6th, 7th & 8th Graders May Soon Be Treated Like High Schoolers

BELVIDERE, N.J. (CBS 2) —  A proposal to conduct random drug tests of young students in one New Jersey town is raising some eyebrows.

Students at Belvidere Elementary School could be adding drug testing to their list of lessons when they move into middle school.

The Board of Education will vote Wednesday on a plan to randomly test sixth, seventh and eighth graders to see if they are under the influence of drugs. School administrators said they were confident the proposal would pass.

Elementary School Principal Sandra Szabocsik said school officials want to use the testing “as a deterrent.”

“We’re hoping that the students if they’re at say a party or someone’s house or just hanging out somewhere, that they’ll say ‘I don’t want to get involved in drinking or using any drug because tomorrow could be a drug testing day,'” she told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The program is voluntary and both parents and students must consent. School officials said it was important to note that if a student tested positive, they would not be suspended or have the results sent to the police.

Instead, those students would get counseling or even be referred to a rehab facility.

A number of parents and students in the close-knit town said they would be signing up for the testing.

“It takes the pressure off of them that they have an easy out to say ‘no. No I don’t want to do this, I’m afraid I’ll be tested,'” parent and teacher Noelle Kornegay said.

Drug testing is currently mandatory at Belvidere High School for students who park on campus, join clubs or participate in athletics.

“It’s been working well in the sense that parents and students understand the choices they make and are able to make better ones,” high school assistant principal Joe Flynn said.

“I don’t think it’s to really punish kids as much as to let them realize what they’re doing and the effects it has on their life,” sophomore Jim Debenedetto said.

The district said it wants to convey a similar message to its students — that the tests are not about punishment, but about getting help to those who may be experimenting with drugs.

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  1. Tom says:

    Did IQ’s suddenly drop drastically in this country? The more you try to control people the more they are going to revolt and the more revolting is the right thing for them to do. It’s called freedom you bunch of simpletons. One of the things that disgusts me more than anything else in life is some moron thinking they run their life so well they are somehow qualified to run other people’s lives too. IF FREEDOM DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FREEDOM TO MAKE A MISTAKE IT IS NOT FREEDOM!!!

    1. srcamachonj says:

      How about random drug testing for government employees, and if they test positive, they lose their job, their pension, their benefits, and can never hold a civil service job again.

      1. Liam Skye says:

        A little problem with this proposal: the Fourth Amendment prevents the government from conducting unreasonable searches.

      2. Max Timens says:

        If that’s the case then how can they test the kids? You are right. It is a violation of our constitutional rights that is becoming more prevalent. Just because you are under 18 does not mean you are without rights. Testing positive WILL follow these kids. Teachers WILL talk to others outside of the school system about the “bad kids”. This WILL damage the future of the kids. This is the way things are going I guess. In Texas and now in Ohio on a dui arrest police can tie your down and extract blood as evidence if you refuse t test. Where is the ACLU in all of this?

    2. Rowwdy says:

      Bravo Tom.

  2. J. David Walls says:

    The teachers and administrators are the ones that need to be tested. I personally know middle/high teachers who are 420 friendly.

  3. Chris says:

    I’m a physician and I treat patients with substance abuse and addiction problems. I can say without a doubt that some of the most severe, psychologically disturbed and behaviorly maladjusted adults are teachers and principals. The thought among psychiatrists and psychologists is that many of them are attracted to teaching children because they feel safer from being “away from reality” and are better able to cope with their failures.
    My advice, take your kid out of that school system.
    And, the administrators who are behind this should be drug tested. I think you’d be surprised what you’ll find.

    1. muhammed atta says:

      No, Union says no testing allowed of union brothers and sisters. TESTIFY!!!! Ya Bro!

    2. Matt says:

      I drive a school bus and I am randomly drug tested. I support what Chris has to say.

    3. K says:

      Wow…interesting. I do appreciate your candor – I homeschool my kids – your post is further conviction that we are doing the right thing.

    4. doonerpjenkins says:

      I have little doubt that what you say is true. 4 years after I graduated the 8th grade, the assistant principal there was arrested on cocaine charges. I believe he’s still in jail. Also, my little brother gets drug tested at home because he’s 16 and stupid. My father caught him with a bag of “k-2” the synthetic cannabis. When he asked why he had it, my brother told him that it wouldn’t show up in a drug test. If he’s going to make these choices, I think he’d be better off using the real thing. Not that I’m condoning that behavior. Won’t some of these kids turn to legal alternatives that might be dangerous? Also, what drives people do drug use in the first place?


