NEW YORK (AP) — A prosecutor says a baby sitter shook a 3-month-old infant so violently that he suffered a massive brain injury and died at a New York City hospital.

Addison Reinoso-Xoyatla’s death was initially linked to a sluggish medical response in the aftermath of last month’s blizzard.

But Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said in a statement Friday that investigators expect evidence to show the death was caused by severe brain damage, not by delays in reaching him on Dec. 29. The baby born to an Ecuadorean mother and Mexican father died Jan. 4.

Ana Delarosa was charged with second-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child.

The 26-year-old’s phone number was unlisted. A message left for a possible relative was not returned Saturday night.

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  1. Joe Sr says:

    Alan, I am a retired Pharmacist who had been in practice for 50 years. You are so incorrect that it is unimagineable. Let’s hope that you are free from all vaccines, preventative or palliative medications and don’t become ill, because if you do I suppose you will stay away from the products of pharmaceutical corporations and the services of the medical “industry”.

  2. BILLY BOB says:

    Alan must be a babyshaker… Disgusting

  3. Nav says:

    Shut up idiot !! ignorant loser.

  4. Alan Foos says:

    No death due to SBS is by shaking, these symptoms are only caused by vaccine injury. The real killers are the medical industry, pharmaceutical corporations, and the US justice system. Nearly all caregivers charged in such deaths are in fact innocent, except where other evidence of abuse may exist.

    1. The BIG D says:

      Hi, my name is Joe and I am part of the Global Pharma Conspiracy. We are coming to get you next week, in my spaceship.

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