MINEOLA, NY (AP) – The district attorney wants a review of conditions at Long Island’s Nassau County Jail after four inmate suicides in a year.

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice tells Newsday that a review should be done by correction and mental health experts.

State records show four Nassau inmates killed themselves by hanging in the last 12 months.

The latest was on Jan. 3 at the Nassau University Medical Center. The inmate had first tried to slit his wrists at the jail.

There were no inmate suicides from 2006 through 2009.

State officials and advocates also have called for an independent review.

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  1. leo says:

    I used to work there…murder is not what we were trained to do …but we were told …would happen…..by the hands of a secret group…..i know nothing ….nothing

  2. NassauInmate AdvocacyGroup says:

    Thank- you to the DA for realizing deficiencies at the Nassau County Correctional. With an oversight committee and independent committe to investigate the physical and mental heatlh care at the jail, we will be better able to care for our inmates in a more humane and professional manner. These inmates, also members of our community- family members, friends, most who eventually (and hopefully) become vital and productive members of our working community- are deserving of at least that much from our justice system.

  3. pogo the clown says:

    I agree with Peter. It is not fair to make that comment without knowing who these people were, why they were in prison, and how they were treated once inside.

  4. peter says:

    You do sound cold….you don’t know what level of criminals there were.

  5. Roy says:

    I don’r want to sound cold,but that is 4 less criminals prowling our streets ,and committing more crimes…………….

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