    5. mattthew says:

      Wow. So in your small sample group of patients you see that teachers and principals are the most psychologically disturbed. Why dont you omit those kinds of of sweeping statements from discourse and let qualified psychologists and psychiatrists tell us about their scientific findings. I dont want to hear a psychological evaluation from a physician, you guys are always stepping out of your boundaries giving away adderall, zanax, and prozac like candy. Stay in your field.
      I have many friends in the teaching business and they do it for either the love of the subject or a desire to help.

      1. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

        So mattthew, you’d trust the data from a psychiatrist or psychologist before a practicing physician who is ATPOT (At the Point of TREATMENT)? I’ll take the practcing physician every time and I’m in law enforcement.
        How is the dispensing of your listed drugs by a physician any different than by a psychiatrist?
        I have many friends teaching in public schools and they ALL say it’s a disaster even though MY friends love teaching.
        Like you’re arguing, let the teachers teach, keep drug testing out of the schools.

      2. Jesse says:

        Matthew’s logic is as it should be… i would absolutely trust the psychologist/psychiatrist over a physician any day. A physician has not idea about the proper use of these drugs, and liberally uses them as a blanket “cure”. In actuality, the chemicals in the brain are acting on the condition, which the physician does not have a proper understanding of, and therefore makes matters worse. For example, using antidepressants on bipolar disorder may increase the chances of manic episodes, which a physician will usually prescribe antipsychotics. It can create a vicious cycle if not diagnosed by a qualified person… so yes, I would trust a psych over a physician any day when it comes to brain disorders.

    6. Jesse says:

      So what? I am and received my bachelor’s and master’s with honors… Pot is safer than cigs, alcohol, and has been proven to not be a gateway drug… People who are going to do hard drugs will regardless of previous pot use. Also, the majority of people that I know smoke do so after responsibilities are done for the day, and do so to wind down… Just like why people smoke and drink. In addition, if you really are a physician, then you would admit that you have no basis to make any claims about psychological states. You have had no more psychology training than the average undergrad…

  4. Vegas Vic says:

    I hope they’re testing teachers, fire, cops, and politicians as well

    1. Virginia Stewart says:

      Hey, Vegas Vic!! I agree with you–lets start with the “high one” who thinks he is the Savior!! Obummao!! More government intervention–just what we need–I think not. Our freedoms have gone to hell under this regime. Parents have no rights whatsoever. As for political correctness–forget it!! I call a spade a spade!! Lets get rid of all of these politicians from the head honcho to the bottom. Where is the guts and backbone from all parties? They have none.

  5. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Just as soon as all the teachers, staff and administrators submit to random drug testing, as well as government legislators, judges and their staff and administrators–thats when they can test my kid without a warrant or probable cause.

    1. Frank says:

      Amen Rex Dart Eskimo Spy

    2. Salty says:

      I’m with you .. Test Everyone at the school ..Not just students .

  6. joseph fiore says:

    cbs2 news came to my school! Christine Sloan rocks!!!!!!

  7. Frank says:

    Any parent that allows their kids to be randomly drug tested doesn’t deserve to be raising them. and any taxpayer that ALLOWS their schools to do this needs to re-evaluate whether they need public schools period.

    1. wayne says:

      Do Americans stand a chance when it comes to watching the watchmen?

    2. Frank says:

      Spot on Frank

  8. Dr. Bomaby says:

    Let’s drug test the principal, the teachers, the entire administration staff and the police first to make sure the testers are following the scientific method of a control.

    1. jd says:

      Bing and GO!

    2. The Lib Slayer says:


  9. BaDum Tiss says:

    The only test required – is an I.Q. test for the Belvidere Board of Education. I suspect several will have to return to sweeping the parking lot at McD’s.

  10. Logan Haarz says:

    The story is probably a fake, like an article from “The Onion” or whatever. There’s no way a school distrct is that stupid.

    1. WAYNE says:


    2. Ozlanthos says:

      Oh Logan, you have too little faith in just how stupid our nation’s school administrators actually are! This is just as likely to be an attempt to weed out “under-performing students” so that the school system can look better and receive more funding from the fed.


    3. MinniePearlJam says:

      Logan, you’ve never taken a look at the NJ school system, have you?

  11. billy says:

    It’s illegal to do the testing without legal grounds of impairment. So says something called the LAW.
    And then only the police could conduct such a test, with “just cause”. Not some power hungry school official who needs to be arrested for suggesting this in the first place.

  12. RigidPrinciples says:

    Why would anyone send their kids to a school like that ? Besides homeschooling, how else can you teach the children that most of what their government does is unconstitutional ?

    1. Ozlanthos says:

      What really needs to happen is for all of the parents of kids going to that school to take their children out of it! Unfortunately we are too weak-minded to look out for our children like that. It’s so much easier to just roll over and accept it….


