ram says:

    “What two peple do in the privacy of their own home is there own business”

    Yeah, but he was talking about the Gay Pride Parade, which is held in PUBLIC you Dolt. He supports all gay rights except for gay marriage.

  4. chuck says:

    I give up…Who ARE gay people? Just another voting bloc?

  5. JustSayNo says:

    interesting to see how people react to a candidate that actually says what he believes – rather than checking witht the polls before commenting on any subject. He is exactly what we need in government. We are sick and tired of political correctness. Let’s get some honesty in governemnt – for a change. He has my vote!

    1. JackR says:

      100% correct. Most of our problems today can be put down trhe the insidious creep of political correctness over the past 20 years or so. Its a cancer that is eating away at the moral fibre of America.

  6. angelz1646 says:

    Even though I am not gay, I disagree with him and HAVE to leave a comment.. I am a person who believes in LOVE and all kinds. I think people have the rights to like whatever person (male or female) they like. Love is a big feeling that u can’t control and no one can describe it. Love comes and goes no matter what. I can find that offensive to others that or gays. Type YES in capitals if u agrees with me.
    P.S. Can u believe I am only 11?
    P.S.S. it’s all true!!!

    1. Paul in FL says:

      You’ve been brainwashed into thinking you’re somebody special – so you’re only 11 – la-de-freaking-da. I’d be impressed if you were in your room solving differential equations instead of spouting your nonsense here. It’s PPS, by the way, as in post-post-script. But of course you’re so brilliant I’m sure you knew that. “Si jeunnesse connait, si viellesse pouvait.” Translate, please.

  7. guest 2 says:

    I agree with Paladino, he has the nerve to say what most people are thinking in private. He has my vote, I’m sick and tired of the brainwashing.

  8. andrea says:

    carl paladino is a disgrace – he calls himself a good catholic – is that why he had an affair outside of his marriage? the republican party is cringing that they forced rick lazio out.
    anyone that wants to deny anyone their rights doesn’t belong as governor – especially of new york state.

    1. Mark says:

      What rights is he denying? A right to marry? Seems to me his position is the same as Obama’s Legal Union but not a redefinition of marriage.

  9. Patrick says:

    What Mr. Paladino said may very well hurt his campaign. I not a fan of his, but I do have to salute him for taking a stance on something he truly believes in. I wish more politicians would do the same and not just say or do something to please any particular group just to get elected.

  10. JSW says:

    Right on, CJ. Agree with him or not, the media world we are in prohibits any opinion that varies from their own. Yes, Mr. Paladino. Keep exercising your constitutional rights — Unfortunately, there are very few who have the same guts you do.

    By the way, I understood your questions about the media looking into Cuomo’s activities while he was married to Ms. Kennedy, and we both know the media did also. Yet another pass for yet another liberal. What a world!!

  11. Joel says:

    This man is a lunatic. If he gets into office imagine how worse the state will be. My wife and I beleive in gay rights and equality and I wish everyone would also. I have members of my family that are gay and they do not portray themselves as Mr A___hole Paladino says the do.

    1. Mark says:

      What exactly is lunatic? Since you believe in equality and diversity, what right do you have to demand someone take on your concept of diversity and abandon his own concepts of morality?

      His comments were specific to the gay pride parade events so your anecdotal experience is not qualified. Pride events can be very “in your face” if your acquaintances attend or not. His views are the same as the presidents Legal Union but not a redefinition of marriage. No where has he stated he wants to discriminate against gays. Read the article not just the title.

    2. JackR says:

      Maybe not, but there’s a lot that do.

  12. MARY says:


  13. Cristo says:

    You know what. His comments are correct. You could look at his comments at the surface and destroy Paladino. But I say we take a step back and understand where he is coming from. Anyone can agree that he is wrong if he wants to discriminate gays but he was talking about our children. Being Gay is perfectly fine. But the act is wrong.
    Our children are precious and impressionable. That is why Paladino was taking a stand. He wasn’t putting down Gay individuals. Did anyone notice that Cuomo likes to tell us what we want to hear. He is so fake. My vote is for Paladino.

