In Wake Of Cargo Plane Scare, Privacy May Be Shelved A Bit

NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — Friday’s UPS scare is prompting increased security measures at the nation’s airports. That could include newly introduced pat-down procedures.

PHOTOS: Cargo Plane Terror Probe

Traveler Staci Reidinger told CBS 2’s Jay Dow she’s not happy about the Transportation Security Administration’s use of new full-body X-ray scanners. But citing privacy concerns she said it’s better than allowing a security agent put their hands on her.

“It’s not my religion, but there are many religions where a woman should not be touched by someone else other than their husband, and things like that. It’s not appropriate,” Reidinger said.

New, more intrusive full-body pat-downs are now mandatory for anyone who sets off a metal detector, or refuses to walk through the X-ray scanner, which produces revealing images of the naked body.

“We would do a full-body pat-down as an alternative to that to ensure that there are no threat items on the person,” said the TSA’s Russell McCaffrey.

WCBS 880 talks with Sr. Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council about cargo security

A majority of the travelers who Dow met at LaGuardia said they’re willing to subject themselves to the TSA’s new pat-down procedure, but they do have some concerns.

“At first it caught me off guard, but then, when I really think about it, it makes sense, because people can get so creative with trying to hide things now. So, like I said, it all comes down to safety,” Bridgeport, Conn. Resident Derya Sahin said.

“It is a little bit more intimate, but I’d rather you be intimate, and me get on the plane safely, then not,” Georgia resident Precious Broussard said.

“Passengers should continue to expect an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, among others,” the TSA said in a statement on Friday.

The goal, according to counterterrorism experts, is to increase the protection of commercial aviation, which they said continues to be an attractive target for terrorists.

The TSA said their pat-down procedure will continue to be conducted by screeners who are the same gender as the passenger.

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  1. ursusindomitus says:

    Heil Nappy! How long before we’re ALL scanned when we walk out our doors?

    The “war on terror” is BULLSHIRT!

  2. Andy Griffiths says:

    Well shucks… I ain’t letting no man touch my vitals. If they insist, it will have to be a woman even if I have to go through the line several times!

  3. chris says:

    Just make sure we pat down EVERYONE. You know you can’t “profile” or anything. Never mind most terrorist bombings and attempted bombings are carried by young to middle aged men of Arabic origin. I mean even though this attempt originated in Yemen THAT IS NO REASON TO BELIEVE those involved in its planning were Arabic.

    In other news, the emperor has no clothes but Shhhhh don’t tell him or you’ll hurt his feelings.

    1. Furchtbar says:

      ” …even though this attempt originated in Yemen THAT IS NO REASON TO BELIEVE those involved in its planning were Arabic.”

      Chris, I would like to take your thought a step further: Could it be that the Power-Grabbers in our Federal Government FAKED this whole thing in order to create the “NEED” for these invasive, freedom-robbing measures? (I’m remembering how effective the staged arson of the German Reichstag by Hermann Goering was in creating the “NEED” for greatly expanded powers for Adolph Hitler.) Just a thought.

      1. Arthur King says:

        Of course. It was recently declassified that the Gulf of Tonkien was a lie, 58,000 American troops, millions of dead Vietnamese children, for a lie. It can also be demonstrated that many in the Senate and House knew this as well as the Administration, Intelligence and the Military.

  4. IDontThinkSo says:

    It’s simple. If you don’t like this, just turn it around. EVERYONE should refuse the image scanner and demand a hand search of their carry on and full body pat down.

    If every flight starts leaving late and the lines go out the door, the media will show up. When they do just tell the reporters that Napolitano wants it this way.

    I’d give two days before before they reverse themselves or fire Napolitano.

  5. Joe says:

    This political correctness on steroids.There are means that could be taken to exclude the vast majority of us from this nonsense and focus on those who need to be checked. But that’s exactly what they DON’T want. That would mean hurting a Muslim’s feelings, and we certainly can’t have that. The only way they can make it okay to search Muslims is to search everyone one of us. And like to good little Americans we are, we’re going to take it and tell ourselves how it’s necessary to ensure the safety of the flight. Just remember that before 9/11, there were passengers carrying all sorts of things onto airplanes that would now land you in jail if they found them, yet no one was commandeering any airplanes or attacking innocent people. I’m mad as hell this is happening, and we’re just lying down and taking it. I, for one, am going to tell them every time I go through how stupid I think this policy is.

