Bad Economy Said To Be Reason For 45% Jump From Year Ago

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s one of the top tourist destinations in New York City and arguably the most famous park in the world.

And now it’s the scene of a spike in crime.

In fact, crime in Central Park is up 45 percent compared to last year.

CBS 2’s Magee Hickey reports on what’s being done to stop it.

Among the 20 million people who visit Central Park each year, many can be potential targets of crime, like one German tourist Hickey saw napping in the sun, or the jogger with earphones or the visitor with a knapsack out of reach. With a 45-percent leap in crimes in Central Park over the last year experts are worried that visitors are too relaxed about their safety.

Specifically, seven rapes have been reported so far this year, compared to none for the same period last year. Robberies are up to 22 this year compared to 18 last year and grand larceny, 56 incidents this year compared to 35 last year — a 60 percent increase.

“The economy, a bad economy doesn’t help. Many more people are using the park. Many are lulled into a false sense of security,” said NYC park advocate Geoffrey Croft.

So Hickey brought a self-defense expert into the park to give some tips on how we can all be safer.

“Stay in populated areas. Don’t take shortcuts,” female awareness expert Gabrielle Rubin said.

Rubin’s other tips include: jog with a buddy, particularly during pre-dawn or dusk hours; change your route daily; make eye contact with passersby, don’t wear earphones or talk on the phone if walking alone and keep personal possession close at hand.

Most welcomed the pointers.

“My mom tells me to do that all the time,” jogger Brooke Kneteman said.

“If you’re going to close your eyes, maybe not a good idea to have headphones on because you lose two senses,” student Max Behr added.

“This handbag is way too easy to grab. Put together is much harder to grab,” Rubin said.

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  1. Robert says:

    I used to live in NYC and then Kalifornia then moved to the Pacific Northwest. I noticed right away the streets are much, much safer in the Northwest because Concealed Carry, the Right to Self Defense, is recognized. The thugs, low lifes and predators are afraid of the citizens and are careful to avoid a confrontation because citizens can tell them to back off or die. It’s as simple as that. In NYC and Kali, the predators think they own the streets and can pick on the Sheeple any time they want. Grow up, NYC!!!!

  2. Python says:

    THe Reason why Crime is up in NYC can only be attributed to the fact that Mayor Bloomberg is out chasing sugar , salt, and transfats instead of Criminals.

    It took a Republican to clean out NYC crime , and a liberal Democrat to stimulate it right back to thwe crime levels that existed before Giuliani took office.

  3. roux says:

    Mikey Bloomberg says… rape and mug all you want just don’t get out the smokes, a salt shaker, or a sugary drink…..

  4. Joyce says:

    Bring back Giuliani! He knows how to clean up the city. And he won’t be building any mosques.

  5. Rachel says:

    Crime goes up when you have a President and Congress busy ruining the economy, losing Americans their jobs, and bankrupting our cities.

  6. Davec says:

    ““Stay in populated areas. Don’t take shortcuts,” female awareness expert Gabrielle Rubin said.”

    Someone wanna tell me what the HELL an AWARENESS EXPERT IS?

    More awareness BS.

    Without martial arts training or a gun, awareness is a waste of time

  7. rick says:

    Let responsible citizens obtain concealed carry permits so they can arm themselves and crime will drop dramatically. All over the country crime drops when citizens are allowed to carry firearms for protection from criminals. Think of all the tax money that would be saved from catching criminals and the revenue that would be generated in issuing permits. It’s a win win.

  8. HeckSpawn says:


    Yes indeed! Whacking a couple or three of these dirtbags would be a great first move, but the NY libs would whine that it would be “like the wild west” etc.”

    E, the “wild west” is a thing of Hollywood, another bastion of make-believe security and wholesomeness.

    The REAL “wild west” was where men tipped their hats to ladies on the arms of their man, and politely stepped aside to allow folks to pass. After all, the other folks were packing heat as well.

  9. E. Zach Lee-Wright says:

    TRUE FACT: The state with the most gun control has a murder rate over four times higher than the state with the least gun control.

    Sources: Brady Campaign Scorecard rates California highest at 79 while Utah is the only state to score a zero. The FBI Crime Report released 9-13-2010 shows Utah has a murder rate of 1.3 per 100,000 while California has a murder rate of 5.3.

    The six states with the lowest murder rates have one other thing in common. They have all adopted “Shall Issue concealed carry” Time for New York to do the same and watch violent crime plunge.

