NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A New York City rape case drew anger and outrage Tuesday as a group of women protested outside Manhattan Criminal Court.

The uproar came as family court-appointed juvenile counselor, Tony Simmons, was expected to get probation, but no jail time at his sentencing next week in a rape case involving a 15-year-old girl, CBS 2’s John Metaxas reported.

That outcome could come as part of an agreement between Judge Cassandra Mullen and lawyers for both sides.

Simmons has pleaded guilty to raping one girl and sexually assaulting two others — all between the ages of 15 and 16 — while he was supervising them.

Simmons will be sentenced just across the street from the scene of the alleged attacks. He’s accused of taking the 15-year- old girl to the basement of the Manhattan Family Court building and raping her. Moments later, he took the girl to her court appearance in the same building, Metaxas reported.

NOW-NYC Executive Director Sonia Ossorio was among those protesting Tuesday.

“What have you have here is a predator who knew that the young girls he was targeting were very vulnerable,” Ossorio said.

Court Spokesman David Bookstaver, on behalf of the judge, said “this was an offer from the DA, not the court. This was a case that the DA let stagnate for five years. This is something that they recommended to the judge.”

Still others said that explanation was no excuse for the decision.

“The judge is the one that offered this plea deal. She’s the one with the power to say what the sentence should be,” Ossorio said.

Manhattan Distrist Attorney Cy Vance Jr. was not available for comment Tuesday afternoon, but sources told CBS 2 Vance believes Simmons should serve time and is said to be weighing his legal options leading up to next Monday’s hearing.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    This is wrong. Mr. Simmons is innocent. I truly believe his being acussed of a matter he did not commit but felt forced to plead guilty. This young lady has been arrested for prostituion what makes us think she’s being honest. I think she’s really being malicious and wants to harm Mr. Simmons life. All she wants to do is collect money from the city and not be concern about any other matter such as ruin this man’s life.

  2. ilovesh0pping says:

    It is clear to anyone that this man should be punished with jail time for the sexual crimes he has committed. It’s not surprising that the original decision to let a child molester off with no jail time came from a judge who has spent her time sleeping with married co workers. Perhaps if she spent more time actually doing her job at work she wouldn’t have to go back and change her ridiculous decisions.

  3. tina melo-kufner says:

    This problem is happening on a Global scale and it will taken voices from everyone to stop this from becoming much worse for the future of all our children. Children have to learn to say NO…STop.. and this begins at home…

  4. Linda Brousseau Pelletier says:

    this judge should be stripped of the title and job of judge..can’t do your job get out of the business…fing something else to do…

  5. Janice Powell says:

    It’s time that the legal justice system listens to the citizens and stops this nonsense. These offenders continue on with their lives of crime “with the blessings” of the judges and prosecutors. Can’t they hear the cries of the faceless victims of the future?

  6. Danielle says:

    The issue is not them protecting their own as much as offering plea deals in order to avoid paying for a trial in the court system. So many prosecutors, like the one where I live are actually proud of the fact that they have avoided taking so many cases to court by offering plea deals! These plea deals are what are keeping these sex offenders on the streets and out of prison where they belong for life! This country disgusts me for the way it lets child rapists go free!

  7. MM 777 says:

    This is wrong. This guy is not getting jail time because the system is corrupt and they’re protecting their own, so they gave him a lighter sentence. Their judgment is clouded by their own embarrassment of being looked at in a bad light by the public, so they minimized what he did.

    In fact this guys is a ” rapist, child molester” , he should be locked up for the safety of innocent children. To make matter worse he is a trained therapist which means if he’s free to walk around he will use ” psychology” to manipulate more children and seduce them and rape them and eventually will lead to murder because he doesn’t want to get caught again. This guy is a danger to society and not mentally well, any adult who can hurt another human being is sick, and can hurt a helpless, innocent child than they’re really sick and need to be in jail and serious therapy themselves.

    1. Maria Edwards says:

      well said mm 777

  8. Mary Wainwright says:

    Now let’s see what DA would let a multiple rapist not
    serve time?

  9. Bradford Keller says:

    Where is justice for the minor female victim and her
    betrayal of her trust as well as this mans other victims feeling
    horrible? Rape is like a murder .

  10. Georges Delarue says:

    I agree this guy should be castrated and in jail.
    What a horror ,how could this be done/

  11. Alan Foos says:

    Seen worse, but not pretty.

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