  14. Proud Agnostic says:

    LIVE AND LET LIVE!The cuomo’s and the rest of the bolshevik ruling class are simply trying to distract us from the issues of high taxes ,high unemployment,no severe consequences for severe crimes(DEATH PENALTY RESTORATION IN NYS)ETC.!

  15. bf says:

    Dont vot for Cuomo. He is profoundly EVIL

  16. Toy says:


    1. Killerman says:

      Great idea….. so you won’t be voting?

    2. Mark says:

      Any how is this any different then the teleprompter culture in the current administration? Did you see that Soro’s article earlier?

    3. Here's Johnny says:

      Very similar to what the teleprompter in chief does each time he speak

  17. Toy says:

    Paladino is offended by Gays dancing in the Pride Parade… However is he offended by the Rockettes doing the Can-Can in front of Radio City and inviting children to come inside so they can see them do it in the presence of Santa Claus?.. and the difference is????

    1. Killerman says:

      So the Rockettes advocate gay sex with each other?

    2. Mark says:

      He never said he was offended nor did he suggest the events not go on. He simply stated he would not subject his kids to such an event.

      He was drawing a line about choice and if you are offended that there are those of us who CHOOSE not to participate in the pride events then tough. Get over it, give us some of that tolerance and diversity you are always asking for.

    3. JackR says:

      Theres a lot of difference between a bunch of grinding poofs in Speedos and the Rockettes, or haven’t you noticed?

  18. Toy says:

    I think we’ve ALL had more than out fill of this man, as well as relisious fanatics who seek to impose their so called “values” on the rest of us… Be they christian, muslim or moonies…. BTW, why the heck is this buffoon doing reading positions ( or mouthing positions) penned by his audience.. who were themselves the extreme version of judaism, and those beliefs HARDLY represent mainstream America…. Just more middle eastern extremism…

  19. Eric M says:

    Interesting that some of the most hateful comments on this board, are the people who are calling Paladino hateful. Just an observation.

    1. wrtrprod7 says:

      Yes, Eric M, because the left is more concerned with being self-righteous than learning what true righteousness is about.

  20. Eric M says:

    I will vote for Paladino. Unlike Cuomo, who believes he is entitled to the throne, Paladino is honest to a fault. The man has simply expressed his personal and religious opinions about gays. Those opinions are not unlike the Pope himself. GO PALADINO!!!

  21. blackboot says:

    I agree with this :that we should not allow religion to cloud the constitutional rights of all Americans

    1. Mark says:

      And where is the line? We have “separation of church and state” vs Gay Marriage. Is it the role of the federal government to redefine something that has been defined by multiple religions for thousands of years as a commitment between a man and women? By doing so aren’t they crossing the separation line?

      A legal union as Obama supports would side step this entire mess and give the gay community the rights they want.

      But I fear their agenda is much more then that with a goal of acceptance by fiat by stifling or making illegal any action or comment viewed as negative to “the lifestyle”

      A very recent example comes to mind being the gay communities reaction to something so silly as a movie trailer for Ron Howard’s film “The Delimma”

      Can’t we agree to disagree anymore or do we all have to get bludgeoned into submission?

    2. Mark says:

      Me too, so what trumps in this situation, separation of church and state or Equal rights for gays to marry?

      Me. how is it that the feds feel they have the power to reverse 1000’s of years of religious definitions that marriage is between a man and a women?

  22. Veemee says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU, Mr. Paladino! I’ve always thought that we should all be able to say exactly what we are feeling….never feeling the need to hide behind political rhetoric, so that is why I can say that although you never had a chance at gaining my vote in the upcoming election, your archaic way of thinking is very destructive and has no room in society and could never warrant my precious vote! God Loves You!

  23. Andy says:

    This guy couldn’t Govern a “Hen House”, he needs to put a rubber-band around his head and “Snap Out Of It”

  24. TONY says:


    1. Tom says:

      Perfectly said Tony.

      1. wrtrprod7 says:

        Agreed, agreed, agreed, Tony!

    2. Dan says:

      It’s not about politically correct. It’s about voting someone who doesn’t see everyone as equal. And unless you are beating people and killing them you are my equal.

  25. katmar says:

    This guy is a complete and utter idiot!