  10. plebe says:

    Hope and Change baby, or is that Hoax and Chains.

  11. Kevin says:

    The US is failing, which makes me happy. Enjoy your special, unappreciated rights while you have them (you know who you are)….

  12. JenS says:

    Simple solution. When you see a nog, run. They’re the ones committing all the crimes in the park.

  13. RONDO says:


  14. Travis Bikel says:

    Bring back the Rockefeller drug laws (recently repealed by liberal democrats).

  15. Yo Mammy says:

    This is all Obama’s fault. Worst President since Jimmy Carter. What an utter failure! And I even voted for him!!

  16. Poor broke and honest says:

    I can not spell ” subway vigilante”

  17. Moses871 says:

    the city should give the robbers free money so they won’t have to steal anymore. — barack obama

  18. Rudy says:

    Miss me yet? Rudy

  19. Dr.P says:

    Weird. I spent 4 hours in the “pre-dawn” hours this morning hiking around elk country with a 30-06 and a .45 on my hip and I did not get mugged once. Maybe its time to get out of the city…

  20. Collateral Damage says:

    People need to steal to buy $12 packs of cigarettes.
    (Also, it is George W. Bush’s fault.)

  21. matt says:

    I know how to fix this, the greatest threat to NYers safety, Bloomberg needs to ram through his ban on sugary carbonated drinks, they are the root of this.

  22. Lex Terrae says:

    This bespeaks more of the failure of the criminal justice system – specifically the system in NYC – than anything else. Instead of blaming the people using the park, the city, its cops and everyone involved in the system, should be turning their attention inward and discussing what they can do about the CRIMINALS instead of what the public is doing wrong.

  23. Dr Bob says:

    This phenomenon is not the result of the 0bama administration’s best efforts to depress the economy.

    It is the result of all the 0bama supporters that now realize that the free TV, free house, free gold 20 inch rims and free gold teeth that they expected are never going to happen.

    They are really hacked and are taking out on whitey. It is going on all over the USA.

  24. sldrnarms says:

    hey GeorgeS saw ur comment b4 yanked off-how u know victims white-u da rapist brutha?

  25. matt says:

    I think banning sugary carbonated drinks will take care of all of this. Come on Bloomberg, ban the soda pop for a safer Central Park.

  26. Mark Matis says:

    New Yorkers are getting just what they deserve for electing who they have. Enjoy!

  27. Indyfan says:

    Carry a pepper spray and be ready to use it.

  28. Tourist from Massachusetts says:

    I was mugged at knifepoint while walking on street pavement right next to the park, just as I entered the light umbrella of a streetlamp. The two young me stepped out from behind a bush. Both were wearing hoodies and one of them had a doo-rag as well as the hoodie. With their backs to the light and me facing into it, there was no making out their facial features except that they were dark. I was smoking a cigar so when one of them said “Gimme yo’ money” and showed a knife, I stuck out the cigar and said “No argument. Hold this.” When he took it, I ran the way you run when you have some extra adrenaline pumping.

  29. JJ says:

    Why should you be defenseless while self-righteous know it all play around with your safety. Are you tire of being the college kids experiments yet?

  30. Aunt Bee says:

    It’s crime under a criminal administration that is really a Thugocracy. Next it will be a more fascist Oligarchy and back and forth it will go as the people are scammed time and time again.

    If you think voting ever did anything than you must be on more meds than those in a psychiatric ward. says don’t vote

  31. USMC DAVE says:

    Also, better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6. All you need is one rational person on that jury. Shoot’em up NYC!

  32. USMC DAVE says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scienctist to know a concealed carry law will end this problem. Saved my behind more than once!

  33. THE TRUTH says:

    NEW YORKERS please wise up and demand the right to carry a gun for your defense.Imbecile Bloomberg has turned you all into prey.. He has bodyguards and the police cant protect you. Protect yourselves.

    1. HeckSpawn says:

      Don’t forget.

      When seconds count, the Police are just minutes away…

  34. Vince says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the connection between high unemployment and a high crime rate.

  35. 1GUNRUNNER says:

    Stupid liberals. If you could conceal carry a pistol (legally) you would be much less likely to be a victim of crime.

    1. Ginny says:

      It is simple! Criminals know they have a friend in the DOJ.

