PEARL RIVER, NY (WCBS 880) – The FAA airspace redesign is intended to ease congestion and delays at the three main New York City area airports starting in 2012.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports

It’s causing some turbulence though in suburban Rockland County.

Some residents fear constant noise and increased air pollution.

In addition to 300 to 400 jets heading to Newark, around 100 hundred planes taking off from JFK will steer west over Rockland.

“Our fear is that they’re going to start pushing all of those planes lower down to the ground,” says Tom Sullivan with the group Quiet Rockland.

The FAA says the JFK planes will be 14,000 to 17,000 feet up, creating no disturbance. The Newark bound flights will be about a mile up, generating slight to moderate noise.

So far, all legal challenges have failed.