NEWARK, NJ (AP/CBS New York) – A New Jersey lawmaker has withdrawn a hastily introduced bill to require all bicycles in the state to display a license plate.

Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker was getting deep criticism for her proposed law that would have required riders or their parents would pay $10 a year to register their bikes with the Division of Motor Vehicles – or be subject to fines of $100.

Tucker told the Star-Ledger of Newark that she proposed the bill because senior citizens called her to complain about children on bikes. The seniors told her they had been knocked down but had no way to register a complaint because they couldn’t identify the rider.

She withdrew the measure Thursday, saying she would instead look for other ways to protect older pedestrians.

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  1. John says:

    Let’s require all people who walk on the streets to have a license plates front and back!! It must be well lit at night of course..
    Make sure the registration sticker is on their foreheads.
    Those license plates and registration sticker will have RFID chips inside.
    When the pedestrians is going to make a turn, make sure he/she have the turning signals on..

    1. Marc Greenwood says:

      Totaly agree!!!!

  2. Marcelo N. says:

    I think it’s about time someone has “The Balls ” to pass this Bicycle License plate Idea. It should be a law but also add Registration and insurance for Bicycles. I know people who have beeb strucked by Bicycles it’s not funny.

    Assembly Woman Cleopatra Tucker do not give up trying to pass this law.

  3. John B says:

    I have the solution……. Free bikes for senior citizens… Now they have a fighting chance…

  4. Jack Benimble says:

    Due you honestly think all these mexicans riding stolen bikes are going to register and pay $10.00 and kids 13 and under What a Joke-And Please this is nothing more then trying to geneate more money for this exessive spending and in-competent run state

  5. Zak says:

    “I’m sorry son, you cannot ride you bicycle today. I did not get the insurance to register you bicycle at the DPW (department of pedal wheels). and also son your are only 4 years old”. there goes another great lawmaker that never had a childhood.

  6. Joe Sr says:

    Why doesn’t Cleopatra propose the following. Put a breath-o-meter on everybody’s chest, from the womb to the tomb, and charge a penny per breath. That should generate enough to shut the mouths of every Jersey law maker. In a recession raisew the breath tax to two cents per breath.

  7. The Good Samaritan says:

    Cleopatra wants the money in order to appropriate it for a name change. She has never been able to live up to the image of her namesake.

    Mark Antony does not support this bill either!

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. bush says:

      LOL 😛 You crack me up!

  8. JohnVinNoir says:

    Wouldn’t they have to alter the DMVs charter by some act of legislation first? I mean , a bicycle is not a Motor Vehicle.

    1. Joannie says:

      A bicycle is a vehicle and its rider is supposed to follow the same laws as a motorist.

  9. The Good Samaritan says:

    People on bicycles need to slow down when riding.

    You have a lot of lanscaping employees riding their bikes at 5am on major highways without reflectors on their bikes.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  10. Healthy and Responsible Cyclist says:

    This is yet another sad attempt to impose legislation on all due the irresponsible and reckless behaviors of a few. It’s time to learn that isolated urban problems should not dictate statewide policy.

    More importantly, in this day and age when obesity and lethargy abound in our society, we should be fostering uncomplicated and healthy means for our citizenry to maintain their weight and levels of fitness. Bicycling is certainly one of the best means to accomplish that goal.

  11. jack katchum says:

    COWARD!!!! You’re missing a revenue stream for your state nd endangering the lives of pedestrian!!!!!!

  12. Robert Senn says:

    are you gonna tell me this is all this assembly women has to do in essex co what about the crime this person is not fit for making rulles in gov half the peaple in essex co drive stolen cars

  13. pogo the clown says:

    HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!

    Tucker is a joke – look how fast she had to back off this bill.

    Let’s get this clearly unqualified Representative out of office when she is up for re-election.

    She should be so embarrassed. She looks like a complete idiot now.

    HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!

  14. goa says:

    hell yeah.. and what next? driver license for bicyclists?

  15. David says:

    If it is all about pedestrian safety, they should force bike riders to have a license plate. But, The rider should NOT have to pay for the registration of the bike/an annual fee. This is ridiculous and would be yes, another revenue source.

    Make it the law that bicycyles must have a license, which could be obtained at no cost. This would 1) let bike riders be identifiable, and reportable if they violate traffic laws, 2) not cost bike riders money, and therefore not arouse anger that they are being ripped off by the state. Bike riders NOT displaying a FREELY obtained license – yes; those ones should be fined.

  16. Jeff Taylor says:

    This idiot should resign from office for even thinking of this…..

