NEW YORK (WCBS 880 / WCBS 880) – The New York City Council’s lawyer believes it has the power to ban the new full body scanners in use at airports, and the measure wouldn’t just affect the major travel hubs.

Council member David Greenfield is working on legislation to ban those full body scanners from all buildings in New York City, including the airports.

“I’ve seen the digital scans from the machines and it’s quite shocking and quite graphic as to how much detail you can actually see of an individual going through these machines,” Greenfield told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb. “Quite frankly, it was disturbing.”

Greenfield says the machines are unproven. He also says Israeli security won’t use them, calling them ineffective.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

He maintains the radiation they emit may also be dangerous.

1010 WINS’s Steve Sandberg talks to travelers at Newark Airport

Dissatisfaction over security pat-downs and veteran pilots suing over their treatment by government screeners have prompted some airports to consider ditching TSA agents completely.

Federal law allows airports to opt for screeners from the private sector. The push is being led by a powerful Florida congressman who’s a longtime critic of the Transportation Security Administration. Some of the companies who might take the TSA’s place are among the lawmaker’s campaign contributors.

For Republican Representative John Mica of Florida, the way to make travelers feel more comfortable would be to kick TSA employees out of their posts at the ends of the snaking security lines. This month, he wrote letters to nation’s 100 busiest airports asking that they request private security guards instead.

Mica has received nearly $81,000 in campaign donations from political action committees and executives connected to some of the private contractors already at 16 U.S. airports.

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  1. Patricia says:

    I applaud council member Greenfield’s courage on tackling this issue.

  2. zezba9000 says:

    Its not for our safety moron. Its scare tactics & is being used to take away your rights, because your rights threaten the NWO agenda.

    If someone wanted to fly a plane into something from Yemen, all they would have to do is cross the Mexican border get on a private plane with a bomb & fly it into anything they wanted.

    Also the air plane bomber last year in Dec was let on the plane past the security by a “Government Official”. The security is not the god dam problem the Fascist government is. Wake Up & Grow Up People.

  3. duh says:

    baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa

  4. JasonS says:

    I’m pretty sure you would be one of the first to sue the airlines if your whole family got killed on a plane that a terrorist was able to get onto with a bomb.
    so everyone whines about greater security steps and then whines about the lack thereof.
    So, pick one

  5. Michael H. says:

    Sooner or later somebody is going to board a plane with a stick up dynamite up his rear. Then what? CAVITY SEARCHES FOR ALL!

    I’m sorry, this security theater is a joke. If the goal was to kill as many as possible, all one would have to do is blow themselves up while standing in line to get through security.

  6. CSI says:

    Oh whats that. More complaining. For your boobs will look the same as when you where a fitted shirt. So whats the problem there. For men who are insecure about their package then get a pat down. Because it doesn’t show anything else.

  7. christine says:

    and if your sooo worried about radiation, then dont get into a plane at all. you get solar radiation everytime you go up into the air. not complaining now are you?!?!

  8. christine says:

    o well, people dont complain when they get xrays of certain bones that the tech can see ALL!!!!!!! its not like it put up on a big screen for all to see. the more that makes me feel secure about getting into an airplane the better

  9. undercover says:

    Don’t force an idea or law on the general public if you, yourself aren’t willing to do or go throught the same humiliation….This is not to fight Terrorism, the underware bomber was escorted by the CIA without a PASSPORT on to the plane….I thought you had to have a PASSPORT to travel to other countries…This major issue has been buried by the state run, main stream media….What is going on is to get people conditioned to obey, without question for the upcoming Martial Law that’s just waiting to be activated at the appropriate time. This is a beta test, and finally the public is fighting back! !! Awesome….The globialist are trying to take over America through the banking system, better wake up America or you’ll wake up one day and say what happen to my Constitutional Rights?…..And yes FEMA Camps are real….Check out TRU-TV on Friday, 19 Nov. CST.

    1. Michael H. says:

      chemtrails, masons and illuminatti. OH MY!

  10. undercover says:

    Well, lets see how Congress people, Al Gore, G.W. Bush, etc. like it when it’s done to them or better yet their family members in front of other passengers, What would Obama say if he or his family had to go through the same TSA enhanced procedures outlined by the DHS Secretary with body scanners located outside on the tarmat next to AirForce One and see how they like it.

  11. Mohammed says:

    Would it be simpler to just go back to racial profiling and just check those that are Arabic looking, and save money and lives?

  12. retiree says:

    People who fly and complain…….GET A LIFE…. If you don’t want radiation get a pat down. It’s for your own safety you bunch of morons…..don’t take it so personal. My God, most people don’t take good care of their bodies in the first place with Obesity, smoking, drinking, eating junk, and lack of exercise…..and then you become ‘holier than thou’ on someone fooling with your ‘junk’. OMG LOL!

    1. Quint Essentz says:

      You have to understand that corporations are in business to do business, not to create a financial loss. Hence, the creation of the ‘scare industry’, AIRLILNE SECURITY. TSA is a total joke. These ridiculous machines (and to a large extent the moron’s who are hired to work as ‘agents’) have been invented to create a false sense of security for the flying public. By keeping the fear levels up, more and more of these ridiculous inventions are created and companies who create them are the real winners. (not to mention your politicians) Why does this country of ours not follow the model used by Israel. ANSWER: Because the Israeli model works. I stand firm in my belief that the SECURITY INDUSTRY needs this kind of nonsense only to promote wealth for itself and keep fear alive, all the while creating additional havoc for our flying public with the illusion of having us believe it’s safe to fly. If you really want to test airline security, invite Seal Team 6 to do a penetration exercise. It’ll BLOW YOUR MIND. The real morons are you, the people, who buy into all this nonsense and cower with your heads in the sand instead of speaking out against the politicians and industrialists who have turned you into sheep..

      1. Delilah says:

        Nicely said.

    2. BryanB says:

      “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”. Benjamin Franklin

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