All In All, A Foot-Plus Expected Throughout RegionBy Lonnie Quinn

NEW YORK (AP/CBS New York) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other city officials will once again be tested as they try to handle another potentially highly disruptive storm.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning, with heavy snow for the New York City area as  the same storms that hit the South and Midwest over the weekend arrived in the Northeast on Tuesday night and were expected to stick around until Wednesday afternoon, producing a broad-scale, very disruptive snowstorm.

The weather service expects about 8 to 14 inches of new snow in most places.

The snowfall, which was expected to be the heaviest from New Jersey up through southeastern New England will lead to school closings, major travel problems and even a daycare crisis over much of the Northeast.

Along Interstate 95, from Philadelphia through New York City, was expected to be a major snowstorm, but probably not an all-out blizzard. However, it will be worse than this past Friday-Saturday snow event.

Eastern Long Island could get up to 15 inches of snow. From New York City to Hartford, 8 to 16 inches of snow is expected. From Providence up through Boston and Portsmouth, there is the potential for 18 inches.

The worst conditions and an old-fashioned nor’easter are aiming for southeastern New England from central Connecticut to eastern Massachusetts and coastal Maine, where strong winds will kick up as the storm finally strengthens,

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The warning went into effect at 7 p.m. Tuesday and was to last until 6 p.m. Wednesday. It covers New York City, Long Island , Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Orange counties. and parts of northeast New Jersey.

The snow is courtesy of two low pressure systems headed to the Tri-State. One was pushing into the Ohio Valley from the west. The other was pushing up from the south into Delaware along the Atlantic coast.

As Tuesday night progressed the Tri-State was to see increased wind, with the heavy snow following after midnight.

Temperatures were expected t0 drop to a low of 23.

The heaviest snowfall was expected overnight into Wednesday. Wind gusts could reach 35 mph. Visibility could be less than a quarter mile at times, and travel will be dangerous.


Winter Storm Warning in CT – Northern Fairfield, Northern Middlesex, Northern New Haven, Northern New London, Southern Fairfield, Southern Middlesex, Southern New Haven, Southern New London

Winter Storm Warning in NJ – Coastal Ocean, Eastern Bergen, Eastern Monmouth, Eastern Passaic, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, Northwestern Burlington, Ocean, Somerset, Southeastern Burlington, Sussex, Warren, Western Bergen, Western Monmouth, Western Passaic

Winter Storm Warning – Bronx, Eastern Dutchess, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Northeast Suffolk, Northern Westchester, Northwest Suffolk, Orange, Putnam, Richmond (Staten Is.), Rockland, Southeast Suffolk, Southern Westchester, Southwest Suffolk, Western Dutchess

Winter Storm Watch – Eastern Columbia, Eastern Ulster, Western Ulster

Winter Weather Advisory – Delaware, Sullivan

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Lonnie Quinn

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  1. Fed Up Taxpayer says:

    My street on Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn has been plowed no less than 10 times tonight (it took two days to get plowed last storm) problem is their is still garbage piled up 5 feet high and 20 feet long from the LAST STORM!!!!!!

    The Dept of Sanitation is 0-2. What a disgrace!!!!

  2. them says:


  3. G-man says:

    Gee, its January 11 and already I feel like i’ve been trapped in my house eating my way through snow storm after snow storm. By springtime i’ll be so fat they’ll need the jaws of life to get me out of the house.

  4. WhatCouldBe says:

    Be very careful if you see glow-in-the-dark green snowflakes. That could be nuclear winter. You already know about the yellow snow. Red snow means either communists in the area, or someone may be bleeding. Blue snow means that they sky is crying because it is depressed. Brown snow usually means someone is p00ping out of an airplane. Black snow is just too cool to talk about. And white snow is just regular, ordinary, run of the mill boring snow.

  5. Janet says:

    “The worst conditions and an old-fashioned nor’easter are aiming for southeastern New England from central Connecticut to eastern Massachusetts and coastal Maine, where strong winds will kick up as the storm finally strengthens,”
    Quoting from above. This would be a genuine Northeaster for the New England area because the winds will have turned at sea and be heading back into land from the Northeast. However….it would seem from this that it will not be a “Nor’Easter” until it hits New England, and we are just getting a plain ole snowstorm, no matter what the newscasters want to call it on the radio.

    I thing the term “Nor’Easter” with its charming and obligatory omission of the “th” originated in northern New England, specifically Maine.

  6. Janet says:

    Veetman – Remember the Arctic Express weather that we’ve gotten in the past? WHat would you call a storm that blows down from Nova Scotia? Seems to me I remember some doozies coming down from Canada.