  17. Vyzygoth says:

    It’s another revenue stream. Wonder if the fee will be higher for bikes with training wheels, like, you know, paying more per axle. Hey, Cleopatra, ever hear of an asp?

  18. otto says:

    First off, Cleopatra Tucker is a senior citizen herself. So I imagine there is a personal agenda being pressed here, or maybe some of her bingo buddies started whining about today’s youth having no respect for the elderly.

    Senior citizens are a powerful voting block and when they typically voice a concern (no matter how ridiculous), they get the attention they desperately crave.

    The legislature will consider ANYTHING that generates revenue – money money money. Take it from the people any way you can.

    But this is also a CONTROL issue. Government is continually trying to control all aspects of American life. They do it in small steps such as this. All these small steps are leading up to dreaded microchips for the entire population. This is not “conspiracy theory” any longer. Check out Katherine Albrecht – spychips dot com – Katherine has been researching and watching this for quite some time. I have heard her speak many times and she has some valid and frightening points. She is a bright and compassionate person.

    How about this too – if you want to control those crazy kids on the bikes, how about those gosh-darn pedestrians who jaywalk all the time. Let’s require all pedestrians who walk on public streets to wear some plate or tag so they can be identified and ticketed if they step out of line.

    Those who reside in NJ need to remember this inappropriate proposal next election and take Ms. Tucker out of office.

    1. David J. Berler says:

      The fact is that many bicycle riders disobey traffic laws and endanger both automobile drivers and pedestrians. It is not because they ‘do not know how to ride a bike,’ or ‘do not know the traffic laws,’ so I am not advocating that bike riders be forced to get DMV like driver’s ‘licenses.’ They routinely break the law -run red lights, ride on sidewalks, nearly hit or even sometimes graze pedestrians- because they know they will not be caught or apprehended.

      Yes, the government should start punishing this outright violation of traffic statute. Law is law – when it is broken, that must be reprimanded. By the way, I live in Manhattan – this problem is rampant here.

      1. Eli says:

        Pedestrian lawbreaking is FAR AND AWAY more common than violations by either motorists or cyclists. The police should have a jaywalking enforcement blitz! And just once in my life I want to see a cop reprimand a pedestrian for impeding an ambulance or other emegency vehicle!

  19. Me says:

    Wow another idiot working in the state legislature. How surprising???

  20. Jeff G says:

    How is some old geezer standing on his front porch shaking his fist at those no good lousy kids going to be able to even read the license plate? I’m assuming these plates would be even smaller than a motorcycle plate.

    What happens when some idiot cop arrests, tasers and beats some 9-year-old kid doing nothing more than riding appropriately while trying to enforce a ridiculous law like this.

    Way to go NJ !!!

  21. Another tickedoff Citizen says:

    What kind of crazy nonsense is this!!! Whats next?? plates on wheel chairs??? especially motorized wheel chairs.

    An the governor wonders why people are leaving NJ in droves!! it’s better that getting taxed out of existence here

  22. winston says:

    Maybe that $10.00 payment per year can be used for insurance, property damage, also, stolen property

    What a great idea if it goes into effect.

    Beautifl idea

  23. Jimmy says:

    They brought it on themselves by disregarding traffic rules.

  24. JK says:

    Brilliant. We’re NY residents, but nearly every year we, like so many others, bring our bikes with us to LBI for a week vacation. Would we need plates? May not be bad business for the bike rental places, but Jersey Shore suddenly becomes less attractive vacation option.

  25. Joe Quimby says:

    I will propose legislation that require skateboarder be licensed and insured.

  26. Bradford Keller says:

    What we should do in all the states is ban the electric and gas powered
    bikes being sold say,at Best Buy on Union Sq.NYC
    They are actually illegal as they are uninsurable when used on city streets.
    The people riding these bikes are a danger to all.

    1. badman says:

      right on Bradford. our taxes are paying this idiot to spend her time on stuf like this. But yknow why she’s really doing it: she’s grandstanding for her sr citizen voters. She probably doesn’t expect a half-assed idea like this to seriously become a law. but this way she can say to the srs, “I tried, so vote for me.”

  27. Law0531 says:

    What? First of all don’t you have more important things to be doing? Second you’re kidding right? You’re telling me that cops are actually going to enforce this? Do you know how much time and money it costs to even get a bill through and this is what you propose? RIDICULOUS!

