To report on voting problems this Election Day, you can click here or call 866-VOTE-NYC.

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  1. Peter Richards says:

    Privacy? The scanner workers have seats next to the scanner, so it’s hard to get privacy. There should be one scanner with NO “helper” — it can also serve as a backup on standby.

  2. Louise Freese says:

    The worker at my polling place did not understand english or was hard of hearing. He had no idea of where to look for my name and I had to go through the book myself and find my name. He then offered to explain the new voting system in Russian and I suggested he try English. Shortly thereafter, my husband over-voted and nobody could figure out what he did wrong. I finally looked at his ballot and explained what he did wrong. The print on the ballot was way too small and the cubicle was dark, making it hard to read.

  3. James McGovern says:

    I found the print on the ballot small and fifficult to read.

    1. Alice says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Even the so-called “magnifiers” were useless. What were they thinking???

      1. sadiys says:

        I mean really.
        People are that dumb that you spend billions of dollars to make the print so small.
        Most of the voters are elders.
        Are you all that thick?

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