    For him to say all that was said shows he is totally unfit for office of the Governor of New York. He mentions that gays wear speedo’s and grind against one another?..LOL, what about heterosexual males who wear speedo’s and grind against women….doesn’t make any one correct, but come on already Paladino, you have just shown the world what a bigot you are.

    1. Eric M says:

      Heterosexuals don’t have a parade to ‘celebrate their sexulaity’. Celebrating one’s sexuality in public is wrong. Clearly the man has a strong point when he says the Gay Pride Parade is immoral. BECAUSE IT IS.

      1. Dan says:

        You’re kidding right? Again, how many boobs have I seen on tv today. How many straight people have I seen making out in public? And all this with no need. Gays are getting beaten and fired daily! Without ‘flaunting it’ we would be decades behind.

        Personally I don’t flaunt and don’t like public affection but I sure am thankful for all the limp wrist-ed drags queens forcing the world to accept everyone.

        shame on you.

    2. Mark says:

      Read the article, the comment was specific to the value of bringing his daughters to a gay pride parade where Men wear speedos and grind in public. I’ve seen similar behavior as well at these events and would not subject my kid’s to them either.

  26. JohnBArtlett says:

    Bimbos, adultery and illegitamte children are fine with Paladino but letting loving couples marry is not. You’d think his wife could do better than a low life thug for a husband.

  27. MissJusticeNY says:

    C’mon Carl, you should have known better… we’re in NY, not the deep south, you can’t talk like this! Regardless, I sitll can’t stand Cuomo. I have to give Paladino some credit, even though i strongly disagree with his opinion on gays, at least he tells the truth and we never have to wonder where he really stands. Cuomo will sell you whatever dream you are willing to buy.

  28. NYSmike says:

    Rather than say what is on his mind, Palladino had the Jewish Orthodox community write his response? Wow! Just Wow!

    Hate is not a family value!

  29. Necio says:

    Got a feeling he is hiding something.

  30. nathan says:

    Just saw him on Fox5 talking about “men gyrating against each other in speedos” LOL This guy is classic.

    1. Mark says:

      Have you been to a gay pride event? It’s pretty in your face and his point about it not being a place he would take his daughters is very clear to me.

      Everyone is so vested in “shaping” the message we have totally lost the ability to hear what is actually said.

    2. Dan says:

      Again, how many boobs have I seen on tv today.

  31. mkwayu says:

    Socialy your constitution allow people to do what they want with themselves, Men cohabit with fellow men, women women etc PURE JOY! Religiously, directions are there, cohabit man & woman so as to populate God’s earth JOY with responsibilities!
    Paladino being of Italian decent must be Catholic, he should now address the Pope to excommunicate Gay Priests under him & to prosecute Catholic Priests who sodomised (RAPED!) children & men NOT TO SETTLE WITH CASH ONLY!

    1. Mark says:

      Couldn’t agree more but why wait, Let Nancy Pelosi lead the way, surly she is the most powerful women in the free world and could get this going!

  32. Ray says:

    Stupid and uniformed? Much do you know about Mr. Paladino’s remarks and the historical significance. BTW a typo is a typo. This is a computer and does not mean anyone is any less educated than you. Just because they have a different view than you does not make them any less intelligent. Grow up and use real arguments instead of childish garbage.

  33. Ray says:

    now that comment is out of line. I disagree with same sex marriage but people let’s leave reasonable remarks here.

  34. r.albert says:

    I don’t support the republicans but I agree with paladino 100% on this issue, gays should keep their sex lives private and stop seeking to legalize same sex marriage, its an abomination!!

    1. Dan says:


      Until people stop beating on gay people and gay people have all the rights straight do we will not stop. Imagine if blacks were still sitting at the back of the bus, would they be quiet.

      Being gay is not about sex and flaunting it. But the amount of boobs I saw on tv today leads me to believe that beign straight is.

  35. gladIleftUS says:

    Tell you what…you learn how to actually speak as if you walked upright, and I’ll pretend you’re actually a human being, moron.

    1. Mari N says:

      LOL well said glad…….he’s not only a bigot but a moron as well

    2. tenaciousd1975 says:

      Why don’t you keep trolling truck stops and restrooms and stop trolling these message boards? You think you’re so smart because you’re a gay leftist? You don’t like the FREEDOM that others have to disagree with you and your lifestyle choices? Better move to some other country where people aren’t allowed to disagree, until then, quit calling yourself smarter and more open-minded than others. Clearly you, like all leftists, are threatened by free individuals speaking out!!