  28. TOM says:


  29. Gary Baroni says:

    Just another way to tax the american families, if this goes thru , watch bike sales drop through the floor and another bussiness goes out the window

  30. CommonSenseCitizen says:

    Sounds like just another revenue raising scheme to me. How can you require that a bicycle be registered with the State Dept of MOTOR Vehicles? A bicycle is not a MOTOR vehicle. The parents of these kids that are causing the problems need to be addressed. Taxing the rest of us, as Westfieldtaxpayer puts it, will not achieve that. It will only put more of the middle class citizens money in the hands of politicians who will waste it.

    1. CSI says:

      Well thats the problem. There is no way to identify these kids because they just ride by. So how are you suppose to address a child’s parent who is not caught.

      1. Insane says:

        There isn’t a wide-spread issue with this kind of stuff that needs to be addressed. This type of thing is very rare and the proposed solution is ludicrous. First off, if someone wants to knock over an old lady with their bike they will remove the plate. Second, what are they going to do about kids on foot that knock down old people and run? Are kids going to have to wear plates too? Oh, and what about the muggers on the streets of Manhattan and elsewhere? As they run away, surely it would be helpful if they were wearing a plate. You people are insane.

      2. ComomonSenseCitizen says:

        Agreed the kids are difficult to identify. But lets think for a moment. Any license plate on a bicycle is going to be small in size, thus the number will be even snaller to fit on it. Seniors often have vision problems and wouldn’t be able to read the plate number anyway, thus the kid would still be un-identified.

  31. Joe DaMuli says:

    Is she serious? Same old story. This one’s tune is: Rotten kids doing rotten things to innocent defenseless people, because they were “raised” by lousy, uninvolved parents – but “society” at large needs to take the responsibility for their rotten behavior.
    SHUT YOUR FAT YAP Cleopatra – and I’m a DEMOCRAT!

  32. Joannie says:

    GREAT IDEA!! This should be happen in NY, especially NYC! Bike riders should also be required to take a safety course and learn NOT to ride on the sidewalks, go the wrong way in traffic and yield for pedestrians and thus be licensed, just like an automobile driver! A great way to reduce the deficit and increase the safety of pedestrians!!

    1. Eli says:

      It’s such a good idea it should be extended! All people who walk outdoors should also take a safety course – don’t cross in the middle of the block, actually LOOK (both ways even on one-way streets!) before and while you cross – put down the phone for a second and pay attention while you cross the street! Oh yeah, AND YIELD TO EMERGENCY VEHICLES! Every day hoards of self-centered pedestrians block and slow down my ambulance’s response because they had to cross the street NOW, nevermind the blinding lights and screaming sirens! And I’ll bet they’re the first ones to complain, “What took you so long?”, when it was their own loved one who was waiting for the ambulance!

  33. Joe says:

    Oh what a great idea! Give me another reason to resent every democrat in this god forsaken state. Tax my 5 year old for learning how to ride a bike. Hey wait, could they insist we get insurance for bikes too or will this fall under obamacare that was rammed down our throats?

    Can you imagine the depleted newark police force enforcing this waste of time with police resources?

    How do these people get elected?

  34. The Good Samaritan says:

    Sounds like a good idea.
    Half of these people ride bicycles recklessly.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. BJ Weschke says:

      Do you think the people that are so careless to knock down a Senior Citizen on a bike will be the same people that will be eager to comply with this new law that their bike have a license plate? I sure don’t. Law enforcement and public safety officials are losing their jobs left and right. How does the Assembywoman propose that this new law actually be enforced with our dwindling police forces? Not for nothing, but maybe if the law enforcement budget allowed for it, there would have been sufficient community patrols to have prevented the initial accident with the senior citizen.

    2. ivantm1 says:

      What do out fo staters do? Would this apply to skateboarders and rollebladers also? Let’s have a reality check here? OOPS! We are talking about politicians.
      Their reality checks bounced.

    3. The Good Samaritan says:

      I apologize. I am a complete and utter idiot. But you already knew that.

      The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  35. Westfieldtaxpayer says:

    Hey Cleopatra, why don’t you just take ALL of my paycheck, and give me back what’s left…. You people are insane… Tax everything, fees for everything… New Jersey is going to become one big Newark… The Rich are going to get Fedup and Jersey will end up being 10 million people renting, taking mass transit, and Nobody to pay the Bills…. I got an idea Cleopatra…. Why don’t we withhold 10$ from taxes from everyone who RIDES a bike.???… Isn’t that what the Climate Change Wingnuts want…. Just another time wasting exercise in ‘how NJ gov is littered’ with morons from Urban District who will do anything to avoid their Own Community Problems… Tax tax tax… That’s all they can say…

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