  36. James says:

    I always laugh when reading comments of people saying that packing a gun will keep you safer from a mugger.
    The answer is NO: A mugger will get you when you least expect it with the element of surprise on his side. If you try to reach for your weapon, that will be the end of you.
    But the worst case scenario here is the mugger stealing your weapon… how are you going to explain that???
    “well… the gun was suppose to protect me, but I guess I need another gun to protect my gun”…
    Yeah, right…

    1. Not_a_victim says:

      Sorry, I’d like to be prepared, just in case. If someone disarms me and shoots me, so be it. However, you will not take my body or my property without a fight.

    2. just1thing says:


    3. bt3 says:

      You must be a mall ninja or a Nicholas Cage fan. The common mugger is over-hyped, drugged, and oblivous to his surroundings other than expecting to see the guy reach for his wallet. Let the police protect you, James. They’ll be there in minutes. You can explain to them what happened to your wallet and why your pants are around your ankles.

    4. Mike Logan says:

      I’ev never understood this ridiculous assertion by the anti-gun nuts: that if you have a gun it will be used against you. It’s patently absurd. I tell you what: I next time you get robbed, maybe you’ll get luck and the guy will have a gun.

    5. James, Useful Idiot says:

      That’s the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard for giving up the right to defend yourself. Using your logic, the cops are stupid to arm themselves.

    6. JustLurkin says:

      Sorry, James. You don’t have a good argument. If you are armed and he gets the better of you, comply, and then get the better of him and get your stuff back. Besides, how will he know you are not reaching for your money when you are reaching for your gun?

      It is just plain stupid to not take responsibility for your own safety.

    7. lou says:

      Statistics prove the oposite.

    8. Joe says:

      So James, since it’s potentially dangerous in your view to carry a gun, let’s just prevent EVERYONE from carrying one and everyone will be safe. Brilliant. Only problem is while you’re busy being safe in your own mind, that mugger still has the potential of having a gun regardless. But go ahead and prevent everyone from having a chance to fight back, because that might be dangerous.

    9. E. Zach Lee-Wright says:

      Violent crime has gone down in the states that have adopted concealed carry. The six states with the lowest murder rates (FBI Crime Report 9/13/2010) have all adopted “Shall Issue” concealed carry. Self protection is a fundamental right for those who choose to exercise it, except in New York and Chicago.

    10. Steve M says:

      What if a woman walking alone sees a gang of youths walking towards her and then they notice her and start running towards her to harm her?

      Would not having a gun really make the lone woman safer before the gang raped her?

      If she had the gun she could point it at them and most likely scare them off. If not then just shoot the leader and then shoot the rest.

    11. HeckSpawn says:

      James, whoever you trust to defend your life is a statement as to how much you value it.

    12. Uncle Bill in Texas says:

      I’m guessing you’ve never had firearms nor self-defense training.

  37. UncleSam201 says:

    Maybe some people who would normally would pay for sex can not afford it, sooo they choose plan B. Try and get it for free in central park (or somewhere else close.)

  38. JemeryKing says:

    I proudly beat back a potential mugger. While it is certainly not the safest thing to do, I felt I had no choice as this person was going to hurt me whether I gave him my wallet or not. I acted very quickly and used the element of surprise to hit his hand then arm then an elbow to the back and took off running while he fell to his knees. Having no job or money is no excuse for stealing and robbing people. At least I came out OK, but if you have a choice dont fight back but if you dont ,be prepared, God Bless

  39. UncleSam201 says:

    well uncle sam 101 i might have an answer to that

  40. amazedinNY says:

    There is not enough time in the day to fight crime and make the citizens safe. The NYPD is to busy writting traffic tickets and holding press confrences.
    Hey Commissioner Kelly whats the special at the Harvard Club on Mondays?
    When you get your meals and god knows what else for free do you at least leave a couple of bucks on the table for the wait staff or do you rip them off also?… it

    1. JMan says:

      amazedinNY is right. Im pretty sure the mayor pressure ray kelly to pressure the chief and so on, to downgrade crimes just for tourism and realestate in nyc could be tempting.

  41. Pault says:

    Not only Central Park, but Grand Central Station. I believe it to be hushed up, but muggings are VERY frequent, with many often unreported. A relative of mine was recently mugged there. When we mentioned it around a flood of others said they had heard of muggings there too.

    1. Big_Bear says:

      Glad I live in North Idaho. Saw a pickup truck today with the bumper snicker: “Welcome to Gun Country”. Muggings are unheard of here.

      1. Carlos says:

        No offense, but what ISN’T unheard of there? Manhattan and “northern Idaho” aren’t quite the same ballpark…

      2. rufus levin says:

        That is why people live there. It is NOT new york armpit of the world.