  13. HeyHey says:

    baby boomers going all out..

  14. scott says:

    And make the girls take pregnancy tests too. Oh and do these tests check for ritalin, and anti depressants?

    You don’t need a drug test to figure out if someones on drugs.

    Really where does a 6th grader get real drugs or the money to afford it. For anyone not in the know explain how someone that young is gonna get 50 bucks for just a little bit of “stuff”.

    New Jersey is messed up.

    1. ExLibris says:

      Just for your information, some students in 8th grade WAY back in 1966 (when I was in 6th grade) were using HEROIN.

      They had (or stole) the money and access to drugs and alcohol was quite EASY…even back then.

      That was in Arizona. I can only imagine what it was like in LA or NYC, and can easily understand how things might be now, even in “innocent” New Jersey..

      1. JimS says:

        ExLibris, your generation was beyond pitiful.

      2. The Lib Slayer says:

        ExLibris, you generation is part of the reason we have a$$holes like Obama now. Please kill yourself.

  15. rick says:

    We are from the government, and we are here to help you. Resistance is futile.

  16. akhdulha says:

    Middle school is hard. Let the kids smoke dope. They have no futures anyway.

  17. say no to drug testing says:

    the beginning of the end of civil liberties in America came when the Drug Free Workplace Act was signed into law in 1988 – since then drug testing has spread like cancer throughout the U.S. DESTROYING Fourth Amendment Rights.

  18. mike says:

    The school is perhaps not required to report drug taking kids to police? I think they are, and even worse, ‘Child Protective Services”, where a child is typically 10 times more likely to suffer harm than when left in their own home.

  19. John De Mann says:

    This is a great idea. Let’s start with welfare recipients. How about the household of anyone who gets any kind of government money . . . welfare, food stamps, CHIPS, unemployment, deductions on property taxes, social security, city employees, school employees, state employees, federal employees, and all elected officials. All results should be made public and handed over to the DA for prosecution.

  20. rodney k. says:

    Will they be drug testing us when they take us to the FEMA camps after martial law is established? Will we be able to get pot in the FEMA camps? Rex 84 is right around the corner and I hope they let me take my doobies with me.

  21. Trish says:

    What is missing in this school district is Good Parenting. Parents take responsibility for yourselves and your children. What middle school kid has the money and freedom to be drugging and their parents are unaware of it.

  22. SouthParkConservative says:

    Good lord. Are parents to abdicate ALL responsibility for raising their children now, in favor of the Nanny State taking care of _everything_? Lazy, entitlement mentality parents raise lazy, entitlement mentality children, who won’t question anything, let alone the increasing government intrusion in their lives.

    Shameful and sickening.

  23. Kevin says:

    Americans are too feminized to stand up for anything anymore. Weak, emotional and loud-mouthed is what the US is today. But hay, if it makes you feel safe, it must be worth it, right?

  24. tortillapete says:

    so Jersey Shore isn’t fiction?

  25. va22033 says:

    Remember back when you could kill someone and not worry about doing any time or even really being castigated by the American public. I give you the leader of the left for years, the lion of the Senate, the murder, Senator Teddy “Good Bye Mary Jo” Kennedy. I heard it was reported that his last words to her were, “MJ gotta go – hope you can swim.”

    Ahhh, don’t you miss the good old days….

  26. reefer01 says:

    Ok boys and girls…it’s time for drug testing…hop into these nice boxcars and we will take you to the testing camp…what?…the police??…Oh, no…they have not seen your test results…certainly not!!!! HEY…LOOK… is that a pig flying over our school??

  27. Joe says:

    Best thing to do is smoke K2 and other “Spice” compound (JWH-018) synthetic pot. You can get tested WHILE HIGH and you’ll still come up negative because the 19, 73, 81, 122, 200, 250 compounds are always 1 step ahead of the tests.
    I mean face it…you can’t test for tomorrows weather hee hee.

  28. Roger Sunderlin says:

    i think instead of testing the kids they should test the parent or in some cases parents of all students.you fail you lose your welfare and your kid get kicked out of school

  29. Bernie Bouck says:

    Let them get used to the GOVERNMENT running their lives the earlier the better ! their PARENTS wanted it NOW they have it for their kids.

  30. Don says:

    Disgusting, and illegal. Attending school is mandatory, thus forcing a child to take a drug test is not based on something the child wanted to do or something their parents wanted them to do, like fly on an airplane…they have no choice. This is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment and should be stopped immediately!

  31. melody says:

    isn’t this the same as guilty until proven innocent?

