NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Terrorists detonating a nuclear bomb in New York City is considered a remote possibility, but the federal government still wants you to be prepared.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports

The feds are delicately urging emergency officials to spread the word.

So, how can you stay alive?

Erwin Redlener, Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University says computer simulations show, “It’s basically a matter of staying sheltered in the interior of a building as much as possible, waiting for instructions, and then leaving.”

To avoid radioactive fallout, go underground, to a basement, or to a garage.

Even hunkering down in a car for a few hours can save your life.

Some security experts say this is an overreaction while others insist the public should be informed of how to survive a nuclear blast.

Don’t run. Hide and seek shelter!

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight with the New York Times’ William J. Broad
(CLICK HERE to read William J. Broad’s coverage)

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  1. your mom says:

    fromt he amount of racists comments i see posted here in regards to Muslim people, this holocaust may actually be an improvement on your society.

  2. John Lerrato says:

    The problem with developing dangerous weapons is that someone always falls victim to his own cupidity. That person is likely to sell the “know-how” on building the weapon to the enemy; who obviously is likely to be the highest bidder. The only safe way of keeping such sensitive information under wraps is building the weapon and then killing whoever was involved in making it, plus all the info regarding it. The only information that should remain is how to load it and press the trigger. The other option is not building the weapon at all. Otherwise it will never stop. Some country will develop something that others complain about, but later develop. Then some other country will labor and come up with their own. They will then form a pact or get bribed using some crucial resource and eventually give away the weapon’s technological know-how to someone else. Or someone in that country will do his math and compromise the technological know-how for his own material gain.

    ————————Excerpt from John Lerrato’s—-“The End”—————————

  3. arbhtr says:

    Gimme shelter ! War is a shot away

  4. Ophelia Crack says:

    Let’s see, I got a bottle of Johnny Walker Black and a bottle of Bushmill, yup, I’m ready for the A Bomb, bring it on!

    1. s. katz says:

      nuclear sururvival = for a detailed analysis of nuclear survival check

  5. BC says:

    And again, they choose to monetize a word in my entry…the word ‘CHRISTMAS!’ If that isn’t the biggest insult of all! Happy Birthday, Jesus…we’re gonna make some more money off of you! Despicable, CBS!

  6. BC says:

    People, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about this. This site is the only site that is running this article along with the parrots who choose to repeat it. You would think with all the other stuff going on in this world actually worth writing about, they’d rather perpetuate fear to keep people in check than actually report some good news about something for a change. It’s either that, or someone’s doing something dirty somewhere and needing someone to run block for them by running this stupid story. Good going, CBS! Thanks for the Christmas cheer!!!

  7. RoseAnn says:

    there is always a negative news. what the hell is wrong with these people
    dont we have enough to worry about. stick to getting the economy going and poor
    people who lost their jobs. wake up people.

  8. joe says:

    bend over , put your head between your knees ..and kiss your azz goodbye

    1. Alexandra Sussmann says:


  9. Jason says:

    Yeah, great timing posting something like this at Christmas time. Merry Christmas, Morons.

    1. joe says:

      how much tax money was spent to come up with these brilliant ideas?.

  10. bobupndown says:

    I can’t believe this was even put on the web!! Are you frigging serious?
    Do you know something we don’t?
    Yeah…thanks for the holiday cheer…Merry Christmas a-holes!!

  11. Chelim Yrneh says:

    Now that the US administration has completely given up on preventing Iran and N. Korea’s nuclear ambitions – and has just decided therefore the best thing would be for IRAQ to become NUCLEAR (relaxing nuke technology restrictions to that country) together with Secretary Chu’s insane sentiment in favour of Nuclear Power WHICH IS THE ROOT OF THE WHOLE PROBLEM – then the good citizens of New York must become resigned to seeing their great city and it’s millions of inhabitants laid waste by nuclear catastrophe at some point. Sow as ye shall reap, Secretary Chu.

  12. Steve M. says:

    Thanks for the psychological terrorism……….Merry Christmas!

    1. Chelim Yrneh says:

      Steve – the world MUST get out of nuclear power as rapidly as possible to minimise this kind of risk. The two most nuked up (power -wise) nations, France and Japan, are having second thoughts. (Yes, even France !) And, well, China is a law unto itself. But without the pretext of this despicable and dangerous and discredited technology in the background THERE WOULD BE NO nuclear terrorism risk…

      1. Alexandra Sussmann says:

        Good point Chelim, I dont think the middle east have the intellectial capability to create a nuclear bomb.

  13. Gyutai Kim says:

    not ready yet!!!

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