NEW YORK (CBS 2) – When asked what made firefighter Capt. Sean Giery spend his time on Christmas Eve preparing meals for City Meals on Wheels and not at home spending time with his family, the answer was good will.

“It’s tough to wrap my arms around the feeling that I get for doing it. It’s just a true sense of altruism that gets magnified in the season of giving,” Giery told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Giery’s not alone. At God’s Love We Deliver, volunteers spent much of Friday morning prepping to deliver 3,000 meals to people too sick to leave the house for the Christmas holiday.

Volunteers will provide gifts and nutrious meals to elderly who would otherwise have little on Christmas Eve.

“It’s a good day for us, and it’s hopefully it’s a great day for our clients who will have volunteers arrive at their door carrying gifts and nutritious food and hopefully the season will be better,” Karen Pearl, of God’s Love We Deliver, said.

City Meals on Wheels said they will serve 9,000 meals on Christmas Eve alone.


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