ALEXANDRIA TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Health officials were investigating an outbreak of strep throat and scarlet fever cases in a New Jersey school.

Fifth-nine cases of strep throat and 7 cases of scarlet fever have been reported at the Lester Wilson School in Alexandria Township. That’s more than a quarter of the school’s 240 students.

The Hunterdon County Health Department says the first cases began occurring in mid-October and have continued through this past week.

Common symptoms of strep throat may include cough, fever, tender or swollen glands in the neck, and white or yellowish patches in the throat. Scarlet fever is a form of streptococcal disease characterized by a skin rash.

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  1. Brittani Riggs says:

    my 5 yr old son in indiana has been diagnosed with scarlet fever… i thought that disease was irradicated by vaccination?? He is now on Augmentin for 10 days and was prescribed atarax for the itching associated with the rash that is all over his body

  2. db says:

    after 24 hours on the antibiotic you are no longer contagious – be sure especially with children after that 24 hour period replace their toothbrush with a new one – the drug therapy is typically a 10 day dose of a broad spectrum antibiotic like amoxycillin

  3. mohammed khan says:

    my 14 years nephew and my 72 years mother have the same symptoms
    is there any rememdy for the same.

    1. GG says:

      Yes-antibiotics, if in fact, it is bacterial and not viral. See a doctor or PA.

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