By Steve Scott

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Governor-elect Dan Malloy told WCBS 880 on Tuesday that he knew the morning after the election that he had won. He said he has no hard feelings about Tom Foley and felt the Republican handled the situation respectfully.

Malloy’s first order of business will be to balance the budget and work on job growth. He’ll have to get down to business quickly in order to get a budget proposal to the legislature by Jan. 5. Malloy told WCBS 880 he was hopeful for bipartisan cooperation in Hartford and will have some help from Gov. Jodi Rell during the transition.

WCBS 880 Anchor Steve Scott’s full interview with Malloy and the future of Connecticut

“We need to get away from highly partisan discussions to bipartisan discussions, where people are supposed to be pulling in the same direction. Unfortunately, we haven’t had that for a long period of time. We had Democrats controlling the Legislature and a Republican governor and they always seemed to be at war with each other. Neither side gave particularly well or got particularly well,” Malloy said.

As far as how qualified he is for the job, Malloy said to look at his track record. He improved Stamford during his 14-year reign as mayor, transforming it from an industrial town to a large financial center.

  1. Greg says:

    I was shocked and appalled today when Governor Elect Dan Malloy used the word “Gentlemen” to describe convicted murderer Steven Hayes during his interview with Anchor Steve Scott. When I searched “definition of a gentlemen” the website said “It is almost a definition of a gentlemen to say he is one who never inflicts pain.” With that being said, I believe the Governor Elect needs to apologize to the Family, Friends, Jurors and the Citizens of Connecticut for using the word “gentlemen” to describe this man who committed such atrocities in the town of Cheshire.

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