    1. James R says:

      Slacker, Take the train or the bus. I refuse to subject myself to the treatment given out at airports. Haven’t you noticed that all the threats TSA has found has been after the fact? TSA can’t find the fake bombs they are tested with but they can find every single bottle of liquid that has more than 3 ounces in it. TSA IS A JOKE.

  6. Scott George says:

    I am not sure how a good old-fashioned pat-down is going to keep bombs from coming through UPS and FedEx.

  7. dg says:

    Welcome to Naked & Safe Airlines. Our motto: no clothes or luggage allowed.

    1. Gizelle says:

      You jest but just you wait. If we carry on down this path we will all be flying naked while folks are collecting bombs in their mail.

  8. Bob says:

    Instead of infringing on our Constitutional rights, let’s just kleep out the people that are trying to kill us – Muslims

    1. kimm says:

      Oh…we musn’t OFFEND them! But it IS ok to treat the rest of us like potential criminals and offend us! The last few years, I’m really wondering which side this government is on. It sure isn’t that of the American people and our freedoms.

  9. John Galt says:

    “pat-down procedure will continue to be conducted by screeners who are the same gender as the passenger.”

    Same gender AT BIRTH?

  10. Lazarus Long says:

    Yes I’m sure they may want random home searches. I refused to take a random drug screen and was fired. Then the state employment office denied me unemployment benefits. My pastors wife said way would you refuse if you have nothing to hide. My pastor told her to be quite because he had an illegal firearm under his bed, I can only imagine.

    Do people really value their freedom that little? I’m not going to fly anywhere because I’m not going to forfeit that freedom, sitting on the tarmac for hours and not allowed to get off. All this is bovine excrement.

    If you allow this intrusion then does that mean I can’t count on you when soldiers wearing light blue berets stand on our street corners? I’m going to collect light blue berets as souvenirs taken from dead 18 year olds.

  11. slacker says:

    The TSA needs to go. Bush was wrong when he caved to libs and signed the legislation that created the TSA.

  12. Kevin says:

    US = fail – the sooner the better. We are so feminized and stupid, we all deserve to be in camps

    1. ursusindomitus says:

      Speak for yourself, clown.

    2. wilford says:

      not all of us

  13. john says:

    obama is good …give him a chance

  14. Craig says:

    God forbid they should target males 18-45 of middle eastern or south Asian descent.

  15. Tom E. says:

    Ask your self this, and I hope the Media investigates this: Why would you allow a TSA Screener to feel the sexual organs of your underage daughter or young boy when they’ve only had a criminal background check as far back as 10 years?

    Would any of you let a TSA Screener touch your young boy when he had a Lewd Act on a child conviction 12 years ago? How about exposing himself to a minor? Kiddy porn?

    I’m sure Janet Napolitano will defend slugs like that by saying, “Our screener has been a model citizen for 12 years, and that includes flying to Thailand for “vacation” twice every year.

    Please Reporters, investigate this.

  16. mtb says:

    “Pat downs”….simply ridiculous. Should PROFILE….!!

  17. John says:

    C%$ks#$kers. PROFILE PROFILE PROFILE!!! Oh, and just an FYI, I just flew from O’Hare, and was bodyscanned AND patted down. Oh, and I didn’t set off the metal detector. Oh, and I am as white and yuppie as they come.

    Muslims, step up and stop being cowards. Step up and stop suing the government about profiling. And Obama, step up and do your job. Coward.

    1. ItsJo says:

      The POTUS needs to stop worrying about hurting his Muslim Brethern’s feelings-

      1. Arthur King says:

        “victory mosque” – this is an example of how easy it is to indoctrinate through repetitive memes. Obviously you have a very shallow understanding of both the issue and the divisive role of the media.

        If Obama gave a shred about Muslims he wouldn’t support Israel’s actions, which he does, i.e. turning a blind eye to Israel killing American citizens, piracy, the Gazan Atrocities, etc

  18. Mark says:

    So, let me get this right, a threat emerged from OUTSIDE of the US on CARGO plans and Napolitano’s response is suspension of our 4th amendment rights to fly on DOMESTIC PASSENGER plans?

    An earlier poster got it right, use the wands and metal detectors, xray our carrier ons and if any terrorist gets past that screening process then those of us in the plan will take care of the rest.