      1. korakaos says:

        Maybe you could move to a country without gay people? Oh wait, that’s outer space.

    3. rebecca says:

      Moron… that type of word usage shows your ignorance.

  36. Jimmy says:

    This nation as a nation needs to repent and turn to God. Read Deuteronomy Chapter 28 and you will find out what’s wrong with this nation.

    1. William Hooper says:

      Amen, Jimmy. The nation is not going to repent, but there will be some among us who will. Even, perhaps, a few of those spewing hatred toward Paladino right here. Just keep presenting the gospel of grace to everyone and if the seed hits the right soil, it will produce the fruit of repentance.

  37. KPMc says:

    So… you ONLY engage in sex to procreate?

    What a sad life. Too bad… you were given a wonderful gift… it’s a shame you can’t enjoy it.

    1. ThomasPaine says:

      KPMc, CJ didn’t state that sex is only for procreation. I think he was implying that procreation is the source for male/female attraction and the normal human sex-drive. Have you ever been with a woman? They’re actually pretty amazing!
      At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of common sense.

    2. ByteRider says:

      That, my friends, is a sexual deviant. Any questions?

    3. Dan White says:

      Nio, we don’t have sex just to procreate but the fact that we desire sex at all is hardwired into us because it leads to survival of the species.

  38. gladIleftUS says:

    Neither do you.

  39. KPMc says:

    Mr. P has a right to say what he wants just as intelligent NYers have the right to avoid his line in the voting booth and pull the lever for the lesser of several evils.

    Have a nice life, Mr P, we won’t be hearing from you for much longer, thankfully.

    1. JNLb says:

      This will be funny when you hear from him for a long time.

  40. alberto says:

    the gay race !! the end of humanity !

  41. Temitope says:

    Please brethren lets stop this horrible act Pleaseee! it is the reason why God destroyed sodom and gomorrah.Have you ever stpped to think for a sec that if the world go on same sex marriage the human race will soon go extinct? God never joined two of a kind,instead he brought two opposites together.To vincent what does the opinion of the world count for you compared to that of God.To Gwadabe thumbs up you could not have said it any better,To Paldino God be with you cos he’s always by those who speak up for truth and i pray you become Newyork’s governor,let sanity be restored in the USA.

    1. Mari N. says:

      Why when no one has a logical argument they always creep back to religion?? Can’t people think for themselves any longer. If man was created in Gods image then God must have a little homsexuality in him, ya think? Oh wait now, someone is going to come up with the Satan angle any minute now.

      1. Mark says:

        First, there is no “logical” argument to matters of the heart. If so, then the therapy professions wouldn’t be labeled “soft sciences” and we would need fewer attorneys.

        Your understanding of theological concepts such as “image of God” is inconsistent with most modern Christian and Jewish theology. But then I guess I must not think for myself and take your unprofessional view as gospel or you will promptly label me an uneducated lemming.

        So tell me, how is it you have managed to become so enlightened that thousands of years of theology should be set aside for your new revelations?

    2. Mark says:

      Temitope: In a free secular society as is ours, there should be no prohibition against “the lifestyle” but once a gay converts to a religion that teaches “the lifestyle” is wrong then that person has to make some difficult choices.

      I don’t think this world has a problem with procreation so if a small percentage of gays won’t create offspring, so be it.

  42. KPMc says:

    You want to point out differences between humans and animals yet you use the term ‘mating’?

    So… you’ve never engaged in sexual activity that wasn’t with the sole intent of procreation?

    No oral sex, no masturbation, no foreplay?

    How about kissing? That has absolutely nothing to do with making babies.

    1. guest says:

      So you wanna point out all of the above that are still frowned upon by society. Oral sex, masturbation are both points people poke fun of at the same toke kissing ois becoming taboo. You are arguing legalities with immorality.

    2. Nathan says:

      KP if you actually think either Luqman illusion have ever even HAD sex, youve got to be kidding.