  32. aldous huxley says:

    We’ve got the 2nd Amendment that is about to be raped due to the shooting in Arizona.

    Now we’ve the 4th Amendment being trampled on right here.

    When does it end? When is enough enough? What will it take for the American people to stand up and realize that our freedoms are no more?

    We are on the verge of tobacco prohibition. We’re getting police surveillance cameras on most street corners. I fear that soon mandatory drug testing will be part of the norm for the ENTIRE population. Want a mortgage – first get drug tested. Applying for unemployment insurance – pee in a cup first. Think you’re entitled to Social Security – not until you pass a drug test.

    Anyone who blindly praises the United States and our freedoms has clearly not been a student of recent history. This country has great potential – but current practice is falling way too short of this potential and we are NOT living in a free society at all. Period. End of story!

  33. Stephen says:

    Just tell your kids that being fondled by strangers at the airport and being required to pee in a cup are all part of living in “the land of the free”….. We’re quickly becoming the most enslaved nation on the face of the earth. The American people are so dumb to put up with this BS…..

  34. longun45 says:

    I think it’s time to test the school administrators and teachers for drug use. Test the kids all you want but be sure and test every teacher and every other employee of the school district as well.

    1. Samantha Clark says:

      I’d be happy to take a drug test everyday. I don’t care if you put a video camera in my classroom; I’d happy for you to see how I work like crazy from 7 AM to 6 PM every single day. Society’s problems are not my responsibility; my responsibility is to teach. ( I live an ethical life, I have nothing to hide.) So go ahead and test teachers.

      1. blupill says:

        your a communist moron samantha

      2. Tom says:

        You are a part of the problem, not the solution!

      3. John De Mann says:

        Comrade Clark!
        I am also a teacher and work just as long and as much as you do, on top of that I work in a very dangerous place with drug abuse. I oppose drug tests. I oppose them on 4th amendment grounds, you may want to google the 4th amendment. I have NEVER EVER taken illegal drugs in my life. I never smoked pot. I have never been drunk. Why should I submit to tyranny, or why should one of my students submit to tyranny. Please stop teaching. Learn about freedom and liberty!

      4. Samantha Clark says:

        FYI I’m actually pretty darn conservative. lol 🙂 I’d be 100% conservative, but I can’t stand all of the teacher bashing the conservative base does. 🙂 You have no clue. Yes, there are bad teachers. But, what you do just scares away the good ones. We have VERY big social issues. HUGE SOCIAL ISSUES. 95% of students are not being taught ethics or morals from anyone. Blue pill, thank you for making me laugh. I needed a good long laugh today. 🙂

        John (or anyone) when did I say I supported mandatory drug tests ?

        Do you all assume I’m a mega-liberal because I teach? (You don’t know me. If you did, you would understand why I think this is absolutely hilarious.)

      5. Why the Hate says:

        Get with the program Sam. If you want to call yourself conservative you must blindly type with no grammar at anyone that strays from the established talking points. This is the biggest issue facing many modern liberals, while they mostly dislike bigots and hate, they do allow people to discuss options and are open to debate. This is dangerous because the other side all follows the same talking points. Which are mostly rooted in some bizarre 1950’s remembrance of when this were great and awesome (if you were a middle class white man). I used to be Republican. I am now Libertarian. Most of the Birthers and Tea Baggers think that is Liberal because i contains the word “Liber”. I think the point most here are trying to make is that the “I am not doing anything wrong so test me” argument is a slippery slope. The real issue is who is paying for the testing and who is profiting. Follow the money and you will see why this is being considered.

  35. gc says:

    pretty funny, especially since the majority of public school teachers a pot heads.

  36. Mark Matis says:

    Just exactly WHEN did the 4th Amendment get repealed? Or doesn’t that matter to the pigs any more?

    1. restore America says:

      I’m pretty sure just about the whole US Constitution has been repealed !! Well, maybe not repealed, but ignored for so long by a-hole politicians and jurists that it seems like it’s been repealed. anyone who is in favor of this should move to china, cuba, venezuela, n. korea, etc.

  37. Htos1 says:

    When are Congress and welfare recipients going to be required to be tested?

    1. Samantha Clark says:

      Amen to that!

  38. mrrlm00 says:

    teach them to roll over young so whr the houses pass laws to take their right away it will be easier

  39. yankee2 says:

    We have been running a 7th through 12 th grade drug testing program for 3 years and it is wonderful to see the change in our kids and their attitude about drugs.

    1. OLIB says:

      Give me a break. If anything they are laughed at by their peers for ridiculous and unnecessary treatment. I’d venture out on a limb and say that there is little effectiveness of the testing program.

