NEW YORK (CBS 2) — New York City’s Board of Elections said it fixed the many problems that plagued the primaries back in September.

J.C. Polanco, one of the Board’s 10 commissioners, is here to explain how.

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  1. EPS says:

    I vote in election district 93; assembly district 60. The location where we vote is a basement of an Apartment Building. While this is strange enough, the lighting in this basement is so poor, that people were pulling out key chain flashlights to fill out the new election forms! The only machine that there was a line at was the machine that magnified and auto marked the ballot? I had never heard of this machine and I could not get a look at it since people were voting on it!
    Either way, the lighting that was good enough to see the big red levers on the old machines is NOT sufficient for the new system with their microscopic print, and magnifying “sheets”.
    They should not be able to use this location until they get new lighting!!!

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