SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ (CBS/AP) – A New Jersey couple thought a nurse they’d hired was stealing from them, so they set up a hidden camera. Turns out the woman was doing much more.

Police said a hidden camera captured the nurse urinating in a kitchen sink in front of the 1-year-old child she was hired to watch.

Kassandra Fields-Ralph is charged with lewdness, child endangerment and theft.

South Brunswick Police Sgt. James Ryan said the investigation began after the child’s parents told police they suspected the 38-year-old was stealing from them.

Ryan said the video showed Fields-Ralph urinating in the sink three times and taking a sweater.

The Perth Amboy resident is a licensed practical nurse who was hired by the couple because their child has special needs and requires constant supervision.

It is not clear whether Fields-Ralph has hired an attorney.

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  1. Mekada says:

    This lady was found gulity in New York for child endagement, physical abuse, neglect, and others on her own children in 1989, 1998, 2005, and 2008, She was arrest in New York for this and they never reported this to New Jersey when the family moved here in 2008. Plus she kept her nursing license even though these charges she can not work with children once you are gulity of child abuse/neglect.

  2. WhatsTheFussAlready says:

    Think about it people… Do you want your boss to secretly videotape your bathroom behavior, then blab your picture and accusations over the internnet, with the help of journalists too lazy to find a real story?

    I don’t think this woman has been treated fairly. A problem like this is best treated with respect and anonymity.

    1. MCA says:

      Fuss, I just drank a quart of brass monkey and I’m heading to your kitchen.

  3. WhatsTheFussAlready says:

    This story is irresponsible, sensational journalism. While the alledged bathroom behavior is a little unusual, I don’t think it would harm a child one year old. Are there laws against peeing in the sink? We don’t even know if the child was awake or facing in the sink’s direction. This behavior is not necessarily unsanitary if followed by sufficient rinsing. This kind of publicity would ruin anyone–so they deserve the respect of annonymity until conviction. The people who hired her are free to let her go anytime.

  4. TJW says:

    This is disgusting! What was she trying to accomplish by doing such sick thing????. U’r an LPN u should know better. LOCK HER UP!!!

  5. Good GIRL says:

    Wow Jeff Rosen…..You sure made my day. I thought I was the only one..Are you Married ????

  6. flush her down says:

    maybe she was trying to save on the water bill and not using the toilet to flush

  7. steve says:

    Vido is not illegal I know what you looking at!

  8. sk says:

    it shows you should go with your insticts. if something doesn’t seem right investigate. Definetely, don’t leave your one year old if you are suspitious of criminal actvity. wHAT IS THE PLEASURE IN UNRINATING IN A SINK? why would this sick woman want to do that?

  9. Hmph! says:

    She’d probably leave the seat up if she used the bathroom anyway.

  10. Jeff Rosen says:

    While she should definitely be charged with the theft especially since there were probably others, isn’t charging her criminally with the urinating in the sink kind of a stretch? Fire her yes, but criminal charges? It could be she was afraid to leave the child alone.
    By the way, it’s so annoying when this page refreshes itself while you’re typing and deleting everything!!

  11. KO says:

    Did they hide the camera in the turd that was already in the sink?

  12. CRABBBBY PATTIES ???? says:

    I’m very particular about sitting on toilets too…..especially if they are NASTY…apparently something provoked her to utlilize the sink…THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU PASS JUDGEMENT !!!!

  13. Richard T. says:

    Ewww, this one probably is the one that’s responsible for our bedbug epidemic! The question is, where does she carry them? Ugh & Ewww.

  14. tim says:

    Teeawanda, you have such a way with words sweetheart.

  15. paula says:

    So let me get this straight. They suspected her of stealing from them, so they set up a video camera. But despite feeling that suspicious of this person they still left her in charge of their one year old child?

  16. paullly says:

    how did she do that? isnt a toilet much easier,real classy,lock her up!!!!

  17. The Snarkman Cometh says:

    Urine trouble, Kassandra. Kiss your “career” goodbye!

  18. surfinbird says:

    Charges must be dropped here as the video violated the privacy and and violated the civil rights of Ms. Fields-Ralph

    It is not right what she did but the video is illegal

  19. CSI says:

    That is a real shame. Really Urinating in the sink. That takes some effort. Wow. Unfortunately you cannot be careful on who you hire. If these people come from agencies You put your trust into the agencies to employ reliable people to take care of your children. You would have to do a double check. One on the agencies and one on the person they are sending you.

  20. Bill Murray says:

    Wait a minute….is that a Babyruth in the sink?!

  21. Teeawanna Blankenfield says:

    Could be worse: coulda dropped a deuce.

  22. Jojo says:

    What a pig. People should be careful about the people they hire to take care of their child.

  23. Nelson Muntz says:


  24. Alentis D Aba-ifaa says:

    more investigation should be done to get to bottom of the issue and also what might have prompted the nurse into urinating into the sink in a house. nurses are known world wide as been patriotic in their work why pick up things from some one who hire you for a job that you will be payed for?

    1. La'Sagne Winphrey says:

      Eggs-ackly Alentis! Why couldn’t she have gone on a plant or something patriotic like that.

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