    2. Tom says:

      Thank you Joseph Goebbels for your timely reply [rolls eyes]!

    3. K says:

      hmmm…scared straight I assume…think about what kind of conditioning they are getting…will they stray when they leave school because there isn’t anyone keeping them in line with fear? this is a bad precedent and bad training of our youth.

      it’s a heart issue…moral and ethical…

  40. WE THE PEOPLE says:

    How a bout Belvidere busting the drug dealers that they have know about for years but are keeping them under Surveillance??????

  41. WE THE PEOPLE says:


  42. Ron says:

    I think the Democrats running NJ should give drug tests to all welfare and food stamp recipients.

    1. Ozlanthos says:

      Oh yeah that’s the answer! Never mind the fact that THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana) metabolites can be detected in urine and blood for up to 8 weeks after complete cessation of use. Let me ask you a question then. Say I smoke pot, and had done so until a week before a random drug screening caused me to lose my job. Now what? I won’t be able to get another job because the economy sucks, and all the jobs I am qualified for do pre-hire drug-screenings….and on top of that you want to take away benefits (THAT I PAID INTO WHILE EMPLOYED) until I can produce a clean urine sample (up to 7 more weeks). Tell me, do you think if you were fired today that you’d be able to keep a roof over your head, your vehicles paid up and insured, and food in your family’s mouths for 7 weeks without a job, or social benefit programs???


  43. stewert says:

    The next step after this one is “you know they might be hiding their “stash” in the anus…better have a look…”

    1. MLucas says:

      oh don’t worry, the tsa’s got that one covered

  44. moo says:

    I think the price of shrooms is going to go up around there. I mean after all it comes up on most d-tests as food posioning…so take a day off school…pop a few shrooms…and then tell the teacher…oh no I had some minor food posioning yesterday. I think I ate some bad fish…

  45. Morris says:

    If you allow search and seizure of your kids you are a fool plain and simple.

  46. Danny Ross says:

    Don’t you people know that you are subjects now, not citizens? Just ask the Obama administration. They came in “ready to rule.

  47. bob says:

    I just think its too invasive. You are going to force me to pee in a cup? Why? what have I done wrong? I can understand it if I had brought pot to school or something along those lines but if thats not the case then why?

    1. KPMc says:

      Well… if you’re a minor you should do whatever your parents tell you to do. They are the parents you are the child.

      But if you read the article no one is forced. It has to be agreed to by the parents AND the student.

      It may be kind of sticky but don’t parents have the right to keep their kids off drugs?

  48. Temper Bay says:

    Parents who consent to this need their heads examined.

    > The program is voluntary and both parents and students must consent. School officials said it was important to note that if a student tested positive, they would not be suspended or have the results sent to the police. Drug testing is currently mandatory at Belvidere High School for students who park on campus, join clubs or participate in athletics.and those who attend middle school.<

    1. KPMc says:

      Why Temper? Are parents supposed to enable their kids to do illegal drugs and get away with it?

  49. anonymous says:

    I graduated from a school district where random drug testing is administered to all athletes; middle school through high school. Honestly, the testing does not prevent students from drinking and smoking weed. Kids find ‘alternative’ ways to pass the tests and plan their consumption of these substances around the tests. If anything, these tests encourage kids to experiment with substances whenever they aren’t at risk for failing the tests under the assumption that it is then ok. These tests are an extreme waste of taxpayers money! If you assume your child has a drug problem, take matters into your own hands!

    1. KPMc says:

      so… if they didn’t test at all you could do drugs whenever? That’s a solution.

      1. anonymous says:

        We are not debating whether or not this is a solution. The point I’m making is that kids are still doing drugs regardless or not if testing programs are in place.

      2. Brance Wilson says:

        I also went to a school with mandatory testing, and NO it doesn’t work. Schools are not responsible for kids drug use, parents are, and always will be. End of story.

  50. J. Meyer says:

    Our school board instituted this voluntary drug testing, but in our case it was only in the high school.

    It has made absolutely no difference.

    Some who backed the proposal defend their decision by saying “at least we tried.” Unfortunately, that attitude contains the unstated assumption that there is no downside to testing. Unfortunately, this is not true. Even though it is voluntary, it sends the message to ALL students that those in power have the right to demand what amounts to a “search and seizure” any time they want. It is, in that way, somewhat similar to the TSA having the right to perform full-body searches whenever they deem it necessary.

    Unless parents (in this case) say no, this trend will continue. I don’t know where or when it will end.

    1. bob says:

      while they are at it why don’t they drug test the teachers, staff and the board. make it computer generated names and its required if you park on school property or or your paycheck is funded by the people

      1. maggie says:

        I like the way you think

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