NEW YORK (AP) — Immigrants and their advocates want New York City to limit the information it gives to federal authorities about who’s locked up in city jails.

They say the city tells Immigration and Customs Enforcement about who’s in custody before they’ve been convicted. That can lead to federal authorities having immigrants held and transferred into the federal detention system even if their criminal case ends up dismissed. Once in detention, immigrants face deportation.

A crowd of a few hundred immigrants and their supporters rallied outside City Hall on Tuesday. They called on the city to only inform ICE about those convicted of serious felonies.

The city Department of Correction said it complies with federal regulations, and that ICE determines who gets transferred.

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  1. Ho Lee Krap says:

    Good ol’ AP, leaving out key words in their “reporting”. Keyword missing here is ILLEGAL, right? Why else would ‘immigrants and their supporters’ be upset? Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

  2. davis says:

    If you are iillgal live in here and committed any violations or committed a crime, arrested and then serve the setences and deported no matter if yoru children are born in usa. You dont have right to belong to in this city to take all the benefits and
    live in here or in usa

  3. valerie says:

    If you are illegal and get arrested you SHOULD be deported!

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