    3. chuck says:

      …And the there was that time with the can opener and the inflatable giraffe!

  43. Chuck says:

    Things sure have changed in this country withing the last fifty years or so and I hate to say it but it’s for the worse. Back then America as a whole followed basic moral principles and wasnt easily influenced by the opinions of movie stars or the popularity of fashionable sins. Now in these times you are called a bigot or close minded if you stand up for what is moraly right. I applaude this man for speaking up. It’s about time someone with influence spoke for the feelings of the growing minority in this country that still believe in a moral standard!

    1. paulnyc says:

      Who’s morality, Chuck? We are a pluralistic society, since you seem to have forgotten. 50 years ago a Catholic had to defend himself against charges of “popery” when he ran for president – you want those days back? Segregation was great too, I guess, in your book.

      1. Mark says:

        You speak of pluralistic society yet you ask “Who’s morality?” You illustrate the fundamental flaw of Pluralism, Who’s truth takes precedence when world views conflict? Isn’t the very act of standing as a judge over someone’s wold view as “wrong” a violation of the very Pluralistic standards you value so much?

        Just saying…

      2. JSW says:

        Don’t be stupid, Paulnyc. Make your argument with intelligence, not nonsense. We are each entitled to what we think is moral. Segregation was — and is — immoral, but it has nothing to do with this discussion.

      3. ThomasPaine says:

        Paulnyc, you’re gay….great….got it….fine. But, you’re all confused. The issue isn’t about segregation or Catholicism. It’s about our kids and our society sanctioning, or condoning or teaching unhealthy behavior. If you and your life-partner (or, whatever) want to do heaven-knows-what in your bedroom…..fantastic! Couldn’t care less! But, I don’t want my kids to know about it, much less see it. Is the light bulb clicking on? It’s all a matter of common sense.

      4. Christopher says:

        Just because someone “chooses” to be a certain way, does not mean that the rest of us have to lay down and take it. If I want to have sex with a dog, are you going to be ok with that? We are a “pluralistic society” correct? You are going to deny me my constitutional, EQUAL right as human being to do as I please? What?!? How dare you? What about marrying 5 women? 10? 2? Where is the line drawn as far as what is allowed to be “law” and what is meant to be done in “private”. Hm? Where is that line? Where do you draw the line PAULNYC, where is it drawn? And WHO exactly draws that line? You gonna draw my line as far as what I can and cannot do? That’s what I thought.

        The “right wing” “conservatives” or “christians” are not “against” gays, nor do we hate gays. What you do behind closed doors is your business when it comes to sexual behavior. But when it comes to shoving it down the rest of our throats, and forcing us to embrace it, and teach our children that it’s completely ok, and that it must be allowed to become a LAW, we have to object to that. I think you will find that 75%+ of the United States population is against such a thing happening. In many states across the board, the public has clearly stated their opinions by voting on laws across the country making gay marriage illegal, and/or defining exactly what marriage is, a unity between one man, and one woman. It is the liberal judges who continuously overturn those measures that the people VOTED and passed by large numbers.

      5. not-a-gay says:

        Who’s morality?
        Not you paulnyc!
        Got it weenie-licker?

    2. Tom says:

      Very well put Chuck

    3. richard says:

      Chuck you are absolutely correct but I disagree that we are a growing minority. I believe the immoral are the minority but just more vocal. I love paladino because he speaks for the silent majority. Gay marriage is a perversion in my opinion.

  44. mdixon says:

    Just admit the truth and acknowledge that you cannot survive without heterialsexuals and you are no more than a bunch of perverts trying to make everyone else accept you and your perversion! That is all! Wake up America and smell the KY Jelly!!!!!!

  45. america's constitution lies says:

    It’s the old generation who is stopping the new generation to flourish and grow.

    I am sorry to say but the world has gotten smarter.

    If you disagree you should keep it to yourself if you don’t want to look dumb.

    All people are supposed to have equal right in America but the constitution lies.

    That means its a fraud.

    Pledge to that!!!

    1. Dude says:

      You’re an idiot.

    2. Nunya says:

      Angst anyone?

      Simple fact, junior. Not everybody is going to get along and eventually, you will hit their breaking point. Enough is enough. No, I wont tolerate the gay lifestyle being taught as ok to my child. Its unnatural, period.