  42. Carrie says:

    No, No, no. CP is just a nice place for cops to go to gin up revenue.

  43. no1important says:

    Cluelessinky I couldn’t agree with you more. If only more Americans understood or better yet cared about the few remaining Rights We Have….

  44. Rusty says:

    Here’s a tip – stop banning firearms and pass a concealed carry law, liberal MORONS. I guarantee you the crime rate will go down.

  45. amazedinNY says:

    Crime has been up in this city for the last couple of years, now the media is starting to realise it. There have been numerous complaints that the NYPD has been downgrading and in some cases not even taking reports from victims because it make Ray Kelly look bad.
    Now the NYPD will be focusing there resourses in the Hasidic area’s of the city leaving the rest of the city under protected as ususal.
    Why don’t you catch up with Ray Kellly at the Harvard Club I hear he’s ususlly there having dinner for free.….read it

    1. sonoftzu says:

      as long as new yorkers keep electing mayors like bloomberg who is too busy regulating restaurants, this kind of crime spree will not be solved.

    2. rufus levin says:

      bush did it.

      1. Frank says:

        What the hell has Bush got to do with it. LOL

    3. Embo says:

      Bruce, I like your style!

    4. marty says:

      It’s a cycle. New Yorkers will eventually elect a no nonsense republican when crime gets real bad. And when the republican cleans the city up, the voters will go right back and elect democrats.

  46. daniel says:

    Conceal carry or just carry like arizona.

  47. UncleSam101 says:

    It’s easy to understand that robberies and muggings would increase as the economy got worse, but the article mentions the large increase of rapes. How would the inrease in rapes be related to the bad economy?

    1. Hugh G. Rection says:

      It’s a simple answer. If you can no longer pay for what you need, you then go steal it. And all us males pay for it one way or another.

      1. Uncle Bill in Texas says:

        I’ll say this. Good times or bad, I’ve never had to pay for it.

        Hey Hugh, is that you Uncle Nick?

    2. revolverBoy says:

      Poncho’s amusing theory notwithstanding, the article states that more people are visiting the park, so apparently there’s been an increase in the supply of fresh rape victims IN the park.

      Do you see, the premise of the article is flawed and possibly deceptive. They are telling us that crime in the park is up 45 percent, but omit to mention whether crime is up in general. So it stands to reason that the crimes taking place in the park today would more than likely have occurred outside the park in the past.

      Looking at it that way, we can appreciate the absurdity of Hickey bringing in a female awareness expert when New Yorkers are no less safe than they were a year ago; it’s just that more of them are going to the park more often.

    3. fedup says:

      I guess if an unproductive low life leach can’t afford to go to the club? The need to tag the criminal like cattle, oh and yes, chemical castration with no jail time. Render a severe punishment and no 3 hots and a cot on the taxpayers dime for this unless we adopt a Peruvian type of jail system. Pay for your stay in some way and if you can’t afford a meal then you’re welcome to help yourself to the garbage heap.

  48. cluelessinky says:

    Conceal carry would quickly put an end to this nonsense. New Yorkers, and I was one some time ago, get wise and demand that your arrogant mayor advocate for conceal carry laws. I live in the South now and carry, and never have had a worry about personal safety

    1. Embo says:

      Yes indeed! Whacking a couple or three of these dirtbags would be a great first move, but the NY libs would whine that it would be “like the wild west” etc.
      Too bad, because NY is still a great city.

      1. Isaac Asimov says:

        If crime is dependent on poverty or economy, then why wasn’t the U.S. overrun by crime during the Great Depression?

        1. Deadeye333 says:

          Because people were still brave enough to fight back,they shot back.And they cared little as to what the Gmen were doing.

    2. Hans Moleman says:

      yes, because that’s all central park needs, is for lunatics to start shooting.

      1. rachel says:

        The lunatics are the ones shooting already. What you need are conceal carry laws so the law abiding can protect themselves and protect people like YOU from the lunatics who don’t obey laws. They might not be so quick to commit crimes in places where others might be carrying.

    3. livefreeordie1776 says:

      Tell the truth and shame the “progressive” devils. The Second Amendment is not negotiable. Of course a billionaire mayor and effete Senators don’t give a damned about it, they all have their own public and private security details. Liberalism is a dangerous auto-immune disease. Stop it whenever and wherever you have the lawful opportunity to do so. VOTE IT OUT!

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