    What is she going to do when the bad guys start putting condemns full of bad stuff in their tummies?

    This is exactly the same as the drug war, as we step up enforcement, the criminals step up efforts. Trouble is in this arms race, us passengers are impact either way.

  19. jj says:

    it is against my rights and NO you won’t make this the norm. Fire her NOW!!

  20. Skippy Jon Jones says:

    Is it even REMOTELY possilble that our pathetically inept gov’t ever GET IN FRONT OF a problem like this? Uh, let me answer that…. No. It’s only AFTER something happens or nearly happens that we ‘react’ to the event now with “Pat downs” becoming the norm. My God these buffoons in Washington are worthless. Can’t wait ’til they have complete control of our healthcare system – what a pleasure going to the doctor will be. Wonderful. Awesome. Thoroughly enjoyable. Yeah, right.

  21. Tim says:

    People willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security in the end will have neither liberty or security.

  22. muhammed atta says:

    this is part of obama and his communist party’s efforts to make america gay by having same sex intimate contact in an open area.

  23. DAVID says:

    the terrorist sit and laugh at our ignorance while continuing to plot on us. its time americans demand that this stop, we are not blowing one another up or crashing planes so why are we being harrassed at our airports,subways ect… because we tolerate it for the sake of not offending someone or hurting their feelings. PLEASSSSSE!!!!!!!

    1. Jon says:

      Right On David! Why is Granny being harrassed while Mohammed walks on by? Why isn’t the border shut down? The eneny is within and it’s called stupidity and cowardice.

  24. noelekal says:

    We have all this neato, expensive military hardware that we paid for with our tax dollars and we don’t use it to put the fear of retribution in nations that harbor terrorism. Instead we sit over here feeling each other off.

    These terrorists comprehend fear of retribution. It’s their stock in trade. They already hate our guts. Let’s make true believers out of them.

  25. david says:

    until americans quit putting up with all the political correctness this will continue. we know what the terrorist look like so start profiling. when baptist and catholics start blowing people up profile them, but until then its middle eastearn men period!!!

    1. Bubba says:

      and how did Timothy Mcvey look. Like any other white dude. Oh he was a terrorist too.

      1. you'resodumb says:

        you idiot he wasn’t a terrorist he was a psycho chicken trying to send a message to the Gov. – look up the definition of terrorism you idiot

      2. seamus says:


        here’s the definition. Maybe you should look it up before calling someone an idiot

        The US Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “…the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).

  26. sickofit says:

    Always remember this administration’s motto, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

  27. J. Alejandro says:

    I’m carrying a salame in my pockets from now on.

  28. female56flier says:

    This is nothing more than security theater designed to strike fear in the hearts of American travelers. It’s purpose is to drive another wedge between us and our rights as American citizens. Only when we stand up for ourselves will it stop. The first step is to just say no to nude-o-scopes. Do not let these people search you in private. Demand witnesses to the invasive pat down assault. And know that not one terrorist has been stopped because of this full-scale assault on your liberty!

    1. GeeWhiz says:

      Even BIG SIS won’t go through the scanners, so why should we??

  29. Ken says:

    Of course they’re going to pat Americans down. The ### terrorists get everything they want. They effectively shut down our transportation system. And what will Napolitano do? Certainly not profile Middle Eastern males between 21-35. That would be unreasonable.

    1. Annie says:

      My thoughts exactly. Let the ‘pat downs’ begin with the Muslims, specifically the women. No excuses, either. Europeans and Americans go last.

  30. Father Duffy says:

    If I worked for DHS I’d want to pat-down the young boys!

  31. Arthur says:

    They hate us for our freedom. Wait the government took away our freedom. The terrorists won. The government is the terrorists.

    1. James says:

      They don’t hate our freedom. Listen to the Bin Ladin tapes and read the manifestos. Like it or not, it is the Crusades all over again. Convert to Islam or die. Thats their message.

      1. wilford says:

        Finally someone understand what the muslims reall ywant ! become a muslim or DIE!! PERIOD WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!

      2. Arthur King says:

        you’re wrong. they want us out of their countries, that’s it.

  32. YankeeI says:

    Ok! Who wants to volunteer to pat down BIG SIS? Don’t all stand up at once! LOL!!!!!

    1. Annie says:

      She doesn’t need to be patted down, she needs to be knocked down. The old les needs to be deported back to AZ- if they will let her in.