    3. Mark says:

      Its actually the DEBT of the old generation that will prevent the new generation from flourishing and growing. Not these petty social issues and anyone who leverages the ruckus to avoid discussions around debt and fiscal responsibility shouldn’t be considered for any public office.

      The world has gotten smarter, maybe but not wiser. We are still making the same unwise choices we did 10, 100 or even 1000 years ago.

      So, your idea of a free society is one were dissent must be stifled (keep it to yourself) and if you don’t you will be ostracized by a society that preaches tolerance and diversity (look dumb).

      Equal rights, the constitution lies in what way? Seems to me the conflict is between “separation of church and state” and Gay Marriage. What right does the government have to change a definition that goes back 1000’s of years across multiple cultures and religions? Whats wrong with a legal union?

      The fraud is how far we have actually wandered from the small federal and decentralized (the states) government of the constitution.

      “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of American and to the republic for which she stands, one nation under god indivisibly with liberty and justice for all.”

      Dude, support Obama on the Gay Union thing and this is a done deal. If equal rights is your objective, that gets it done, if your objective is to pound all of us who disagree in the “life style” in to some type of silent submission. You got a fight on your hands.

    4. Johmpls says:

      Sorry child, the world hasn’t gotten smarter. Study history. Actually talk to someone over 25.

      The reason older people are given credit for being wise is that they have seen much in their lifetimes, and have the ability to see errors, even when it is pursued with noble causes and excellent rhetoric. They’ve heard and learned to differentiate between true promises and political promises. They’ve learned that when you do things, there are consequences.

      I’m not old, but I have gotten old enough to realize that there is significant wisdom in age, and significant lack of wisdom in youth. Worse, most youth (like yourself), don’t have the sense to realize how little you know.

      Learn to interact and listen to older people……You’ll achieve that wisdom you seek much earlier if you do.

    5. wrtrprod7 says:

      Getting married is not a right; look it up. Civil unions work just fine for
      rights. Just don’t call it “marriage.”

      Pledge to knowledge and adhering to traditional values!

  46. Mdixon says:

    Can you as a gay person survive on your own? No you cannot not! So how do you expect to be taken seriously if nature does not even recognize you as being normal? Just admit the truth and acknowledge that you cannot survive without heterialsexuals and you are no more than a bunch of perverts trying to make everyone else accept you and your perversion! Nothing more! Wake up America and smell the KY Jelly!!!!!!

    1. KPMc says:

      Can a PERSON survive?

      Yes of course… just like I, as a heterosexual, will survive until I’m dead despite not making any babies.

      But I think you mean can the species survive. Well no, not without science… but if our species survival means having more illiterate morons like you I’ll take my chances on us dying out and giving another species a chance to mess things up. They can’t do much worse.

    2. bnelson says:

      Bwa, ha, ha, ha… I am dying laughing here. You might want to learn to spell if you want to be taken seriously as an “heterialsexual.” Bwa, ha, ha, ha…

    3. Vinny the Shark says:


  47. noel says:

    thats good we should protect the minds of a new generation, not to influenced by those people who are welling to go with same sex. i beleived that God designed man to a woman not to a same sex. Let us be aware of Gods teaching ok. God Bless…..noel / ksa

    1. gladIleftUS says:

      Is your caps lock stuck, or do you just need attention?…no wait, you’re just an idiot.

    2. paulnyc says:

      No minister, rabbi, priest or any other religious representative will have to perform same sex marriage – judges will do fine, thank you.

    3. Mark says:

      This is such a stupid argument, a combination of shoot the messenger with the he who has no sin cast the first stone mixed in. Conclusion, write the guy off as a hater.

      First, it makes no difference WHO states something if it is actually a truth. I don’t care if a rock or a donkey magically acquired speech and uttered the words “Fathers, don’t take your kids to a gay pride event” As a father, I AGREE and so do most folks except those in the gay agenda.

      Second, that anyone who espouses to live to a higher standard must first completely achieve that version of perfection before they can comment on values? Please, none of us are perfect and in most cases those who appear so are just some are better at shifting blame or hiding the truth.