    From Wikipedia –
    “However, in common parlance, “nor’easter” is often used to refer to any strong rain or snow storm that occurs in the northeast part of the United States, regardless of season, prevailing wind direction, direction of storm travel, or the geographic origin of the storm. This “bad storm” usage has even spread to local TV channel newscasts, at least in the greater New York City area, which makes the common use of the term “noreaster” all the more confusing. Within common parlance, even if a particular storm has a generally rotating formation and a portion of it presents northeasterly winds over some part of the northeast, other sections of the same storm may be presenting prevailing winds from other directions over other parts of the northeast but the storm will still be called a nor’easter.

    Sorry – I don’t see much of a North East Component in the current weather system. Looks to me as if the two systems, coming from the West and the South, will hit NYC area before they have a change to blow up in a counterclockwise pattern and come in from the Northeast.

    1. themanthelegend says:


      I can show you how to “blow” without any dictionary or encyclopedia.

  7. upstater says:

    You city folk make me lawl.

    1. Janet says:

      Glad we can amuse you.

  8. BK says:

    yeah, what about a winter storm warning for Queens? The ghost of John Lindsay is restless this winter.

  9. Penny Wu says:

    This could mean the end of life, at least as we know it.
    I better jump in my minivan and get 2 gallons of milk.

  10. Bernie Sanders says:

    i love it !

  11. Janet says:

    Why do they call this a “Nor’easter” when it’s blowing up from the Southwest?? Do they just like the term? Are the WINS folks applying it to all major storms now?

    1. WBugger says:

      google it… wikipedia has a great explanation.
      Nor’easters are a specific type of storm that affects this area where the winds come in from the Northeast, even though the storm is moving in a northeasterly direction.

      1. Janet says:

        Exactly my point — and I did “Google it”! This storm is not a “nor-easter” – the winds are coming in from the the West and South. These storms affected the South and midwest before they came here. Not the Northeast. And the Wikipedia article backs me up – newscasters in the area are misusing the term,

    2. philly says:

      check what direction the storm is travelling. . .Noreasters drives up from the south along the coast with TONS of warm southern air and moisture. occasionally taking on a tropical storm “swirl”

      1. Janet says:

        From Wikipedia – “it describes a low pressure area whose center of rotation is just off the East Coast and whose leading winds in the left forward quadrant rotate onto land from the northeast.”

        The weather can come up from the South, but to be a true Northeaster, it has to rotate like a hurricane at sea and come from the North, often picking up Arctic air in the process. This storm seems to lack a Northeastern component.

      2. Veetman says:

        Janet, A low pressure system spins in a counterclockwise rotation, so the winds will be coming from the North and East. Pretty much ALL storm systems affecting the New York area originate from the South and/or West, not from the East or the North. A Nor’easter refers to a strong low pressure system off the coast that spins counter-clockwise, dumping its moisture on us, with the winds from the North and East, usually producing heavy snow, high tides, and strong winds.

    3. Babu says:

      Janet — The winds in this storm will not come from the west and south. It is not a matter of direction/track of the storm. Winds will circle counter-clockwise and hit the shore from the north and east.

  12. jose says:

    So why didn’t our greedy ignorant mayor suspend alternate side parking so people could leave their cars at home… duh

    1. Americancabbie says:

      Alternate side parking was suspended early Tuesday morning and metered parking was suspended around 5pm. Jose, I guess you want to hate the mayor so much, you don’t pay attention to reality.

  13. Linda Doherty says:

    I am a little confused with Mr. Bloomberg’s address. He stated that school closings will be announced at 5 am tomorrow morning. We have only had 3 snow days dating back to at least 20 years, so if the roads are clear, chances are, there will be school. Then, he states that if NY’ers can take Mass Transportation instead of their vechicles tomorrow that will alleviate problems with the snow removal. If school’s are not closed, how does one not take their car? SI’ers don’t have mass transportation to all schools. If it’s icy and dangerous, then close the schools. Safety first.

  14. fartman says:

    good steve g too many damn people in queens and nassau county anyway

  15. fartman says:

    well looks bad ,I rather go to work than shovel snow all day

  16. Steve G says:

    Hey, Look! WCBS has made Queens County and Nassau County DISAPPEAR!

    Winter Storm Warning – Bronx, Eastern Dutchess, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Northeast Suffolk, Northern Westchester, Northwest Suffolk, Orange, Putnam, Richmond (Staten Is.), Rockland, Southeast Suffolk, Southern Westchester, Southwest Suffolk, Western Dutchess

    Who chooses your forecast links, Bloomberg and Lindsay?

    1. Phil says:

      That’s funny remember they get paid for that

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