  33. Michael says:

    Napolitano the JEWESS is making sure the US is just as much of a dump as Israel.

    Isn’t “freedom” wonderful?

  34. Fred says:

    Just tell them you’re gay.

  35. leeaustex says:

    I think I’d call this unreasonable. Goodbye 4th amendment. (oops, according to big sis, et al, refering to the constitution might make me a home grown threat)

    This is only going to continue until the people say this is enough and refuse the authority of this tyranical agency, the TSA.

  36. RobbieK says:

    The only people who need to be singled out and patted down are Middle Eastern looking males and females, along with Africans. Time to start racial profiling.

  37. John Galt says:

    Ridiculous! Metal detectors and wands catch plenty, anyone creative enough to get past those will have to deal with the other 50+ people on the plan. WAKE UP AMERICA! They can’t kill us all, even if there are 10 of them on the plane, we win every time. We need to change the way we think, not the way we screen.
    “Those willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither and will lose both” -Jefferson. Amazing the foresight of the Founders. We must return to them.

    1. Kevin King says:

      @ John Galt

      Hear, hear! Good man quoting a Founding Father. Homeland Security can suck it.

    2. Edgar says:

      “We need to change the way we think, not the way we screen.”
      He!! yes.

      And before long, if the TSA isn’t b!tchslapped into submission, air travelers will be undergoing full cavity searches before boarding planes.

  38. RobbieK says:

    Yeah guys, I want to sit here and eat my hot dogs and shoot up more testerone. So, instead of me doing my job, you all go make sure you pat everyone down. My God, this freak and Obama need to go, SOON!

  39. Allan says:

    Have we reached the point where we don’t have enough freedom left for the Muslims to hate us for it yet?

  40. Dve says:

    Expect massive resistance! You know who the terrorists are.

  41. Drew says:

    Might as well give up. The MUSLIMS win.

    1. victory garden says:

      Uh no, actually they lose and they lose big. I’ve read the book and already know the ending.

    2. Glammer says:

      “The MUSLIMS win.”

      Well, they won the White House 24 months ago….

  42. serge says:

    Frikking disgusting that Americans are so willing to give away their God given rights. How far we have sunken, we are nothing more than cattle now at the beckon call of the almighty tyranical gov. So pathetic.

    1. ARNIE says:


      1. Johnny Johnson says:

        But that would be discriminatory. Whine. Whine.

    2. freak says:

      and on the Eighth day God said “let them create their own rights and claim me as author”….

  43. Aunt Bee says:

    Just stop flying. It’s just that simple. The only thing the airlines understands is money. They could care less about you or your children. Boycott all of them in bankruptcy or until they start treating you as a human being.

    1. sergieboy2 says:

      Amen Aunt Bee, I have done just that. I refuse to fly now. Let them get to the point where they feel they have the right to pat anyone down on the street. They’ve already pushed it now to the trains/subways…what’s next, random home searches? I’m embarassed by my fellow Americans and their complete lack of understanding on why freedom and liberty was so valuable to our founders. I have to go throw up now.

    2. Glammer says:

      Aunt Bee said: “Just stop flying…Boycott all of them into bankruptcy…”

      Yeah, and stop using all products and energy that come from oil!

      1. BadMachiavellian says:

        And we can create even more jobs by implementing mandatory cavity searches. Sex offenders will finally be able to get jobs! While we are at it, we should expand the TSA to include subways, train stations, public streets, and movie theaters! The economy is saved! Who wants a pat down?

    3. Bubba says:

      Airlines have no control over security, remember they failed with their security on 9/11 and way before that.

      1. Chet Fusterpuck says:

        Oh BS, Bubba. the airlines did not fail on 9/11; the pilots followed their training. The problem being, that their training didn’t take into account that someday Muslims following their Book of Hate would someday decide to take over planes and fly them into buildings.

    4. slacker says:

      I would do that if I could figure out another way to get me and my family from the west coast to the east and back in one week and still have time to do what we went there fore.

      1. Morris says:

        Then don’t go. Airlines do have the power to force TSA into rational behavior. That’s why they have lobbyists.

    5. Goober says:

      Okay Aunt Bee… works for you since your whole existence is Mayberry, but some of us have actually crawled out from under a rock.

      1. Aunt Bee says:

        If you have to fly then you have to fly. You can tell others.

