NEW YORK (1010 WINS/CBS 2) — A DNA match has linked a man to one of five violent home invasions on Long Island and the rape of a girl in Texas, and Nassau County Police said Thursday they believe the man is responsible for all six break-ins.

All of the home invasions — including an attempted break-in — have taken place since November in Kings Point and Great Neck. In one of the break-ins, the suspect broke into the bedroom of a sleeping 15-year-old girl, placed a wet cloth over her face and assaulted her, police said. Authorities were able to get a sample of his DNA from a hat that he left behind at the scene.

“She struggled, she screamed, he fled, he left the hat behind,” Nassau County Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey told CBS 2’s Demetra Ganias.

In other cases, pushed a knife to the neck of a 61-year-old woman and he held closed the lips of a five-year-old girl, according to police.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera talks with Nassau County Police Commissioner about the suspect wanted in two states.

Hat that police believe may belong to the suspect (Photo/Nassau County Police)

Although police only know him as “Marvin,” the suspect’s DNA was found in a national database linking him to a September 2009 toddler rape in Laredo, Texas. Nassau detectives gathered physical evidence in the home of a woman he attacked after she hired him to fix her leaky toilet this summer, police said.

Police said the suspect  is also wanted in connecting with a July 2009 attack, in which he used a metal hammer to repeatedly beat a 51-year-old Hempstead woman who complained about his poor work fixing her toilet.

“It was quite a gruesome scene,” said Detective Lt. Ray Cote of the Third Squad.

The woman suffered multiple skull fractures and permanent neurological damage, Cote said.

The suspect is described as a 5-foot, 2-inch tall day laborer from Honduras with short, dark hair and possibly a limp. He wore a glove on his left hand, which police believe may be to cover up an injury, and was seen in the area in September looking for work at Home Depot, 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reported.

Area residents have been cautioned to lock windows and doors, set home alarm systems and call police if they hear suspicious noises.

“There are doors open, there are windows open,” Marsha Rotman, of the Kings Point Civic Association, told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis. “People say their children go in and out, they’re not going to put on their alarm – it’s got to stop.”

Police said Thursday that they have contacted “America’s Most Wanted” to help in the case.

“We need to get this guy off the street and in jail,” Commissioner Mulvey said.

Police have asked anyone with information about this crime, or anyone who can provide the identity of the subject, to contact them using their toll-free hotline: 1-800-244-TIPS (8477). All calls will be kept confidential. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest.

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  1. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    What do you expect? People in Great Neck want cheap illegal labor to landscape their mansions. I guess not all the illegals came here to work, despite what the liberal media tells us.

    If the democrats had won in November, this vermin would have been given amnesty. As it is, he still gets gold-plated medical care that YOU pay for. He is laughing in our faces. America deserves this to happen since it’s politicians virtually encourage illegals to flood into our country.

    1. Bruceisafool says:

      Did you read the article? The woman who hired him is from Hempstead.

  2. JasonS says:

    Oh, the joys of multiculturalism.

    1. saoirse says:

      multi_culti ? how about a sanctuary STATE ? why are people PUTTING UP WITH THIS for so long ?

  3. wiseass says:

    “we need to get this guy & hang em ,hang em high !!!!!!!

  4. Jose Luna says:

    I agree with Everyone, we should be able to take out people in our society who are able to commit these types of crimes especially against a 2 year old little girl. If anyone were to hurt any of my children like that, the police the would find the suspect with a bullet lodged in their head!

  5. Simboo says:

    Shame on you America. This poor illegal immigrant needs medical care. Let’s not abandon him. Let’s grant him US citizenship, provide him with free healthcare, food stamps, and lifetime of rehabilitation. Then let him vote, so he can send more power hungry politicians to DC, who have made their mission to destroy this country.

  6. Simboo says:

    Shame on you America. This is a poor illegal immigrant, in need of free healthcare. Lets make him US citizen and provide hium with life time of food stamps, healthcare, rehabilitation and lets allow him to vote. (Being sarcastic here).

  7. bush says:

    another good example of why we need to microchip the population. no one should be permitted to work if you don’t take the microchip.

  8. robt gettens says:

    To all those who use day laborers to save a bit of money– this is what You are possibly letting into Your home on on Your property.As for You contractors,You should be ashamed. All the liberals feel bad for those seeking work on street corners or Home Depot,but the fact is THEY ARE ILLEGALS. If we stood on the streets in their countries,looking for work,We would be arrested or deported.

  9. John says:

    He might get a slap on the wrist by some liberal douc^he judge and previously arrested members of jury.

  10. pogo the clown says:

    Raping a 2 year old girl ?!?! Attacking people with a hammer ?!?!

    I cannot even fathom how mentally sick & evil this person is. Hopefully the police will stop this individual with EXTREME PREJUDICE. Multiple gunshot wounds in this sicko’s back will be excused in this situation.

  11. Everyone says:

    If we catch this f@cker, can we put it to sleep?

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