      If Paladino’s view on gay marriage is spewing HATE, then Obama is a hater too since Obama supports a Gay Union as well, not gay marriage just like Paladino. To bad Paladino’s doesn’t have Obama’s delviery, he wouldn’t be in this mess.

      1. korakaos says:

        Mark, hate isn’t truth. And Obama should support gay marriage too.

    4. CTSadler says:

      Your writing leads me to “beleived” that you’re either 12 years old or a functional illiterate. Ok.

      1. Mark says:

        So, only folks with a pristine command of the English language with error free typing skills are allowed to make comments in your world view. If so, lets bring back the “literacy tests” before voting…

        I must admit, you are a master of the ad hominem school of debate.

    5. randy moss says:

      Hey numbnuts. It was spread and started from the tissues of the Polio vaccine. If you knew how to fukin read you may learn somethin from time to time. Doubt it.
      Your as dumb as most conservatives. Such sheep lol

    6. Vince says:

      Regardless of where and how HIV originate, it is undoubtedly PREVALENT in the gay community, randy. So, you’re the one who’s not very bright. Gays need to learn to stop ATTACKING those who disagree with their lifestyle.

    7. not-a-gay says:

      randy moss is an uneducated, lying, UNINFORMED-WRONG, liberal, sexually-depraved moron! get AIDS like your sexually dysfunctional pervert butt-buddies, and die already!

    8. old white guy says:

      as we continue to tolerate the intolerable we show that we lack moral values and critical analysis skills. sexuallly devient behaviour is just that and nothing more.

    9. Johnny says:

      Monkey sex is first and most agreed upon origin of AIDS.

      Could not reply to “randy moss” so had to do it here:
      A more controversial theory known as the OPV AIDS hypothesis suggests that the AIDS epidemic was inadvertently started in the late 1950s in the Belgian Congo by Hilary Koprowski’s research into a poliomyelitis vaccine.[168][169] According to scientific consensus, this scenario is not supported by the available evidence.[170][171][172]

    10. hopefulgeneration says:

      Love is louder than hate.

    11. Steve says:

      Since you condemn Paladino for having a child -out of wedlock- with a mistress is it safe to say that you also condemn every “player” who knocks up his “baby-mama” and the baby-mama also?
      If you do, then you are consistent. If not, you must be just another bleeding-heart hypocritical liberal.

    12. Straight says:

      America needs more men with moral backbone such as Paladino. It’s great to see a real leader who stands up for decency and traditional values. May God bless Mr. Paladino and give him the victory!

    13. DBF says:

      At least his mistress is a woman. It’s not spewing hate to disagree with same sex marriage. I am tired of the minority views being held up as something positive, just because they are flamboyant with the presentation of their views. Most of the world believes that being gay is not “normal”. Walking in a parade in girls clothes, making a spectacle of themselves isn’t going to change many minds. It’s just not right.

    14. Irv says:

      I don’t get it? Why does anyone care anything about his personal views. I want a person who fix the broken government. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether he is against gay marriage and had a daughter out of wedlock. That people find these issues important makes me question their sanity.

    15. arthur says:

      when is SOMEBODY goiing to hold CUOMO accountable for his role in the sub-prime mortgage debacle!! He was HUD secy during the lead up to the housing market crash and it was his policies which encouraged the risky lending and deregulation which eventuially caused the meltdown and then the recession!!

    16. indolawson says:

      From Wikipedia: Most HIV researchers agree that HIV evolved at some point from the closely related Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), and that SIV or HIV (post mutation) was transferred from non-human primates to humans in the recent past (as a type of zoonosis). Research in this area is conducted using molecular phylogenetics, comparing viral genomic sequences to determine relatedness.

  48. Gabriel says:

    shall we organize a public lynching then? what do you suggest?

  49. Vincent says:

    Papa, people like you and Paladino are the reason the rest of the world has such a low opinion of this country.

    1. chuck says:

      You mean Europe…Fact is, most of the stone age Muslims, African tribal thugs, and 3rd rate banana republic tinpots of the world hate Gays more than Jerry Falwell. Count your blessings!

    2. shoshey says:

      Then move! We couldn’t care less what the others thing, or what you think for that matter.

    3. abinmi says:

      Your faulty thinking is the reason.

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