        But the % of people that can opt out is massive. The power is in your wallet and there is no greater power than an idea who’s time has come. Do it.

      2. Hazeylee says:

        That’s not nice 🙁

    6. andrew says:

      Right on! This IS the right answer. WE”RE the customer… if WE don’t like they way we’re treated, we’re not buying. End of story. I predict a lot of lonnnnnng car drives! …and that’s fine by me. There are no bombs in my car and no one is patting me down before I drive down the street. (yet)

    7. Riquin says:

      I just to fly a lot not any more.

    8. Feste says:

      At DEN today, I refused to go through the millimeter wave camera, and was subjected to a pat down. I was the only person I could see that refused to go into the camera.
      It took a TSA employee roughly 5 minutes to orchestrate a pat down. If everybody would refuse, they would have to abandon this intrusive practice because TSA would be unable to do that many patdowns. But so many are sheeple. Too bad.

      The laughable thing is that terrorists will adapt, and infiltrate airports using different means. (I didn’t see any airport personnel, pilots, or flight attendants get directed to go thru the millimeter wave machine).
      It’s safe though… the government says so.

      1. Johnny Johnson says:

        It would not be so bad if the TSA were actually competent, but they fail security checks all the time.

      2. Libertarian says:

        Just refuse to fly. I used to fly as part of my job, but for the past two years I’ve refused.
        Hit the airlines in the pocket, and they’ll get this sh1t changed.
        It’s insulting to be screened this way by “Thugs Standing Around”.

    9. vnique says:

      I agree… I have stopped flying since they put in the new xray scanners. I wont have anyone taking pics of me naked nor will I let someone touch me all over. What is next cavity searches? Just Say No to flying… hurt them in the pocketbook.

      1. tony says:

        The 1st post to see the next step; the “ultimate solution”, the cavity search. They leaped- froged the search of cargo, to domestic passenger travel as routine. We are more safe. Bags are never lost now, the TSA CRETINS really know what they are doing, and again, WE ARE SAFER!!!. Please, do it like the Israelis!!!!.

    10. Dave C says:

      You think the airlines are HAPPY about this? They’re spending billions at the government’s insistence, and we’re not any safer. It’s ridiculous.

  44. Shawn says:

    How do they get pat downs for commercial passengers out of suspect UPS packages? Why not improve the screening of partial? These new pat downs sound more suspicious than the packages.

    1. davec says:


      “Terroristm” doesnt mean “making bombs” it means “making people afraid:

  45. Glammer says:

    It makes sense, think of all the jobs that will be created as we pat each other down.

    1. Ken says:

      You forgot to add they will be high paying government jobs!

  46. kit hogan says:

    Get rid of janet napolitano and get a real man for that job!
    close the freaking borders
    man up and show some concern and passion
    the president is acting like a wuss

    1. flustered says:

      umm…..the President IS a wuss.

      1. Lou says:

        Our elected officials are doing this to us. Want some people with some common sense? Vote the bums out next week!

      2. Arthur King says:

        what would you have him do? dig up Bin Laden from his grave and punch him in the face? i wish he were a wuss so our guys could stop dying in these corporate wars for empire.

    2. jharry3 says:

      Let’s just close the border that has the most illegals coming in daily and see if that works.

    3. Miguel says:

      Don’t here of too many canadian’s beheading people over drugs dumb ass.

    4. mongo says:

      Carlos Perez

      “close the freaking borders”
      Are you talking just the Mexican border or are we talking the West and East coast and Canada with it’s open borders???

      He said borders idiot – maybe if you learned English… just saying

    5. Chicago Nick says:

      I have the best solution to this problem at the airports and it’s quite simple: All Muslim Men and known people with records, line up over here in this line, everyone else in this one..

      For the border down south, an 40 foot electrified fence with concertina wire on top also electrified and the electricity will be provided courtesy of the presently locked up illegals in Sheriff Joe’s Pink Panty lockup running shifts on treadmills, which should keep them busy and save the money spent on the fence in all the free electricity generated.

      The extra electric can be divided up between the border states equally saving them all kinds of money.

      And to keep them motivated we hang burrito’s on strings just out of reach on the treadmill and once they finish their shift they get a taco bell dinner. That’ll keep new ones from trying and anyone digging under gets shot on sight.

      Problem solved thank you.

    6. DUMB says:

      mexico and canada dumb ahss

    7. Mark says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Do it like Israel does it. Soldiers with machine guns at the airport and look for TERRORISTS, NOT NAIL CLIPPERS !!!! TSA is nothing but a bunch of over paid Walmart Greeters on a power trip. What a joke !!!!

      1. Pam says:

        Could not have said it better Mark!!!!!

      2. ncvol says:

        You are spot on with your remarks. The Israeli’s have airport security down to a science; they have to. Profiling is a big part of their security protocol. If we don’t move beyond political correctness, Americans will die.

      3. cindinator says:

        Amen Mark. And wait until the muslim women say they won’t be scanned or patted down due to religious beliefs. Watch what happens. NOTHING!!!! Wouldn’t want to tread on their precious rights and religious beliefs….

      4. cindinator says:

        Getting patted down and/or x-rayed is no guarantee that the cargo doesn’t contain a bomb. Shennagins can still be perpetrated by religious zealots. Traveling can be dangerous….Options? Stay home. That’s what the muzzies want, that’s what your government wants. End of story….

    8. Jack says:

      Yours is the dumbest post of the day.

      1. CC Coleman says:

        Skippy is right. Healthcare ran with the same efficency as the TSA, DHS, and DOJ. Do you only get medical help if you carry a billy club and shout “Kill all the crackers!”

    9. TimeHammer says:


      skippy777 is absolutely correct. Your awaking will be swift and harsh. I would love to see your churlish conviction. Happy transformation 🙂

    10. Dennis says:

      Mainly the Southern Border. It’s pretty hard to come through Canada without flying into it. Last time I looked Canada had a real government not controlled by criminal organizations or corrupt politicians. Mexico? Well, not so much and many of the governments South of Mexico are no better. So, call me a “racist” because I don’t mind. The term “racist” doesn’t apply in this situation and has been diluted so much that it rarely applies even when talking about race relations anymore. I live in San Diego and see and hear about the violence just a few miles South of us every day… mass murders, beheadings, judges, politicians and police officials killed routinely. Frankly, I don’t know why we don’t have the military on our Southern border. It is a war zone with whole towns being taken over by the drug cartels. How many murders in Mexico so far this year? I have heard anywhere from 40-60K. Hell, you would be safer in Iraq than you would be in Mexico.

    11. Scott says:

      You have to have a passport to cross into the US from Canada, Taco boy.

    12. Arthur King says:

      Many of these “Terror Attacks” are committed by state actors posing as terrorists. Look at the attack in Mumbai, it was led by a US DEA agent.

      As for the Underwear bomber, Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist.

      “Revocation action would’ve disclosed what they were doing,” Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security.

      Lastly, do you people really believe that the towers were were so vaporized that no one could find the black boxes, yet they immediately found the terrorist passports in the dust? They didn’t burn up in the planes? what did the terrorists do, throw their passports out the window before they hit the towers?

      1. Smoke says:

        Commonly, the area in the front of an impact aircraft will survive quite well, although compressed, it will not be as exposed to burning fuels. The rear area, which is where the Flight Data and Voice Recorders are located, can be easily burned in the wreckage. Also, how can the months of laborious work that it takes to place demolition charges in a building be undertaken with no one noticing, or questioning it? Your tired old argument is a loser, and has been dis-proven many times over. Why don’t you join the team and stop listening to the same old tinfoil-hat theories that have been dis-proven through hundreds of years of history. A sucker is born every minute, and they buy books, website memberships and from sponsors. Ask Alex Jones about that.

      2. IDontBuyItEither says:

        Yeah, Christians really did burn Rome, the Polish really did burn the Reichstag, you’re just going into that chamber to take a shower, and every other story handed down by government officials to their trusting populace is true. Wake up man. Anyone can lie, even people who wear badges. Look at the Pentagon pictures right after the attack (before the facia and roof collapsed) and notice the 16′ diameter hole with rows of intact windows surrounding it. Did a 747 fit into that? Hmm. Yeah right. I’ll take the odds of a flight data recorder surviving ANY crash over those of a paper passport. (Isn’t that what they were designed to do and have done well in every other crash on the planet, many which resulted in fiery destruction of aircraft wreckage?)

    13. bubba says:

      Good call Skippy, you’re right on the money.

      1. larry sinclair says:

        skippy is a queen of balloon knots.

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